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Chapter 214: Chapter 148: Running a Local Business_2

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Lu Yuan’s appraisal of this man was that he was one worth trusting right now, a loyal and capable servant of the court.

At a time when unrest was rampant in various places and people’s hearts were unsettled, such officials were needed to stabilize the situation.

He was even considering whether to give Tian Jing an important post to help him stabilize Luyang Prefecture.

Tian Jing arrived quickly and after listening to the inquiry of the main general, the former warehouse supervisor thought for a moment and then truthfully replied, “According to the imperial system, the granaries in Fu City must store enough grain for the city’s two-year demand.

However, in recent years, with the constant wars and rampant bandits, local agricultural production has been affected, and the amount of grain stored in the warehouses has been greatly reduced.

Now that the local region has to support the Army of Pacifying Shu with money and grain, we have sent a considerable amount of food and money to the prefecture.

Therefore, when I was serving as the warehouse supervisor, the grain storage in the city was only enough to support the people for half a year.”

But recently, the Seven Star Sect rebels mustered an army of 30,000 and went north to attack Hengyang Prefecture.

This army of thirty thousand, along with the civilian workers transporting grain, numbered fifty to sixty thousand people.

With so many people, the rebels would consume a lot of food. The city’s storage would probably be exhausted by more than half.

In recent days, the rebels have only been busy gathering manpower and have not had time to collect food and fodder from the countryside; therefore, as a subordinate, I estimate that there is definitely not much stock in the city.

There were originally more than 30,000 people in the city, and now there are thousands of rebels. With so many people, the city’s storage could last at most two or three months, or even just one month.”

Based on his professional experience, Tian Jing made this judgment.

After hearing this, Lu Yuan couldn’t help but be overjoyed, “Can it last only two or three months?”

Tian Jing nodded and affirmed: “Yes, a maximum of two or three months. My Luyang Prefecture is mountainous and not very grain-producing. In the past, the grain output barely met the needs of the people in the prefecture.

If there were years of disaster or famine, we would have to rely on support from outside the prefecture.

Those Seven Star Sect bandits went north in a hurry to attack Hengyang Prefecture, partly to plunder grain.

Because the local grain storage could not support their thirty thousand-strong army.

If these bandits want to maintain such a large force, they must go out and plunder food.”

After hearing this analysis, Lu Yuan’s heart was even more delighted.

If it is true, as Tian Jing said, that there are only two or three months, no, even one month’s supply left, then he doesn’t need to waste manpower to attack the city at this time.

All he has to do is keep it surrounded for two or three months, and these rebels will starve to death in the city.

At that time, those Seven Star Sect bandits will either come out to fight him to the death or be forced to surrender obediently.

No matter which outcome, he would certainly win.

With a clear direction, Lu Yuan’s heart settled down, and he looked at Tian Jing with a smile, “I have to thank the warehouse supervisor, Tian, for this information; otherwise, I wouldn’t know what to do with this stronghold.”

Tian Jing did not dare to take credit and tactfully replied, “I only spoke of my duty. As a warehouse supervisor, I abandoned my post and committed a crime. The general not only did not blame me but allowed me to serve in his army.

Now I can redeem my past mistakes and help the general; I am already deeply grateful. I dare not take credit.”

Lu Yuan smiled, and his favor towards the warehouse supervisor Tian grew deeper.

Knowing when to advance or retreat, not taking credit, giving credit to superiors—this kind of good subordinate is wasted if he only works as a junior military officer.

So, after thinking about it, and considering his plan, he said, “I know the abilities of Warehouse Supervisor Tian. The city’s fall was the fault of the former Prefect, what does it have to do with you?

You were able to lead your troops to escape without joining the bandits when the city fell—that’s loyalty.

Able to win over the local warehouse soldiers and get financial support from local gentry—this is ability.

Having both loyalty and ability, in times of chaos, how can such talent not be used?

Over in Pingyang County, the logistics hub of our army is at stake. Since the disappearance of the County Magistrate, the area can only be maintained by military control.

How can this last long?

Now that more than half of Luyang Prefecture has been recovered, the missing officials in the area need to be filled.

I think the position of the Pingyang County Magistrate would be quite suitable for Warehouse Supervisor Tian.

