Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws-Chapter 2042 - Seven Treasured Tree Blocks The Red Hydrangea Ribbon, Master Mosquito Appears, How Many More Treasures Do You Have?

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2042 Seven Treasured Tree Blocks The Red Hydrangea Ribbon, Master Mosquito Appears, How Many More Treasures Do You Have?
It was the Armament Destruction versus Demonic Forefather, Luo Hou.

When their auras clashed, a domineering aura spread outward like a torrential wave.

Rage qi and demonic qi collided fiercely as the atmosphere rose to an intense level.

At the next moment, both of them attacked.

They vanished from the spot and appeared above the sky, where they threw punches and palm attacks at each other.

There was no test of strength since the start of the battle, only the purest competition of cultivation and the clash of Daoist law.

Rage qi intertwined with demonic qi, dying the sky black. At the same time, dark clouds rumbled ceaselessly, making the atmosphere more overwhelming than ever.

“Hmph. Quite the cultivation level you have there,” Luo Hou said to Armament Destruction.

“Hmph. Demonic Forefather Luo Hou, you’re quite strong,” Armament Destruction grunted.

Both of them were pushed back by the latest collision. Then, Luo Hou summoned a black spear in his hand, boosting his demonic aura even higher.

“I heard Chu Kuangren refined my Godkiller Spear, and it took me a long time to search for a suitable Immortal Metal to forge this God Obliteration Spear. How many strikes can you withstand?” Luo Hou said as he pointed the spear at Armament Destruction.

Armament Destruction put his hand out and closed his fist in the void.

Further away from the Armament Destruction Ancient Planet, rage qi rumbled and formed a massive tornado. Within it, a strange broken arm flew out and headed to Armament Destruction.

The broken arm Armament Destruction armed fueled his arrogance and pride.

“Even the Demonic Forefather is nothing before me.”

“How arrogant!” Luo Hou grunted before he thrust his spear forward.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Sparks flew out as the weapons clashed, and Daoist laws were shattered.

With Dao versus Dao and spear versus a broken arm, the clash was so fierce and terrifying.

Nevertheless, Luo Hou and Armament Destruction continued to fight.

On the other hand, Lan Yu was losing against the Six Royals.

Fortunately, an astral diagram shone in the sky at that critical moment, and endless sword qi flew out from it, blasting three of the Six Royals away.

It was Ye Zhu!

He wielded the Green Lentils Sword and engaged the three Imperial Commanders with his fierce sword qi.

It was a tough battle, but both Ye Zhu and Lan Yu should be fine for now.

“We can’t drag this on any longer.”

The Eastern Patriarch King looked at the Golden Crow Forefather and the others.

They knew their operation would fail once the elites of the empire returned.

“Give it all you’ve got!”

They unleashed everything without holding back.

Subsequently, all their auras rose to a new height.

Twenty thousand years of cultivation might not heal all the ancient beings to their prime, but they had recovered most of their strength.

All kinds of Immortal Techniques were blasted forward.

Lan Yu and company were losing the battle.

High above the clouds, someone in a dazzling palace opened her beautiful eyes that showed anger as she spotted the commotion at the Imperial Palace.

“Those who disrupt the peace of the human race must be punished!”


Endless Immortal Sparks burst out from cloud nine, shedding light on the land.

A red hydrangea ribbon flew out from the palace with endless spiritual qi and Immortal Sparks.

In just a blink of an eye, it traversed across tens of thousands of kilometers and precisely struck the Golden Crow Forefather.


The Golden Crow Forefather gasped.

The red hydrangea ribbon contained a surge of terrifying energy. It left a trail of destruction in its wake as it traversed as a red streak, and the energy contained a powerful Karma Daoist law.

The Golden Crow Forefather was certain that if the red hydrangea ribbon hit him, it would not end well for him.

“Wuhuang is here!”

The Golden Crow Forefather was mortified.

