The Sovereign's Ascension-Chapter 2413 - Thousand Times More Passionate

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Chapter 2413 - Thousand Times More Passionate

The Heavenly Barren Ancestral Deity’s words made Lin Yun’s face change, but he soon recovered. He asked, “Ancestral Deity, what did you see?”

“There’s no need to probe me, I’ll tell you directly. No one can see through fate, but the Kunlun Realm has a tribulation, the continuance of the ancient battle. You will have to face that if you want to reforge the Heavenly Path,” the Heavenly Barren Ancestral Deity smiled.

“Thank you, Ancestral Deity,” Lin Yun said.

“Alright, you can leave now. By the way, tell Dugu Jue to wait outside and have the two lasses come in first,” the Heavenly Barren Ancestral Deity said. He was straightforward, and didn’t bother concealing his intentions.

“Okay,” Lin Yun smiled. When he came out and saw Yue Weiwei, Ji Zixi, and Dugu Jue, he smiled, “The ancestral deity wants to meet you guys.”

Everyone had a different expression. Yue Weiwei was calm, Ji Zixi was nervous, and Dugu Jue was excited.

“How did it go?” Yue Weiwei asked. She was meticulous, and had already guessed that they must have talked about something important, including the way back to the Kunlun Realm.

“I’ll talk about it when you guys are out,” Lin Yun smiled.

The two ladies nodded. When Dugu Jue wanted to follow in as well, he was stopped by Lin Yun. Lin Yun then smiled, “The ancestral deity asked you to wait. He wants to see them first.”

Dugu Jue was stunned before he came to his senses and sat back down. He said, “You suppressed the three geniuses by yourself, so the ancestral deity naturally held high hopes for you. As for Lady Yue and Lady Ji, one is the Heavenly Fragrance Divine Maiden, and the other is the Heavenly Phoenix Maiden. Their potential is even higher than mine. Even if we all become the ancestral deity’s disciples, there will be a grading between us, and I understand that. I have to thank you in advance, Young Master Lin.”

He smiled, “With your performance, sooner or later you will replace Ye Wuhen and become the divine son of Heaven’s Gate.”

Lin Yun sat opposite of Dugu Jue. He raised his cup, and said, “You’re pretty open-minded.”

The two drank wine as Lin Yun sensed the Demigod Wine flowing throughout his body, which felt great.

Dugu Jue smiled, “It’s the same for any sect.”

“Perhaps. But I didn’t become the ancestral deity’s disciple, so you’ve guessed that wrongly,” Lin Yun smiled.

“What?! Are you insane?” Dugu Jue was stumped. But he soon recalled something, and asked, “You’re not going back to the Kunlun Realm, right? There’s no need for that. The Heavenly Path is severed, and the Kunlun Realm isn’t as glorious as it was before. On the other hand, there’s an Ancestral Stage expert in Heaven’s Gate. If you make the wrong choice, the consequences will be even greater than Feng Yuan being imprisoned for a hundred years.”

Lin Yun merely smiled, but made no explanation.

“What do the two of you think about Lin Yun returning to the Kunlun Realm? He told me that he hoped the two of you could stay in Heaven’s Gate,” the Heavenly Barren Ancestral Deity looked at Ji Zixi and Yue Weiwei.

Although Yue Weiwei and Ji Zixi had guessed it, they felt terrible when they personally heard it from the Heavenly Barren Ancestral Deity. That was especially true for Ji Zixi, who looked depressed since she had no idea when she could see Lin Yun again if they parted this time. She even wanted to give up her responsibility for the Divine Phoenix Mountain and return to the Kunlun Realm with Lin Yun.

Compared to her, Yue Weiwei was calmer in comparison. She asked, “Ancestral Deity, will you send Big Brother Lin back?”

Ji Zixi came to her senses because they still didn’t know how Lin Yun would return, so she looked at the ancestral deity.

The Heavenly Barren Ancestral Deity shook his head. He said, “He’s not my disciple, and I can’t exhaust heavenly dao energy to send him back. Furthermore, Ancestral Stage experts can’t be involved in a fight between realms.”