In that case, you can first go there and manage the government affairs. I will recommend you to the prefecture, and when the official appointment comes, you can formally take up the post of Pingyang County Magistrate.” A great sense of happiness instantly engulfed Tian Jing.

In the world of officials, who doesn’t want to get promoted and rich?

However, Tian Jing was just an ordinary juren without any connections or backing. With such a background, how difficult would it be to get a promotion?

So even though he worked diligently and conscientiously every day, he had been an official for more than a decade and was only a warehouse supervisor at the rank of 8th grade, now in his thirties.

But this, in fact, was a quick rise in rank.

If it had been someone else who was more of a slacker, they’d probably still be stuck in the 9th grade rank!

But now, merely with a mention from the valiant general in front of him, he was promoted from an 8th grade warehouse supervisor to a 7th grade county magistrate. freewe bnovel .com

Skipping two levels, and most importantly, becoming the chief official of an entire region from an auxiliary official marked a qualitative leap.

Tian Jing did not doubt Lu Yuan’s words.

In times of chaos, especially on the front lines of a battlefield, generals like Lu Yuan wield enormous power.

If he recommended someone to be a county magistrate, even if it was for the victory of the front-line army, the provincial government would not refuse.

So he was certain to be promoted.

Thinking of this, Tian Jing didn’t say another word and kowtowed directly to the ground: “I am grateful for General’s promotion and will never forget the favor bestowed on me in this life. If the general has any orders in the future, I will do my best to fulfill them without hesitation.”

For bureaucrats, forming cliques and securing their private interests is almost an instinct.

Although Tian Jing is a capable and practical official, that doesn’t stop him from finding a powerful connection, and that’s what he’s doing now.

“Get up.”

Seeing the compliant Tian Jing, Lu Yuan was satisfied in his heart, knowing he had promoted the right person. He then reminded him, “Pingyang is a crucial region; from now on, it’ll be under your control. Don’t disappoint me.”

“Yes, even if I exhaust my intellect and energy, I will not fail the trust placed in me by the general,” Tian Jing immediately reassured him.

Lu Yuan nodded his head, and without saying more, let the others leave.

Promoting Tian Jing was not an impulsive idea but a well thought out plan.

Firstly, officials are currently in short supply throughout Luyang Prefecture.

The military is in control of the various counties, with no way to resume normal operation and production. This cannot go on for too long.

Secondly, if they plan to besiege the city for a long time, the army needs a stable rear base to supply food and fodder.

As the chief official of Pingyang County, which serves as the base, Tian Jing is a suitable candidate.

Lastly, it’s clear that the Great Yue dynasty is struggling to hold on.

Throughout his journey leading the army, Lu Yuan saw not only the common people living in dire straits but also the local military officers and powerful individuals losing their respect for the imperial court, hoarding their troops, and becoming autonomous.

As the largest Army Leader in the region, he obeyed the imperial court emissaries for now and had no thoughts of rebellion.

But he could not ignore long-term considerations.

At this point, Lu Yuan thought that he could try to weave his network of supporters within his jurisdiction.

He didn’t need to go too far, but just arrange his trusted people in important positions in the prefectures and counties.

This way, when the time comes, he would be able to quickly take control of the local situation.

Tian Jing, before his very eyes, was just a pawn placed on the chessboard.

Lu Yuan was also considering requesting the provincial government to transfer a familiar person to become the Prefect of Luyang, to assist him in suppressing the rebellion.

As for who this familiar person would be, it was naturally his good friend Sun Siwen.

Sun Siwen had been in the 6th grade martial arts rank for two years now, with a respectable record in office. He had consistently performed well in the province’s annual assessments.

Although it might seem a bit fast for him to be promoted two levels to a

5th-grade Prefect, Luyang Prefecture was a war zone, with all its dangers.

Not to mention, they hadn’t even captured the city yet, so it was uncertain if the Prefect would be able to hold the position for long.

After all, there were not only the Seven Star Sect rebels lurking about, but also the Miao People’s 100,000 strong army.

This was not a desirable place for an official to be stationed.

Therefore, Lu Yuan thought the provincial government would not reject his nomination.

So, Sun Siwen should have the Prefect position of Luyang secured.

With a trusted friend watching his back, he would also be able to focus on suppressing the rebels with ease..

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