Trash of the Count's Family-Chapter 895

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Chapter 895

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Chapter 895

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Chapter p2-96: TCF Part 2 - Blood! (1)


Chief Eunuch Wi closed his mouth after feeling Cale’s aura again.

This was also true for Elder Ho, who was facing that aura directly.

‘Seriously, this guy-’

What kind of life must he have lived in order to release such an aura?

Would this be how it feels to meet the Emperor?


Cale started to speak at that moment.

He was relaxed, unlike someone who dropped quite a bomb with his statements.

He spoke calmly.

“First, please bring Sword Saint to me.”

Elder Ho’s eyes opened wide.

“T, the Sword Saint?”

“Yes sir.”

Elder Ho closed his mouth after seeing Cale’s gaze, which seemed to be asking if there was an issue.

‘There is a living jiangshi within the Namgung Clan but he wants me to bring the Sword Saint here right now?

How does that make any sense?’

“Umm, young master-nim… Does the Sword Saint know about the l, living jiangshi?”

“He does not.”

The Sword Saint did not know anything.

‘That extremely close-minded old man is going to find out about living jiangshis here?’

Elder Ho’s mind became chaotic.

If things went wrong, this place would turn into chaos.

He subconsciously started to speak.

“Young master-nim, I should first report up-”

Yeah. Let’s inform the Martial Arts Alliance leader first.

It was obvious that the Sword Saint would deny the information about living jiangshis and the Blood Cult.

However, the Sword Saint would have no choice if the Martial Arts Alliance got involved.

It was at that moment.


Cale frowned.

He then casually commented.

“Who is above me?”

His respectful speech instantly turned informal.

However, Elder Ho did not realize that.


A new aura instantly filled the room as if the pressure until now had just been a joke.

Elder Ho felt as if he would be dominated by that pressure.

He clasped his shaking hands together and barely managed to raise his head to look at Cale.

Cale looked down at him as he spoke.

“Chief Eunuch Wi.”

However, he called out to Chief Eunuch Wi and not Elder Ho.

“Yes, young master-nim.”

“Who is above me?”

Chief Eunuch Wi gulped.

This formidable pressure… This aura…

Someone who is above this young master in front of him…

“T, there are none, sir.”

There was nobody.

He was not someone from this world ruled by the Emperor.

In fact, he might not even be human.

A mysterious existence…

He was a messenger.

‘Your majesty-’

Chief Eunuch Wi thought of the Emperor’s face, but he could not place the Emperor above Cale.

Cale was not someone who lived on the Emperor’s land and could leave at any moment.

‘…There is nobody?’

Elder Ho’s eyes opened wide.

‘There is nobody above him?

How is that possible?

Wasn’t this person a member of the Imperial family?

Doesn’t everybody who lives here hold the Emperor above them?

Is this guy lying right now?


That’s not possible.

He said he is Chief Eunuch Wi. He said he was the Chief Eunuch!’

He was not certain about Noble Warrior Wi’s identity, but the title of Chief Eunuch Wi made it clear that he was a member of the Eastern Depot.

The Eastern Depot’s loyalty toward the Emperor was greater than any other organization.

Different from the Embroidered Uniform Guard, the Eastern Depot was an organization that you could only survive in with a high degree of loyalty.

‘…But a member of the Eastern Depot just said that the Emperor is not above young master Kim.’

In that case, who the hell was this person?

What was his identity?

He held a golden plaque that was only given to members of the Imperial bloodline.

Furthermore, his martial arts was at a level where even he, an Elder, felt suffocated by his aura alone.

In addition, he had a special ability and knew about the Blood Cult, something that even the Martial Arts Alliance did not notice.

‘Nothing, I really can’t see anything about this person.’

He could not even fathom a single thing about this person.

Sometimes, not knowing would bring an even greater sense of fear.

‘Maybe even more than the Blood Cult-’

This guy might be even more fearsome of an existence.

Elder Ho had that thought for a moment.

It was at that moment.


He gasped.

That suffocating aura had instantly disappeared.