“How will Big Brother Lin go back, then?” Ji Zixi asked anxiously.

“I noticed that he didn’t have any panic on his face, so he should have a way back. That's why, you don’t have to worry about it too much,” the Heavenly Barren Ancestral Deity smiled.

“Ancestral Deity, what do you think?” Ji Zixi asked.

“Me?” The Heavenly Barren Ancestral Deity said, “I won’t beat around the bush. I have taken a liking to both of your talents and potential. If you two become my disciples, you two will have a chance to reach the Deity Realm. I will personally guide the two of you in your cultivation, but there’s a price for that. For a very long time, the two of you will have to walk around the three thousand realms, representing Heaven’s Gate. I might be strict, but I won’t let you two work for Heaven’s Gate for your entire lives, and there will be a day you two will graduate.”

His blatant words left Ji Zixi and Yue Weiwei stumped. But recalling how Luo Tianxi had knelt on the ground earlier, they knew that the Heavenly Barren Ancestral Deity wasn’t joking around when he said he was strict. It definitely wouldn’t be easy for them to cultivate under him, who didn’t take the relationship between a master and disciple deeply. Instead, he was more concerned about the interest of Heaven’s Gate.

“You two will have to look at your situations differently.” The Heavenly Barren Ancestral Deity said, “The past Heavenly Fragrance Divine Maidens had a tradition of being taught by me, since I owe your ancestor. So you will have to stay behind no matter what.”

Yue Weiwei fell into silence upon hearing that.

“As for you, the other realms left when the Heaven’s Path was severed, while your Divine Phoenix Mountain lineage stayed in the Kunlun Realm. But the Kunlun Realm’s Heavenly Path has been severed, so there’s no way to reach the Deity Realm. Your lineage has been trying to leave the Kunlun Realm throughout the years,” the Heavenly Barren Ancestral Deity said. “You will only have a chance to return your lineage to your home after reaching the Deity Realm. So, the two of you must stay behind and cultivate in the ancestral palace. Come on, kowtow, and take me as your master.”

Anyone could tell that the Heavenly Barren Ancestral Deity was fond of them. Since he couldn’t make Lin Yun stay behind because of the Blue Dragon King, he had to make these two remain no matter what. He naturally wanted some face, and didn’t want to see someone coming to slap his face again in the future.

Two hours later, Yue Weiwei and Ji Zixi came out. Seeing them, Lin Yun asked, “Have the two of you taken the ancestral deity as your master?”

Ji Zixi nodded, “Master promised to let us cultivate in the ancestral palace. Oh, Young Master Dugu, master asked you to go in.”

“Hehe, I’ll be taking my leave now.” Dugu Jue rejoiced, and entered the ancestral palace.

Within the ancestral palace, Dugu Jue kowtowed, going through the ceremony. After he was done, the Heavenly Barren Ancestral Deity gave him a medal, and said, “You’re my direct disciple starting from now on, and you can follow Luo Tianxi to cultivate with this medal.”

The corner of Dugu Jue’s lips twitched when he heard that. He previously heard that Yue Weiwei and Ji Zixi were allowed to cultivate in the ancestral palace, receiving the personal guidance of the Heavenly Barren Ancestral Deity. He mustered his courage, and said, “I hope that master can guide me personally.”

“You can pick any of my clones here. They will guide you for seven days,” the Heavenly Barren Ancestral Deity said.

Dugu Jue was speechless when he heard that.

Seeing what Dugu Jue was thinking, the Heavenly Barren Ancestral Deity smiled, “I remembered what you said in the Heavenly Barren Banquet. Since you said you’re on the same level as Flower Burial, I won’t make it hard for you. If you can suppress Feng Yuan like he did, I can permit you to cultivate by my side. This isn’t tough for you, and Feng Yuan is in the Blood Purgatory Ruin. So you can go take care of him whenever you’re free.”

Dugu Jue felt bitter in his heart upon hearing that.

“Once a month,” the Heavenly Barren Ancestral Deity said.

