Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws-Chapter 1680 - Even if You Rebel Against the Heavens, You Are Still Beneath It, I’m the Heaven That Lie Beyond the Heavens Itself

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1680 Even if You Rebel Against the Heavens, You Are Still Beneath It, I’m the Heaven That Lie Beyond the Heavens Itself

“D*mn you, Heavenly Sword! I can’t wait to test your strength myself!” said the Skysnow Tribe Elder, a Five Qi Arch Gilded Immortal elite.

Everyone else could not help but silently scold that man for his audacity. How shameless was he, an older generation elite, to pick on a young generation cultivator? Was he not ashamed?

Then again, Chu Kuangren did not seem bothered at all. Instead, he said, “Do you have what it takes to go against the Heavens?”

He stood proudly in the air, keeping that look of his that looked down on the world!


“Bring it on!”


The Skysnow Tribe elder disappeared in a flash and reappeared above Chu Kuangren the next instant. Without a second thought, he unleashed a palm attack!

His vast and surging freezing qi was several times more powerful than Leng Jiufeng.

However, Chu Kuangren did not move in the face of that attack but readied his sword hand sign. He released his Immortal’s Core energy, and his Arch Gilded Intent burst forth, gathering at his fingertips.

With his sword qi released, it immediately clashed against the freezing qi.

The Thousand Terrain Sword Art involved unleashing a single slash that materialized various natural phenomena. Hence, for Chu Kuangren, who possessed many Arch Gilded Intents, that sword art technique happened to compliment him greatly as he could perfectly imbue each of his Arch Gilded Intents into that sword technique now!

“Sword, Windstorm!”

The moment his sword qi, which contained the power of windstorm, collided with the freezing qi, the surroundings immediately blew up!

Waves of windstorms spread everywhere, and the freezing qi covered the land in frost!

“Nine Heavens Freezing Qi!”

The Skysnow Tribe elder made a mysterious hand sign and gathered Freezing Arch Gilded Intent into the palm of his hands. He then formed a giant iceberg and threw it outward!

That iceberg was as big as a planet, and its power was dozens of times more powerful than Leng Jiufeng.

“Sword, Yin Yang!”

Chu Kuangren made a sword hand sign and injected the power of Yin Yang into his sword qi to create a gigantic Yin Yang symbol that crashed against the incoming attack.

That attack of his was quite similar to his previous divine ability, the Yin Yang Life and Death Symbol.

He was gradually utilizing everything he learned, reapplying all his previous divine abilities to his Sword Dao. The fact that he could achieve it already made him better than ninety-nine percent of all the cultivators in the… universe. fr𝗲𝚎w𝒆𝚋𝘯𝚘ѵel. c𝗼𝐦

After all, he possessed many divine abilities, each extremely powerful in their own right.

The Yin Yang Life Death Diagram, Universal Life-Death Cycle, Green Leaf Sword Ocean, Reincarnation Tribulation Light…

Every single one of them was divine abilities from his Honorable Supreme Immortal Physiques, which were extremely rare in his universe. One could only imagine the difficulty of having to incorporate those divine abilities into a single sword attack now.

However, Chu Kuangren not only succeeded in doing so, but he succeeded very well too!


The Yin Yang Diagram collided with the giant iceberg!

Powerful shockwaves soon formed cracks in the sky, sending the entire Frost Sword Planet into a terrifying rumble.

Following that, the Yin Yang Diagram shattered.

The iceberg filled with freezing qi was heading toward Chu Kuangren without mercy!

“Now, shatter!”

Chu Kuangren grunted as he let out a slash with his sword hand sign. His sword qi turned into overwhelming waves of fire that dispelled the endless freezing qi. Although he was unharmed, everyone could tell from that exchange that he was at a disadvantage.

“Although he’s the Heavenly Sword, the difference in cultivation level still proved hard for him to surpass.”

“That’s right. If he’s in the same Five Qi realm as this elder, he’ll surely defeat his opponent without an issue. Alas, he’s only at the Trinity Flower realm now.”

Everyone was engaged in a discussion.

The Skysnow Tribe elder could not help but laugh. “Oh, my dear Heavenly Sword! Although your Arch Gilded Intent is powerful, it’s only at First Step. As for me, I’m already at the Third Step! Besides, the difference in our cultivation level is worlds apart. How can you possibly hope to defeat me?!”

“How can I expect someone with such an ignorant and narrow view of the world to comprehend the sword that is I who’s above the Heavens?” said Chu Kuangren calmly as he stood with both hands behind his back.

He noticed he was getting more addicted to role-playing as the Heavenly Sword.

There was no end to his taunts and ridicule.