The change had not even taken a few seconds.

“Elder-nim, please think about it easily.”

This person who could change the mood so easily…

That person patted Elder Ho’s shoulder as he spoke.

“Please bring the Sword Saint. And once the conversation with the Sword Saint is over, immediately inform the Martial Arts Alliance, no, only inform the Gang Leader of the Beggars’ Gang. We don’t know if there is a spy from the Blood Cult within the Martial Arts Alliance. Do you understand?”

There was only one answer Elder Ho could give.

“Yes, young master-nim.”

Pat pat.

Cale gently moved the hand away and smiled.

“This is great. I’m glad we could come to an understanding.”

Elder Ho just nodded his head without being able to look into Cale’s eyes.

“I will be right back, sir.”

He subconsciously bowed deeply and spoke to Cale as if he was a superior, and headed out the door.

He heard Cale’s voice behind his back.


His voice was still relaxed.

“By the way, please do not tell the Sword Saint anything in advance. You need to bring him here without him knowing anything.”

“Y, yes sir!”


Elder Ho opened the door.

He made eye contact with Noble Warrior Moan, who was standing in the hallway. That man smiled benignly.

‘Let’s quickly get out of here.

Let’s get out of this inn for now.’

That was the thought that came to Elder Ho’s mind.

He heard Cale’s voice behind his back again.

“And while I am meeting with the Sword Saint, please send the rising stars and the Dokgo Clan outside.”

Cale gave the order to Elder Ho as he nodded his head.

‘Yeah, I need to send all of them out.’

In order to get some things off of the Sword Saint and the Namgung Clan, he needed to make sure that nobody was around.

‘So many martial artists have good hearing so who knows what they might hear?’

Some of them were also extremely good at stealth.

It would be bad if there were some limitations on Cale’s deal because someone heard something they shouldn’t hear.

That was why he said this to Elder Ho.

“I would like to reduce the number of hearing ears if possible.”

Elder Ho felt cold sweat drip down his back.

He felt as if he could understand the meaning behind those words.

‘…He means that he can’t guarantee their lives if they don’t leave……!’

Reducing the number of hearing ears meant that he would either kick them out or kill them.

Those were the only two methods Elder Ho knew about.


I should have just quietly lived as an elder!

Why the hell did I step up and end up meeting such a dangerous person?!’

Elder Ho was enraged but he could only give one response.

“Yes, young master-nim.”

He smiled in a friendly manner before bowing and quickly heading outside.


He walked out of the room and peeked at the Young Gang Leader who walked up to him.

The Young Gang Leader was the future of the Beggars’ Gang.

“Is something wrong?”

He could only give one response to the Young Gang Leader as well.

“Listen to me if you want to live.”

That was it.

He looked at the shocked Young Gang Leader and the rising stars as he warned them.

He needed to tell the Dokgo Clan the same thing.

“We are now on a battlefield.”


It is quiet right now but this was a vicious and dangerous battlefield.’

This place…


“Yes, young master-nim.”

“Raon wants to eat some candied fruit.”

Cale then pointed next to him.

“Grandpa Ron! I want some candied fruit!”

Ron smiled benignly and responded.

“I will let Beacrox know.”

“Thanks gramps!”

Cale leaned against the back of the chair and leisurely waited for the Sword Saint.

“What the hell is going on?”

The Kunlun Sect’s daoshi Un Myung chatted up Jeong Hye the monk.

“Indeed. What could be going on?”

Jeong Hye also responded subtly before looking to the side.

However, the Beggars’ Gang’s Young Gang Leader just kept his mouth shut despite their gazes.


Dokgo Chang was unable to hide his discomfort as he stood there with his arms crossed.

The Young Gang Leader reacted to him.

“Noble Warrior Dokgo, we prepared a spot on the first floor, so you could also go there.”


Dokgo Chang scoffed in disbelief before shaking his head.

“I cannot do that. Why don’t you all go to the inn and get a drink?”


“See, you guys are standing around here so how could I Go?”

“That’s right, uncle.”

