The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!-Chapter 5792 - : Seize the initiative

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Chapter 5792: Chapter 5792: Seize the initiative

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“Qingcheng, you… you’re okay? “Ding Wenrou stared at Yun Chujiu in disbelief.

Yun chujiu took out a fruit and tossed it to Ding Wenrou. She smiled and said,

“What could have happened to me? ! ”

Ding Wenrou took the fruit and said in a daze, “You’ve already argued with Beiyu to the point of breaking up, how could you be okay? Oh My God, have you gone crazy from grief?”

Yun chujiu rolled her eyes. “You’re the one who’s crazy! That tsundere needs to be taught a lesson. If you don’t believe me, I’ll make a bet with you. In an hour at most, he’ll obediently roll over to apologize. ”

Ding Wenrou felt that Hei Xinjiu had really gone crazy!

Bei Yu was so arrogant, how could he possibly come over to apologize? !

“Qingcheng, it’s not that I want to criticize you, but you can still throw a tantrum. Why did you say it so harshly? What If bei Yu really breaks up with

Hei Xinjiu curled her lips. “Let me tell you, when these two people are in a relationship, either the east wind surpasses the west wind, or the west wind surpasses the east wind. You have to grasp the initiative.

“If I hadn’t caused such a ruckus today, that Xiao Bai, HMM, bei Yu, would definitely have made things worse.

Sister ding, if you get along with anyone in the future, you have to remember this. If you hand over the initiative, you won’t be able to get it back even if you regret it in the future.”

Ding Wenrou was stunned by this guy’s words. Oh My, No Wonder Qingcheng was able to take down bei Yu, she still had so many tricks up her sleeve!

But, was this a clever trick or a dirty trick?

Just as Ding Wenrou was pondering, there was a knock on the door and bei

Yu’s voice, “Open the door.”

Hei xinjiu hurriedly threw away the fruit core in her hand and messed up her hair a little. She squeezed out two more lines of crocodile tears and even deliberately rubbed her eyes red.

Ding Wenrou: ” … ”

She was full of admiration for Qingcheng’s talent in acting.

However, was bei Yu here to apologize or settle the score?

Ding Wenrou saw Yun chujiu wink at her and turned around to open the courtyard door.

There were already many students gathered outside, most of them girls. freewebnove

They were certain that bei Yu was here to settle the score with Yan Qingcheng and that there would be no chance for them to reconcile in the future.

Therefore, everyone’s faces were filled with schadenfreude as they watched a good show.

When the courtyard door opened, everyone saw Hei Xinjiu crying miserably. f reeweb

Everyone pursed their lips. This Yan Qingcheng was probably regretting her decision now, but what was the use. ! Bei Yu was definitely determined to break up with her this time.

Ding Wenrou originally wanted to explain things to Hei Xinjiu, but when she saw the cold expression on bei Yu’s face, she did not dare to say anything and silently closed the courtyard door.

She thought to herself, it seemed like Qingcheng had really hit the jackpot this time! ! Bei Yu was obviously very angry, how did he look like he was here to apologize? !

She hurriedly went to look at Yun Chujiu, wanting to give her a look to make her admit defeat, but she heard Hei xinjiu sobbing, “Why are you still here? ! Just Let Me Cry Myself to death! Anyway, I’m a pitiful little girl that no one will feel sorry for! ”

Ding Wenrou secretly shook her head. Wasn’t Qingcheng adding fuel to the fire? !

Just as she was thinking about it, a certain someone turned around and looked at her.

Ding Wenrou’s heart was filled with happiness. She immediately understood that this meant that she had to scram as soon as possible. She quickly left the courtyard and stood guard at the door.

It was not that she was disloyal, but it was mainly because of the matter between the two of them. She had no way of getting involved!

Besides, no matter how weak bei Yu was, he would not hit Qingcheng, so it was better for her to stand guard outside the door so that no one would listen to her.

However, was bei Yu here to settle the score or to apologize?

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