Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws-Chapter 2032 - Taiyuan Holy Ground, As You Wish, Billions Of Immortal Crystal By My Side

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2032 Taiyuan Holy Ground, As You Wish, Billions Of Immortal Crystal By My Side
“I have decided to kill all of you here.”

Chu Kuangren looked at them with a warm smile and spoke kindly but spewed the harshest words.

All of them were shocked and had chills running down their spine.

“Who are you? Name yourself! How dare you stand against the Taiyuan Holy Ground? Do you know we have a Primordial?” the white-haired elder said loudly.

However, Chu Kuangren was unfazed.

Primordial? He had killed three.

“Damn it! Die!”

Further enraged by Chu Kuangren’s lack of response, the others blasted all kinds of powerful attacks at him.

The Immortal Techniques and divine abilities formed a massive stream of energy, attempting to drown Chu Kuangren and the girl alive.

The girl was so frightened that her face paled.

Chu Kuangren, on the other hand, simply lifted his hand and released an invisible surge of Daoist law energy.

Upon collision, the rampaging energy stream was negated into nothing.

The Daoist law continued to swirl, blasting all the attacking cultivators away with blood gushing from their mouths.

They were instantly defeated!


The group of cultivators scuttled away upon defeat.

However, Chu Kuangren pointed his sword hand sign forward. “O’ Heaven Bears Witness, Heavenly Prison!”

The void in the area was turned into a massive prison, and all the escaping cultivators were frozen in the air.

Chu Kuangren raised his hand again and channeled the Chaos Green Lotus’ Destructive Energy.

The void was crushed as a massive green lotus bloomed.


As the void trembled, all the cultivators burst into clouds of blood mist.

The shattered Daoist law fragments scattered in the sky, glimmering with faint Immortal Sparks as if they were telling tales of the deceased.

“They’re all dead…”

The girl watched the gorey scene, but instead of being scared, she felt surreal.

The enemies who wiped out her entire tribe were killed, just like that.

“Lan, come over here!”

Qing Zhun went over to the girl and pulled her behind his back.

When Chu Kuangren saw that, he ignored it.

Qing Zhun cupped his fists into a fist salute and said, “Thank you for your help. Please tell us your name so that the Yao Tribe can repay you in the future.”


Chu Kuangren chuckled but did not answer Qing Zhun’s request.

In the next second, he vanished from the spot.

Qing Zhun did not even know how he disappeared, just like he had no idea how he appeared.
He frowned. “I can’t believe such a powerful elite exists in the universe. Who is he?”

As Chu Kuangren was mysterious and powerful, his presence would easily captivate attention.

“Forget it. The people from Taiyuan Hold Ground are still after us. We must leave,” Qing Zhun thought to himself.

Then, he brought Lan along and left the scene.

After they left, a group of people arrived at the scene.

Looking at the shattered Daoist law fragments in the air, they were shocked. The leader said in astonishment, “Are they all dead? Is Qing Zhun so strong?”

“Impossible. He’s not a Primordial yet. There’s no way he could kill the six elders. Something must’ve happened,” said another white-robed man.

Then, he performed a set of mystical hand seals, gathering the Daoist law energy in the area.

The Daoist law energies merged into a golden cloud.

“Time Reversal, Spiritual Mirror Reflection!”

The cloud dispersed, and a mirror appeared, showing them what happened earlier at the scene.

A mysterious man in white captured their attention. It was he who wiped out the elders with ease.

He was so powerful that it was terrifying.

“Who is he?” the leader asked solemnly.

The white-robed man had a grim expression as well. “His power is unpredictable. Only a Primordial is strong enough to stop him.”

“You’re right.”

“Use all your connections to search for this person and the last remaining Yao Tribe. Keep an eye out for the Honorable Supreme Origin Spirit Physique especially. If she grows, she’ll be the arch nemesis of the Taiyuan Holy Ground.”

Chu Kuangren had no idea that the Taiyuan Holy Ground was looking for him.

He was enjoying the scenery of that universe as he traveled across the galaxy.

After traveling for a while, he had a general understanding of that universe’s situation.

The name he heard the most was the Taiyuan Holy Ground, one of the strongest forces of that universe.

The Taiyuan Holy Ground had Primordials, and a few of them at that.

The Taiyuan Holy Ground had always called themselves a friend of justice, hence their high reputation in the universe. It had countless admirers across the universe.

Chu Kuangren shook his head with a helpless chuckle.

“Justice? What a joke.”

There were a lot of pretentious people across different universes.

They usually presented themselves as the good guys, but most of the time, they were just a bunch of hypocrites.

If the Taiyuan Holy Ground were the good guys, they would not have wiped out the Yao Tribe for the Honorable Supreme Origin Spirit Physique and attempted to snatch a little girl.

“Have you heard? The six elders of the Taiyuan Holy Ground are dead!”

“What? They were all Pseudo-Primordials! Who in this universe is powerful enough to kill all six of them?”

“I heard they were killed by some mysterious elite. The Taiyuan Holy Ground has utilized every connection they have to search for this killer.”

A bunch of cultivators were chatting over a drink at an inn, and Chu Kuangren happened to be sitting beside them, drinking as well.

However, he did not react to their words.

“I have a portrait of this person. I heard the Taiyuan Holy Ground has placed a bounty on him. If you have any clues about him, you will be rewarded with one billion Immortal Crystals. But if you can take his life, the reward will go up to a hundred billion Immortal Crystals!”

As the cultivator explained, he revealed a jade talisman.

The jade talisman glowed and revealed a man in white.

“Huh? He looks familiar.”

One of them looked surprised.

Then, they all looked at Chu Kuangren sitting in the corner.

They all gasped in shock when they saw his face.

A hundred billion Immortal Crystals were sitting right beside them!

It was unbelievable!

They gulped nervously and looked at Chu Kuangren with greedy zeal in their eyes.

Chu Kuangren continued to drink without caring about them. It was as if he had nothing to do with anything around him.

No one made a move as well.

They knew Chu Kuangren was powerful enough to wipe out the six elders of the Taiyuan Holy Ground, so they were no match for him.

However, some people left the inn in secret.

A while later, Chu Kuangren was the only customer left at the inn.

“Oh? Finally, some peace and quiet.” Chu Kuangren chuckled.

He knew what the people around him were doing — they were calling for backup.

He was genuinely surprised at how the Taiyuan Holy Ground would know about him since he had killed all the elders at the scene.

Who or what exposed him?

Could it be that Qing Zhun and the little girl turned on him?

Chu Kuangren pondered, but he was not bothered about it.

With his current power, he could go on an unstoppable rampage across universes. He could even stand confidently before a Primordial with his strength.

His strength boosted his confidence and allowed him to do whatever he wanted.


Suddenly, a terrifying aura came from the sky, and a boundless aura locked onto the entire inn.