“Yes!” Dugu Jue gritted his teeth. He naturally wasn’t Feng Yuan’s opponent, which was no different from asking to be humiliated once a month.

Looking at Dugu Jue, the Heavenly Barren Ancestral Deity smiled, knowing that this young lad had potential, but he needed to be tempered. He would use Feng Yuan as a grindstone to temper Dugu Jue.

“All of you can leave now, and don’t forget what I said!” The Heavenly Barren Ancestral Deity waved his hand and sent the four back to the Heavenly Barren Divine Stage.

When everyone returned to the Heavenly Saint Courtyard, they heaved a sigh in relief because the Heavenly Barren Ancestral Deity wasn’t easy to interact with, and they felt tremendous pressure while being in the ancestral palace.

Holding onto the medal, Dugu Jue’s face was changing.

“What’s the matter? Your face doesn’t look good,” Lin Yun asked in concern.

“Master told me to cultivate with the Heavenly Seal Emperor. He said that since we got a draw, I have to suppress Feng Yuan as well, once a month. How can I possibly defeat Feng Yuan? Not to mention that I have offended him so badly. This means that I will have to receive a beating from him once a month in the future,” Dugu Jue smiled bitterly.

Hearing what he said, Yue Weiwei and Ji Zixi couldn’t help smiling.

“Well, that’s not entirely bad for you,” Lin Yun comforted, having guessed the Heavenly Barren Ancestral Deity’s intentions.

Dugu Jue smiled, shaking his head, “Senior Sisters and Brother Lin, I’ll have to look for the Heavenly Seal Emperor now. You guys continue talking.”

He was a smart person, and could tell that these three had things to talk about. So, he found an excuse to leave.

After he left, Ji Zixi said, “Big Brother Lin, I have something to ask Big Sister Lin about. So I’ll take my leave first.”

Seeing Ji Zixi leave, Lin Yun was stumped.

“Don’t bother looking for her. I asked her to leave,” Yue Weiwei smiled, holding onto Lin Yun’s hand. She said, “Big Brother Lin, take a stroll with me. Master is strict, and he only gave us a day.”

Lin Yun held onto Yue Weiwei’s hand, and said, “Okay.”

Ever since they last met in the Kunlun Realm, it had been a long time since he could be alone with Yue Weiwei.

“Hehe, Big Brother Lin is the best,” Yue Weiwei rejoiced and kissed Lin Yun. They did everything they could as they strolled around Heaven’s Gate and talked about the past. They were tactful and didn’t say anything about their imminent separation.

It had been a long time since Lin Yun felt so at ease, and this made him even more reluctant to leave Yue Weiwei. When the night came, they sat on a towering tree, looking at the stars in the sky. They would have to part after today. But it was different this time since one had to return to the Kunlun Realm to reforge the Heavenly Path, while the other had to stay in Heaven’s Gate to cultivate.

Looking at Yue Weiwei’s flawless face, Lin Yun recalled their first meeting, in which Yue Weiwei helped him comprehend her music. He took out the Divine Indigo Jade Bamboo Flute and began playing it.

Yue Weiwei held onto her chin, looking at Lin Yun from afar. When Lin Yun was done playing the flute, Yue Weiwei smiled, “Big Brother Lin, you can’t bear to part with Weiwei?”

Lin Yun nodded in response.

Yue Weiwei snorted, “Why didn’t you leave with me after the Heavenly Path, then? I asked you to come with betrothal gifts, but you’re not willing. Is Su Ziyao that good?”

“This is a fatal question,” Lin Yun smiled.

“Hmph, I don’t care about that.” Yue Weiwei approached, coiling her hands around Lin Yun’s neck. She whispered, “I want a child, your child.”

Lin Yun raised his brow, and Yue Weiwei held onto his face before he came to his senses.

“You have to agree, whether you like it or not,” Yue Weiwei said. “Anyhow, you belong to me today!”

Yue Weiwei looked at Lin Yun since she had long decided. Lin Yun held onto her hands and kissed her, speaking with his actions. Yue Weiwei was like a burning rose, responding to Lin Yun passionately a thousand times over.