Upon hearing that, the Skysnow Tribe elder’s face sank. “Well said, arrogant Heavenly Sword. Let’s see if you can continue spouting such nonsense once I break you into two!”

This time, he no longer held back. A tremendous burst of freezing qi rose into the skies, causing the whole area to rumble and quake!

“Quintuple Frost Dao Art, Star Cracking Cold!”

Huge amounts of freezing qi appeared and gathered above the elder, forming a gigantic frozen planet with countless runes surrounding it!

The surroundings were all frozen the moment that the frozen planet appeared!

At that moment, everything in the starry sky seemed to have stopped. It was as if the starlight in the sky were frozen!

The Quintuple Freezing Qi Art was the ultimate killer technique of the Skysnow Tribe!

“Behold, this attack of mine shall rise against the Heavens!” the Skysnow Tribe elder yelled as he launched that gigantic frozen planet toward Chu Kuangren.

Before the planet could crash down on him, the terrifying freezing qi had already locked on to Chu Kuangren!

There was no way to escape an attack of such scale!

The countless banquet guests gulped with fear as they watched the frozen planet descend from the sky. All of them were horrified, and they felt as if the sky itself was about to fall on them.

“By the heavens.”

“Quick, we need to run!”

“There’s no way we can fend off an attack like this. We’ll end up dead if we stay around here!”

Everyone fled in panic, fearing that they would be caught in the attack.


Meanwhile, the Frost Tribe Leader was still busy battling the other Five Qi-realm elite in the distance. He wanted to help but was held back by his enemy. Hence, he could not assist Chu Kuangren.

“Damn you! Damn you all!”

The Frost Tribe Leader’s face looked ghastly. ‘If no one stops that frozen planet, more than half of the Frost Tribe will be destroyed.’


Ling Fei was subconsciously thinking of escaping as he stood behind Chu Kuangren.

However, when his gaze landed on the white-robed figure standing fearlessly in the distance, he gritted his teeth with determination. He would not run away too!

‘The Heavenly Sword is unbeatable!’

‘This is the time for me to show my bravery and loyalty as his follower!’

Han Xingyu also did not retreat, and the same could be said for some of the Frost Tribe elders as well. After all, they had to protect the Frost Tribe behind them.

If they ran away, the Frost Tribe would surely be hit by that attack, resulting in countless casualties.

“The Heavenly Sword…”


“Can he defend against this attack?”

Everyone looked at the Heavenly Sword’s back, thinking that the odds were severely stacked against them. Although he was legendary, his cultivation level was only at the Trinity Flower realm.

Besides, there was no way a Trinity Flower cultivator could block that powerful attack.

“Going against the Heavens?”

Chu Kuangren chuckled as if he heard a joke. “Even if you rebel against the Heavens, you are still beneath it! As for me, I’m the Heavens that lie beyond the Heavens itself!”

Endless sword qi shot out from his eyes.

Finally, the black Void Sword in his hand was unsheathed!

When the Void Sword was unsheathed, its vibrant sword chant echoed across the skies, sending shocks into space around the planet. Its black blade was as dark as the center of a black hole, seemingly wanting to swallow every light in the universe!

“Rejoice, for with this attack, you shall bear witness to the… true Heavens!”

Chu Kuangren’s tightened his grip on the sword. Surge upon surge of Arch Gilded Intents erupted from his body and surrounded the edge of the Void Sword.

Life-Death, Yin Yang, Windstorm, Samsara, Flame, Massacre…

Close to ten completely different Arch Gilded Intents gathered at the Void Sword’s edge, eventually merging and turning into an overwhelming and earth-shattering sword qi!

“Sword, Heavenly Thousand Terrain!”

Chu Kuangren immediately swung the Void Sword toward the incoming frozen planet. His devastating and endless sword qi burst forward like a raging torrent that sprung from the chaos of the world!

Some witnessed the cycle of rebirth in his sword qi, some saw the pinnacle of Sword Dao, while some saw the culmination of ever-changing Yin Yang…

It was as if that was not sword qi but a whole new world instead!


The sword qi torrent landed on the frozen planet and exploded with a terrifying bang akin to the Big Bang. Many cultivators who witnessed that immediately fell into a daze.

At that moment, the frozen planet began to crack and shatter, while the sword qi gradually traveled along the cracks and eroded the frozen planet. Toward the end, another explosion erupted and shattered the frozen planet!

However, the overwhelming sword qi managed to retain much of its power as it headed toward the Skysnow Tribe elder at lightning speed!

“This power… Impossible!”

The elder screamed and resisted the sword qi torrent with all his might. However, his fate was already sealed, and the sword qi attack soon reduced him to ashes.