Dokgo Ryeong chimed in.

The rising star and the Dokgo Clan’s people were currently standing at the back of the inn, at a spot where they could see the guest house, despite Elder Ho having reserved an area on the first floor of the inn.

They were all looking at the guest house but nobody could approach it, as if there was a wall blocking them.

The Young Gang Leader peeked to the side. Un Seon, who was standing there stoically… The person from the Martial Arts Alliance standing next to her…

That person could not stop scowling since earlier.

‘Damn it. What the hell is going on?’

This person, who could not look into details about young master Kim and his group because his stealth techniques were noticed, had to come out of the guest house after hearing a comment from Elder Ho.

‘…The dynamics of the Martial Arts world might change.’

‘What do you mean by that? I need to deliver accurate information to the Martial Arts Alliance, so please tell me in detail.’


Elder Ho scoffed.

‘Just sit still. If you make the wrong move, your life or my life won’t be the problem. The future of the Martial Arts Alliance may be in danger.’

What the hell was going on right now?

This member of the Martial Arts Alliance leader’s personal Moon Wolves Corps could not stop scowling.


He then groaned and looked behind him.

“He is quite angry.”

The Namgung Clan’s former patriarch and one of the Orthodox faction’s five saints, the Sword Saint.

He was walking into the rear garden without hiding his presence.

The two people from the Namgung Clan followed behind him.


The member of the Moon Wolves Corps… He and Dokgo Chang’s eyes clouded over.

“He looks calm.’

Elder Ho, who was walking next to the Sword Saint, who was giving off such a vicious aura…

He looked much calmer than expected.

‘He’s not scared by the Sword Saint.’

This guy was not paying any attention to that stubborn old man right now.

In fact, he was only peeking toward the guest house they were approaching.


At that moment, the Sword Saint saw them standing a bit away from the guest house and clicked his tongue.

“I told them to go eat and get some rest on the first floor of the inn.”

He stopped walking, despite speaking as if he was asking Elder Ho why the heck they were here.

“Senior Sword Saint. Only you and I can go from here.”


The Sword Saint sighed as if in disbelief, before motioning toward Namgung Yoo Hak and Namgung Tae Wi with his eyes.

“The two of you wait here. You can also go somewhere and rest if you want.”


Namgung Yoo Hak shouted, as if he could not do that, before receiving a sharp gaze from the Sword Saint.

“Yoo Hak.”

“…My apologies, grandfather.”

Namgung Yoo Hak lowered his head and Namgung Tae Wi patted his shoulder before walking over to the rising stars.


The Sword Saint confirmed this and snorted after making eye contact with Elder Ho, before walking into the guest house without any hesitation.

He sent a sound transmission to Elder Ho, who was trying to keep up with his steps.

– I do not know why a member of the Imperial Palace has called me… But there better be a good reason for ordering me to come here.

Elder Ho gulped.

‘That’s odd.’

Although the Sword Saint was saying that, Elder Ho was feeling that the situation was odd.

‘He just followed me when I said let’s go?

Why is that?’

All Elder Ho had said was that young master Kim wished to see Senior Sword Saint. That was all he had said, but the Sword Saint had gotten up as if what was to come had finally come.

Although he was acting as if this annoyed him, it felt like he had no choice but to do as he was told.

‘What is the reason?’

Of course, Elder Ho did not know the reason. The Sword Saint had not told him.

‘That trash-like bastard!’

The Sword Saint was internally grinding his teeth.

‘That punk Yoo Hak needs to be sent to closed door cultivation or something when we get back!’

Namgung Tae Wi had told him about the incident Namgung Yoo Hak had caused in the inn after provoking the Dokgo Clan.

Namgung Yoo Hak claimed that he did no wrong, but a troublemaker at home would also be a troublemaker outside.

‘He messed with someone from the Imperial family?!’

If Namgung Yoo Hak had not disrespected a member of the Imperial family, the Sword Saint would have no reason to go see this young master Kim.

Honestly speaking, he had considered ignoring Elder Ho when he showed up.

