The Wizard Path From The Simulator-Chapter 207 - 141 “World Passage Closed ” and “Bomb Him 300 Times” (Please Subscribe)_3

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Chapter 207: Chapter 141 “World Passage Closed ” and “Bomb Him 300 Times” (Please Subscribe)_3

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He gently massaged his temples.

Without suspense, that final scene signaled the intervention of a Level 7 Wizard.

Hard to resist.

Impossible to resist.

This was Milton Cheney’s assessment.

Too strong. Upon seeing that gigantic hand that covered the sky, Milton even had some difficulty conjuring up any will to resist.

Could he reach that level in a hundred years?

Milton felt that even with the Simulator, it was highly unlikely.

However, these three sequences of memory weren’t completely useless.

On the contrary, they provided great help to Milton.

This update of the Simulator was really excellent. The text simulation’s ability to retain memory was crucial for Milton.

Time passed, and a month was gone in the blink of an eye.

That day, while Milton was cultivating the Meditation Technique inside The Sounds of Sea Pavilion, his mentor Bane appeared beside him.

Milton, having retained his year’s worth of memories through the text simulation, naturally knew why his mentor was here. “Lad, my mentor wants to see you.”

Bane announced with a smile, clearly in an excellent mood.

“Your mentor?”

Milton appeared doubtful as he asked back.

Upon hearing this, Bane nodded.

Previously, his mentor didn’t want to see Milton as it would interrupt his precious sleep time.

But now that Milton had become a Level 3 Wizard, his mentor changed his mind and decided to meet this student of his.

Milton, of course, did not refuse.

The next moment, a golden magic wand shot out from Bane’s Spiritual Sea and into his hands.

He waved the wand gently, and a gentle spiritual power enveloped Milton’s body.

The next moment, Milton disappeared on the spot.

Bane, however, stayed put without disappearing.

Since his mentor wanted to see Milton alone, he naturally wouldn’t intrude.

Despite this, a smile still hung on his face. He chuckled to himself as if a hilarious thought had occurred to him.

Milton’s world transformed, and he found himself in a room.

Surprised to find himself in unfamiliar surroundings, Milton started scanning his environment subconsciously.

A very ordinary room, only a bed and a small table resided in it.

Milton wasn’t here for the first time though. If the text simulation counted, this would actually be his second visit.


The next moment, an aging hand landed on Milton’s shoulder.

Milton instinctively turned his head to look behind him.

An elder man dressed in a white robe was reassuringly yawning, evidently in a state of sleepiness.

A few miniature pendulum trinkets suddenly appeared in the old man’s hand. He casually tossed them to Milton.

“These are for you, lad. You’re good, a bit better than the snot-nosed brat.”

The old man stretched and spoke in a relaxed manner.

So heavy!

Milton barely held onto the trinkets the old man tossed over to him, almost throwing him off balance.

They were incredibly heavy!

He was a Level 3 Wizard right now. Anything that he found to be heavy clearly couldn’t be ordinary.

As for the ‘snot-nosed brat’ the old man referred to, Milton knew he was talking about his mentor, Bane.

“But your ability to stir up trouble is no less than that snot-nosed brat’s. You were the one that caused the trouble in that minor Plane last time, right?”

The old man spoke at a leisurely pace, his expression a mix of amusement and disapproval.

Upon hearing this, Milton paused in confusion.

Last time?

What trouble?

Why did he seem to have difficulties understanding?

Was the minor Plane the old man was referring to the Mudom Plane?

Milton had only visited that Plane.

Since Milton had no idea what happened after he left Mudom last time, he naturally could not decipher the meaning behind the old man’s words.

Something was wrong!

This was different from what was described in the text simulation!

In that simulation, this elder man merely met him once and sent him away.

There was no gift of pendulum trinkets, and the man didn’t say these words either.

Could it be because the simulated him was too foolish? Did that make the elder man look down on him?

“Ah, so that snot-nosed brat didn’t tell you.” fr(e)

Seeing Milton’s puzzled look, the old man immediately understood the cause.

“You have the scent of Black Insects on you, has the Black Lizard Scholars Association been giving you trouble?”

The elderly man spoke cheerfully.

Upon hearing this, Milton instinctively nodded.

Indeed, the Black Lizard Scholars Association had caused him trouble, however, he had retaliated and killed them, suffering no injuries himself.

But he had the scent of the Black Lizard Scholars Association on him? He couldn’t smell it himself.

Milton found the elderly man in front of him slightly overwhelming, feeling like he could hardly keep up.

However, the man seemed to bear him no malice.

Seeing Milton nod, the cheerful expression of the elderly man gradually faded.

He gently waved his hand, and an invisible light screen appeared between him and Milton.

Milton was a bit puzzled about what’s happening, not knowing the purpose of the light screen.

However, he still focused on the light screen floating in front of him.

The very next moment, a silhouette appeared on the light screen.

The elder man reached out and lightly touched the light screen with his finger. The figure within the light screen instantly exploded into a cloud of blood, before quickly reforming.

Milton’s pupils contracted slightly.

The phenomenon of the man’s figure in the light screen exploding into a mist of blood and then reforming was something Milton was not unfamiliar with.

The Black Lizard Scholars Association.

Was the old man arranging a confrontation for him?

The figure within the light screen exploded and reformed over and over again.

The expression on the man in the black robe within the light screen eventually changed. He furrowed his brows slightly and looked up into the sky.

“Lan, don’t go too far.”

The man finally spoke, his voice projecting directly from the light screen.

“This Black Insect is the helmsman of the Black Lizard Scholars Association, he can’t be killed.”

“Should we explode him three hundred more times?”

The old man suggested enthusiastically, apparently playing a very interesting game.

Milton felt somewhat touched, the old man was sincerely arranging a confrontation for him.

However, weren’t his methods of arranging confrontations a little too hardcore? After all, he hadn’t suffered any injuries. Instead, those who attacked him from the Black Lizard Scholars Association were the ones that died.

Was he always this domineering?

Milton somehow quite liked this domineering attitude.


If he didn’t, it would be a waste and in the long run, it would become a fireworks display.


The next moment, the man in the Black Robe within the light screen once again exploded into a mist of blood.

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