Ultragene Warlord-Chapter 1405: The Demonic Figurine

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Chapter 1405: The Demonic Figurine

The demonic figurine was surrounded by a thick layer of demonic aura. The sea of blood roiled and shot into the sky as the spectators of light screamed. Corrupted by the demonic aura, they turned pitch-black. Red light shot out from their eyes as, losing all rationality, they charged toward Sun Xiaowu.

Bu Wentian gaped. "Hold on. This demonic ruler—"

Sun Xiaowu clasped one hand behind his back. He waved his other hand in an arc. Golden light formed a storm that shattered all the figures of light before him.


The demonic figurine's magic ruler began to emit a frightening aura as it swallowed up the spectators' mental avatars and even the golden light that Sun Xiaowu gave off. The demonic figurine soared into the sky and began devouring the very Heavens.

The spectators of light fled from the scene, fearing that they too would become corrupted.

The demonic figurine opened its mouth wide. The demonic ruler vibrated violently as it attempted to consume the very gods.

"[Blinding Flash: Ten Thousandfold Echo]!"

Sun Xiaowu split into ten thousand clones, each wearing radiant golden armor. It was difficult to identify which were real and which were fake.

The demonic figurine rose into the air, the demonic ruler still in its grip. Whenever it struck down a golden clone, the demonic ruler would absorb the golden light that made it up, transforming it into pitch-black demonic aura. Something within the ruler seemed to be reviving once more.

"[Golden Divide: Thousand Feathers]!"

The ten thousand clones all used [Golden Divide] simultaneously, coloring the sky in gold.

A golden hurricane suppressed the surging demonic aura. Countless golden feathers brushed by the demonic figurine, diminishing its aura.

"With one thought, deify; with another, demonify," the demonic figurine shouted. The demonic aura receded to half its body, while the other gleamed with holy golden light.

Half the figurine was demonic, radiating a demonic aura with a half-formed suit of bloody armor; the other half was deific, summoning five hundred holy palms.

The combination of the divine and the demonic gave rise to an explosive strength that trumped either whole.

The demonic half of the figurine held a ruler in its hand. Demonic aura invoked a sea of blood. By the other side of the figurine, five hundred holy palms danced in the air, shining with radiant light that covered heaven and earth.

"[Goldenscale Palm: Split]!"

Golden radiance struck the land. Sun Xiaowu's palms brimmed with golden light as a dense layer of golden scales covered his skin.

His aura suddenly shifted, and his right arm glowed with resplendent light. An aura of intense strength emanated from Sun Xiaowu's body. Sun Xiaowu took a step forward, then punched with all his might, generating a dominating wave of genetic energy.

The attack landed like a nuclear explosion. Golden light rose into the air, and the overwhelming radiance forced all the onlookers to shut their eyes. The attack pierced the ground in an explosion of light, as Sun Xiaowu sent a flurry of punches toward the figurine. The stars overhead began to fall.

The sea of blood roiled. The demonic ruler stirred up demonic qi and summoned ghostly figures from the netherworld.

The confrontation between the golden light and bloody sea was overwhelming in scope. The demonic ruler had cracked in an earlier attack, and those cracks began to propagate. Arm after golden arm was sent flying. As golden light erupted, the figurine struck the edge of the arena and itself began to crack. The five hundred holy arms cracked and were completely torn off by Sun Xiaowu.

As the demonic ruler continued to crumble, when all the spectators thought that victory had been decided once and for all, an even more shocking demonic aura exploded forth from the figurine. The figurine's holy half was instantly devoured and corrupted.

The figurine's long black hair danced in the wind. Its eyes were blood-red, like those of a demon's.

As the demonic ruler continued to crack, the figurine seemed to discover something. It reached into the demonic ruler and pulled out a black lance of bone.

Within moments, the temperature of the arena dropped to sub-zero values. The bone lance was inscribed with countless black runes and surrounded by a mist of demonic aura. Malevolent ghosts seemed to dance around the lance, which shone with a sinister air. The figurine's demonic and bloody auras roiled and dyed the entire sky dark scarlet.

The arena vanished, replaced by a sea of blood. The demonic aura raged on. Waves charged forward, lapping the shore, sounding like peals of thunder, like stampeding hooves.

Countless ghosts and specters took shape in the raging sea,causing a chill to go down all the spectators' backs.

"Haha, haha!" The demonic figurine inclined his head and roared in mad laughter.

Some of the spectators recognized the black bone lance. They went pale, their tone tinged with fear and disbelief.

"What's that weapon doing there?"

"Hasn't it already been destroyed?"

"The disaster of Heaven..."

Yang Ze, spectating from afar, asked, "What's this?"

"As expected, it was sealed inside..." Bu Wentian remarked.

"Answer me, won't you?" Yang Ze continued impatiently.

"Remember what I said about the destruction of Heaven?"

Zhang Lie's eyes widened. "I do. Could it be that that bone lance—"

Bu Wentian nodded. "That's right. That's the weapon that caused its destruction."

No one could have anticipated that it would suddenly appear in the arena.

The spectators murmured to each other, "The year that Heaven came into possession of the bone lance, they tried to extinguish its demonic nature and reforge it as a divine artifact, transforming the demonic into the deific. After that, Heaven, which would boast two divine artifacts of incredible might, would instantly transform into an even stronger power than before.

However, no one in Heaven could have expected that the bone lance would be so sinister. It was filled with demonic aura, and those high-ranking members of Heaven that tried to purify it all went mad. In the end, the other forces saw an opportunity to destroy Heaven and took it. Wasn't the bone lance destroyed then?"

"I heard a different variant. The high-ranking members of Heaven combined their strength to seal the lance, being badly wounded in the process, and was then taken down by other forces."

"To think that that frightening lance has reappeared..."

Sun Mengmeng asked worriedly, "Isn't Xiaowu in grave danger, then?"

Bu Wentian shook his head. "That's not for certain. If the bone lance were to make an appearance in reality, Sun Xiaowu wouldn't have a chance, but in this virtual realm, it's nothing more than a projection. Only a limited portion of its true power can be felt. Sun Xiaowu may still win."

"Hahaha, hahaha!"

The demonic figurine roared in mad laughter, all rationality having fled from its eyes.

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