Wahuang, or Nuwa, was the mother of the human races in the Pan Gu Universe and the first Human Emperor.

Hence, the attack contained indomitable power.

Right before the Golden Crow Forefather was hit, another blast of light shone from the void, and a massive treasured tree sprouted from nothing.

The tree shook when the red hydrangea ribbon hit it. However, the red hydrangea ribbon did no damage to the tree. On the contrary, it lost all its momentum upon collision.

It fell off the sky like a fruit falling from a tree.

The tree then concealed itself in the void.

“Huh? Seven Treasured Tree?”

Nuwa’s surprised voice sounded in the void. She then looked at the Far West Land of the Immortal World and grunted. “How dare you intervene!”

“Calm down, Nuwa.”

A calm voice came from the Far West Land.

The Golden Crow Forefather breathed a sigh of relief. “It’s the Seven Treasured Tree! I didn’t expect Luo Hou to get the two of them to join the battle. No wonder he’s so confident.”

In ancient times, other than Daoist Progenitor Hong Jun, there were seven Primordials.

Two of them were from the Far West land and were also the founder of Buddhism.

The Seven Treasured Tree was the Supreme Treasure of one of them.

It was known to cancel everything in existence. Hence, no matter how powerful the attack of the item, it would lose its power when it hit the tree.

The battle continued.

Wu Han and Nuwa were being retrained.

The soldiers of the empire were on their way back, but reinforcement could not arrive immediately.

It meant the Imperial Palace was in danger!

Suddenly, Luo Hou, who was fighting Armament Destruction, roared, “Do something!”

Following that, buzzes reverberated through the sky.

A dark cloud came from further away.

On a closer look, it was not dark clouds but a swarm of giant mosquitoes!

The mosquitoes’ wings buzzed loudly, releasing ominous and demonic noises that sent chills down one’s spine.

A Daoist was standing in the center of the mosquito swarm. His eyes glowed red as he looked at the elites at the Imperial Palace.

“Oh, it’s Master Mosquito!”

The Six Royals were surprised by his appearance.

It seemed like Luo Hou had managed to get him to join the fray as well.

Master Mosquito was a ferocious person since ancient times. He was powerful, and his most powerful ability, the Blood Devouring Technique, could threaten even a Pseudo-Primordial.

He brought countless mosquitoes to the battlefield. “At your command, Demonic Forefather. My children, go feast on your prey!”

He waved his hand and sent them to the battlefield.

The giant mosquitoes immediately drained the blood of the empire’s soldiers.

That was when Gu Linglong finally decided to join the battle.

Her cultivation level was nothing stellar, but she had many treasures with her.

The pearl hairpin that glowed colorfully, the dress that could summon an auspicious phenomenon of a dragon and phoenix, the sword in her hand which the sword intent could kill a top Arch Gilded Immortal, her bracelets, earrings… everything on her was a piece of treasure.

The weakest treasure she had was a Premium Innate Source Supreme Treasure.

Everyone was shocked by her arsenal.

“She’s fully armed to the teeth!”

“Not even a Primordial has so many treasures!”

“Where did she get all of them?”

“How many more treasures are the empire holding?”

The enemies looked at Gu Linglong and her treasures eagerly, showing nothing but greed in their eyes.

A single piece of the treasures would make them rich.

“A walking treasure vault, huh? I’ll take it.”

Master Mosquito giggled and flew toward Gu Linglong.

He shot a blood-colored light ray at her.

However, a massive golden bell appeared above Gu Linglong. The mystical Daoist pattern carved on its surface released endless Immortal Sparks to block the blood-colored light ray.

“Eastern Sovereign Bell?”

Someone recognized the bell.

Gu Linglong then pulled out a seal and hurled it at Master Mosquito.

“Kongtong Seal?”

Master Mosquito was blasted away by the seal. “What the hell? How many more treasures do you have?”
Gu Linglong answered after a moment of silence, “A lot.”

No one knew how many treasures Chu Kuangren had given her for self-defense.