Unrivaled Martial Emperor-Chapter 213 - Who Can Save You?

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Chapter 213 - Who Can Save You?

“Woah, Chen Fan is injured and throwing up blood.”

“I was wondering how strong he is! Chen Fan struck Shen Qing with all his strength while he was underestimating Chen Fan. He gained the upper hand by fluke and killed Shen Qing with one move. Yan Qi's attack exposed Chen Fan's true strength immediately.”

“That’s right! He could defeat Shen Qing because Shen Qing underestimated him, giving him an opportunity.”


As Chen Fan spat up blood and retreated, the crowd began to gossip.

Initially impressed when Chen Fan defeated Shen Qing in one move, they assumed he was much stronger. However, when Yan Qi struck, he only used one punch to smash Chen Fan’s sword light.

Not only that, the remnant force struck Chen Fan and made him spew blood. The crowd immediately realized that they had overestimated him.

This revelation suggested that Shen Qing's defeat was due to his carelessness, allowing Chen Fan to capitalize on the opportunity and strike him down in one blow. They now believed that Chen Fan was as strong as Shen Qing.

However, this was all a performance by Chen Fan for the onlookers.

He had wanted to use fifty percent of his strength, but he ultimately decided to use only twenty percent in his slash to keep up the act.

Had he used fifty percent of his strength, he would have split Yan Qi in half with that slash.

As for the remnant force from Yan Qi’s punch, it hadn’t actually even hurt him. He had spat blood to fool the crowd.

“Little bastard, surviving my punch is an achievement. However, you’ve insulted our Tianxia Society repeatedly, so you have to die. Repent in hell!”

Chen Fan’s show had also fooled Yan Qi, so his eyes shone resplendently. His aura became even fiercer, rushing forward.

“Go to hell!”

Yan Qi’s aura surged as his fists blurred, bombarding from a distance. Fist silhouettes filled the space, surrounding Chen Fan.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom...

Amidst the repeated booming sounds, air currents surged in all directions. The onlookers anticipated Chen Fan's defeat.

“He’s finished! Chen Fan is done for!”

“There's no way he survives unless he advanced to the second level!”


Watching the densely packed fist silhouettes, the crowd below the arena recoiled.

Yan Qi revealed an icy smile, having exerted ninety percent of his strength; Chen Fan seemed doomed.

Yet, as the crowd waited for Chen Fan's corpse to appear, a radiant sword light unexpectedly flashed from the midst of those fist silhouettes.

Immediately, the rain-like fist silhouettes shattered and were reduced to nothing.

“Die!” An ice-cold voice rang out simultaneously.

An even more radiant sword light swept out, whistling. It was indestructible and devastating, tearing everything in its path. It carried a destructive aura, annihilating all obstacles.

“This is bad!”

Yan Qi’s cold smile immediately stiffened. His eyes shot wide open, not expecting such a change to happen.

The sword slash was like lightning, catching him off guard and with no time to evade.


Blood splattered, and an arm went flying.


A wretched cry escaped Yan Qi’s lips.

Although he had avoided Chen Fan’s fatal slash, the cost was losing an arm.

Yan Qi quickly retreated. Half his body was dyed red with his blood, having not only lost an arm but also half of his shoulder. (f)reewe(b)novel

If he hadn’t tried his best to turn his body at the critical moment, that attack would have split him in half.

“How is... how is that possible...”

Yan Qi’s expression was extremely twisted, looking hideous, like a devil. He stared fixedly at Chen Fan, his pupils expanding rapidly.

Not only did he fail to kill Chen Fan, but the latter also neutralized his attack and severed his arm.

Moreover, Chen Fan had advanced to the second level of the Yuanfu realm.

The Life and Death Hall fell completely silent.

Everyone was stunned beyond words.

They were shocked that Chen Fan didn’t die!

They were shocked that Chen Fan had advanced to the second level at the crucial moment.

Chen Fan looked at Yan Qi indifferently and grinned.

“No need for astonishment. If not for your untimely interruption, I would have already advanced to the second level. Better late than never, I guess,” said Chen Fan to give everyone a reasonable explanation.

Chen Fan had conveyed that he had been on the verge of a breakthrough when they confronted him at his residence. He had to postpone it due to them. Now, faced with a life-and-death situation, he had swiftly made the breakthrough, thereby enhancing his strength and allowing his slash to dismantle Yan Qi’s attack.

“Now... die!”

Chen Fan didn’t give Yan Qi a chance to catch his breath. He could now kill everyone from this Tianxia Society group.

He disappeared from the spot, instantly arriving in front of Yan Qi.

Autumn Slay traced a perfect arc as it descended fiercely toward Yan Qi’s neck.

“Meteorite Impact!”

Yan Qi gritted his teeth and revolved his cultivation. His primeval vessel materialized above him, fueling his primeval force wildly and increasing his strength.

He struck out violently with his arm, and this attack surpassed even his previous one with both arms.

Yan Qi was giving his hundred percent.

Chen Fan's breakthrough had significantly boosted his strength, which was evident from the previous slash that dismantled Yan Qi’s fist silhouettes. freew(e)bnovel

With only one arm, he was severely weakened, realizing that anything less than his full strength could result in Chen Fan easily delivering a fatal slash.

However, it was useless even if he fought with all his might.

The momentum of his punches was as fragile as tofu under Chen Fan’s sword.

Fierce and sharp sword qi swept out, descending on Yan Qi.


Sent flying by the slash, Yan Qi bore a long and deep gash on his chest, blood dripping ominously.

“A second one!”

Chen Fan pressed forward relentlessly, the sunlight reflecting off his sword. Yan Qi felt a chill deep in his bones.

“Zhao Gao, save me!”

Yan Qi retreated in a hurry, simultaneously yelling at the top of his lungs.

“Little bastard, stop!”

Below the arena, Zhao Gao responded to Yan Qi's plea, flying up onto the stage. He unleashed a powerful aura mid-air, creating a wind storm. Thrusting his hand toward Chen Fan, he struck with the force of Mt Tai bearing down on him.

“Get lost!”

A cold light flashed fiercely in Chen Fan’s eyes. His sword light radiated, forming a fiercely dazzling cross that shattered Zhao Gao’s attack. The residual force cascaded onto Zhao Gao, sending him tumbling backward to the ground.

“Now, who will save you?”

Advancing, Chen Fan stepped on Yan Qi's chest, breaking a few ribs and prompting him to spit out blood. When the tip of Chen Fan’s sword pressed against Yan Qi’s throat, the cold steel made him freeze instantly.

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