‘…But I need to confirm the level of his martial arts.’

Young master Kim’s level of martial arts that Namgung Yoo Hak told him about…

Something seemed off about it.

Even the Carnage Demon had supposedly been quite shocked.


This was the reason that the Sword Saint could not stop walking, despite continuously clicking his tongue.

‘They shouldn’t have let that punk Yoo Hak do whatever he wants growing up!’

His son, the current patriarch of the Namgung Clan… That bastard had let Namgung Yoo Hak do whatever he wanted because he was the youngest child.

‘I will need to set him straight!’

How come such a trash came out of the Namgung bloodline?!

Rage filled the Sword Saint’s eyes.

However, his steps were not heavy as he walked toward the guest house.

‘I will just need to apologize.’

Apologizing enough to not mess with the pride of the dignified Imperial family member would be enough.

Furthermore, it did not seem like that side wanted an excessive apology or compensation either.

‘That is probably why they want to see me alone.’

They probably considered the Sword Saint’s face and prepared a separate place to chat.

‘At least he knows the basics.’

A slightly twisted smile appeared on his face.

“Ah, you are here, sir.”

Ron, who was standing outside the guest house, greeted Elder Ho.

“Hello, Senior Sword Saint.”

The Sword Saint peeked at Ron, who gently greeted him, and slightly nodded his head.

‘Why is this old man accepting a greeting so well like this? This is not like him.’

Elder Ho was just confused by the situation because he didn’t know of the incident with Namgung Yoo Hak.

“Please come in.”

Ron pushed the door open.


“The young master-nim is inside.”

It was at that moment.

Oooooong– oooooong–

There was a large fluctuation.

Elder Ho, the Sword Saint…

The two of their eyes opened wide.

They were unable to hide their shocks as they looked toward something.

At that moment…


There was a loud explosion.

The left wall of the guest house crumbled.

“This aur!”

The Sword Saint’s complexion instantly changed.

He moved toward the location of the noise.

‘How could there be such a strong aura!’

The large aura that had appeared with the fluctuation just now…

One of the guest house’s walls had crumbled after that aura was felt.

It was extremely pure and noble.

This was definitely someone’s internal ki.

‘Who has such a pure internal ki?’

That aura was even stronger than the Sword Saint’s own aura.

He gulped.

As a top expert of the Orthodox faction and one of the leaders of the current generation, the Sword Saint could not help but walk faster after feeling an aura strong enough to suppress him.


Beyond the crumbled wall…

The dust clouds were starting to settle.

And beyond that…

He could slowly start to see inside.

There was an old man standing there.

That old man was looking down at his hands.

‘It was this guy.’

The Sword Saint could tell that this old man was the one who had broken the wall.


The Sword Saint’s heart started beating fast.

Experts recognized other experts.

He had never seen this old man’s face before.

However, he was certain that this was an expert of the past generation or an eccentric living in hiding.

“Who are you?”

“Are you talking to me?”

The Fist King brushed his hands off and calmly responded.

He didn’t seem like someone who just broke a wall.

No, he seemed quite calm unlike someone who had just gotten beyond a wall and reached a new level in his martial arts.

“Mok Hyeon.”

‘Mok Hyeon……?’

The Sword Saint was not familiar with this name.


He remembered it.

When he was young…

Before he even entered the Martial Arts world…

That was the name of the top expert who could freely roam around the Martial Arts world.

Fist King Mok Hyeon!

The Sword Saint’s eyes opened wide.

‘The Fist King was with the Imperial family!

And his realm is beyond my own!’

It was at that moment.

“Why would you break the wall? The owner of the inn is going to be very upset.”

He heard someone else’s voice.

The Sword Saint looked toward the sound of the voice.

Young master Kim.

It was that person.

The Sword Saint then saw it.

He also heard it.

“Young master Kim.”

Fist King Mok Hyeon bowed.

“Thank you for the lesson.”

He saw the Fist King thank young master Kim with full sincerity.

He looked like someone who was speaking to his master or an extremely senior person in the Martial Arts world.