The Strongest War God-Chapter 822 - : You Can ‘t Compete in Terms of Background!

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Chapter 822: You Can ‘t Compete in Terms of Background!

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Heywood Lundy was merely a War God level character. Perhaps in the secular world, he was already considered a powerhouse!

However, in the eyes of pinnacle martial artists, War Gods were no different from ordinary martial artists. They were both existences that could be killed with the snap of a finger.

The strange man in black was Shadow!

He chased them all the way from Hollow Pass to Mount Woolas.

Shadow was a high-level pinnacle. His vitality was released, and a pair of vitality wings extended from his shoulders.

Spreading his wings, he could soar into the sky!

In a flash, Shadow flapped his wings and flew toward the peak of Mount Woolas at a low altitude.

All the martial artists on the mountainside were instantly stunned!

Everyone was shocked!

These were vitality wings.

It was not only the symbol of an ordinary pinnacle, but that of a high-level pinnacle.

A true high-level pinnacle, with a vitality of over 10,000 Na, could form a pair of vitality wings, and in terms of strength, was no weaker than Kylo’s first disciple, Donovan Dudley.

Heywood came back to his senses and realized that Shadow had already left. His entire body trembled.

He was shocked. Who exactly was that young man in plain clothes?

Why was even a pinnacle looking for him!

His background must be terrifying!

The peak of Mount Woolas had long been flattened. There were ancient buildings on it that could accommodate ten thousand people. The head of the hundred schools of thought had long arrived!

The hundred schools of thought summit would last for a month, and it started two days ago.

Braydon Neal, who had just reached the peak of the mountain, looked at Judah Linton and his companion who were walking in front of him.

Harmony Linton turned and frowned slightly. She was inexplicably disgusted by the people following behind her. To her, these people followed them up and were exposed by Heywood.

Harmony had seen many people like this since she was young.

“How did you guys get in here?” Harmony asked suspiciously.

Braydon had no obligation to answer her question.

Moreover, Harmony’s tone was condescending. Who was she looking down on?

“Sayge, find Kinslee Mayer!” Braydon asked softly.

“Yes, sir!”

Sayge Doyle, the captain of the Northern Hansworth team, walked toward the ancient buildings on Mount Woolas.

The young master of the Mayer family of the hundred schools of thought was definitely someone of high status. His daily resting place was definitely in the ancient building complex.

Seeing that she was being ignored, Harmony shouted angrily, “I’m talking to you! Are you deaf?”

“Impudent! ”

The one-armed Maddox Johnstone had always been following in the dark. Upon hearing Harmony’s words, his eyes that were as sharp as a wolf revealed a murderous aura. His left hand was gently placed on his waist, and he slowly grasped the hilt of his sword.

Judah said, “Harmony, don’t be rude. Apologize to this young man!”

“Grandpa, he’s the one bullying me!”

With Harmony’s personality, she would not apologize.

Judah’s eyes were sharp, and he could faintly tell that Braydon and the others were not to be trifled with, especially the one-armed Maddox. Although he was very low-key, he had a military and iron -blooded aura about him.

A martial artist with such killing intent was usually a military martial artist!

Normal martial artists attacking military martial artists were seen as violating the ironclad law of Hansworth.

According to the law, he would be beheaded!

Therefore, Judah slowly cupped his hands and said, “Please don’t blame her.

I’ve spoiled my granddaughter. I hope you can forgive us for any misgivings.” Braydon turned a blind eye to Judah’s apology.

Because Bravdon’s attention had been on Sadie Dudlev from the bezinninz to

the end.

In Sadie’s eyes, there was only Braydon.

Braydon came to Mount Woolas from the north for Kinslee Mayer.

Therefore, Sadie frowned slightly beneath her light veil. Her cherry lips opened slightly, and she said, “It’s a little noisy here. It’s not as quiet as Mount Bliz!”

“You want to go back to Mount Bliz?”

Braydon asked softly.

Sadie shook her head lightly. No one knew what she was thinking.

The two of them chatted softly.

“My grandfather is talking to you. Can’t you hear him?” Harmony shouted angrily.

“Harmony, don’t be rude!”

Although Judah was old, he was extremely experienced. His old face was slightly pale.

He was about to die, and he had lived for more than a hundred years. He knew all kinds of major events in Hansworth.

Especially when Judah heard the name of Mount Bliz, he was shocked.

In all of Hansworth, there was only one place with a mountain called Mount Bliz.

It was in the northern desert! fr(e)

There was only one mountain in the northern region, and that was Mount Bliz.

The land of the Northern Army!

Other than the commander of the Northern Army, no one else was allowed to go up that mountain.

But today, Judah heard a beautiful girl and a handsome young man talking about Mount Bliz beside him. Moreover, it sounded like they had lived there for many years.

Who was this couple?

Judah appeared calm on the surface, but his heart was already in turmoil.

Harmony was so angry that she stomped her feet and said, “Grandfather, they’re really arrogant. They are ignoring us! They’re even more arrogant than the Jansky family. ”

“Haha! Who made my dear Harmony so angry!”

A deep voice came from the distance, accompanied by a stocky middle-aged man who strode over.

He was a ninth-level War God!

“Senior Brother!” Harmony was pleasantly surprised.

“Master, Junior Sister!”

The middle-aged man walked over and took the initiative to help Judah up. He seemed very filial.

“Hansel!” Judah smiled kindly.

“Teacher, are you in some kind of trouble?”

The middle-aged man, Hansel Henderson, couldn’t help but look at Braydon with a scrutinizing gaze.

Before Judah could speak.

Harmony said angrily, “Senior Brother, when Grandfather and I climbed up the mountain just now, they followed us. They wanted to sneak in. Grandfather was kind enough to talk to them, but they ignored us!”

“Rogue cultivators can’t climb up the mountain. Since you’ve snuck in, you should keep a low profile. Do you know who my master is?”

When Hansel heard Harmony’s story, he then said indifferently.

“I’m just a nobody. I do not know who your master is!” Braydon said with a frown.

“At least you know where you stand. My master is a blacksmith grandmaster, and most of the people who hold the weapons he has forged are kings. He’s

approachable and likes to guide the younger generation- If he takes his time to

teach you, consider yourself blessed.”

Hansel revealed Judah’s identity. He was a smithing grandmaster and indeed had an extraordinary status in the outside world.

The connections behind a smithing grandmaster was something even a king couldn’t compare to.

Sadie’s cherry lips parted slightly, and she said, “He has no right to teach us!”

“What a joke. If my teacher doesn’t have the right to teach you, then who does? Who is your teacher?”

Hansel couldn’t help but get angry. He knew all the geniuses on Mount Woolas.

Yet these few rogue cultivators had appeared in front of him and were being extremely arrogant.

Sadie tilted her head and wrinkled her nose. She looked at Braydon and asked softly, “Can I tell them?”

“Do as you please!”

Braydon held her cold and soft hand. His original intention of taking her away from Mount Bliz was not only to heal her injuries, but also to let her see the outside world.

Little did he know that wherever Braydon was, Sadie would follow!

Sadie’s voice was like the sound of nature as she said softly, “Old Yanagi of the Northern Army treats him like his own son.. He is Braydon’s first teacher!”

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