Wayfarer-Chapter 209: Another Encounter with Prime Minister Turtle

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Chapter 209: Another Encounter with Prime Minister Turtle freeweb(n)ovel.com

Amidst the thick fog, Xiao Nanfeng was silent as it looked toward the battlefield the serpent had been forced to charge into.

"It's just a red rope. What are you so worried about?" Xiao Nanfeng asked disdainfully.

Xiao Nanfeng retrieved a token, the one that the dragon clan's elder, Long Jiu, had given him. He had sealed the rest of his spiritual power and his own inheritance within.

"The serpent has a terrible personality, but Long Jiu's not bad. It even gave me a map of the draconic veins around the Eastern Sea. Before it died, it instructed me to hand this token to the serpent. Should I..." Xiao Nanfeng contemplated what to do.

Suddenly, a sense of danger pervaded the air. He turned to see a skeletal dragon flying toward him, roaring. He blanched and was just about to run, but the dragon was too fast. He gritted his teeth, ready to cause the Mirror of Truth to implode while he took advantage of the distraction to run.

Just then, however, the skeletal dragon stopped right by Xiao Nanfeng's side.

Xiao Nanfeng didn't understand what was going on. He held the Mirror of Truth warily, suspicion in his eyes. However, the skeletal dragon's killing intent had vanished.

It looked toward Xiao Nanfeng for a bit longer before suddenly lowering its head, as though bowing down to him.

"What's going on? Why is it bowing?" Xiao Nanfeng was momentarily discomfited.

He quickly guessed that there had to be something causing the skeletal dragon's behavior to become erraticโ€”and he suddenly looked toward the token in his hand. He held it up and tentatively walked toward the skeletal dragon, which slowly retreated so as not to bar Xiao Nanfeng's path.

"It really is because of this token!" Xiao Nanfeng suddenly cried out.

He knew that the sea spirits were attacking the Ancestral Dragon's Hall not just because of the Immortal relics that were present within each skeletal dragon, but also to get into the hall to retrieve the treasures within.

With this token, couldn't he enter the hall without any fighting whatsoever?

He suppressed his budding excitement, holding the token up high as he walked deeper into the mist. As expected, the skeletal dragons didn't bar his way.

Not long later, two more skeletal dragons, sensing a foreign presence, shot forward. Upon seeing the token Xiao Nanfeng held high, however, they immediately lowered their heads and bowed toward Xiao Nanfeng.

Xiao Nanfeng's heart soared. "This plan really will work!"

He stepped into the interior of the fog and quickly arrived at a large plaza filled with thick fog. He shone the Mirror of Truth into its midst to reveal hundreds of skeletal dragons lying within the plaza.

Not only that, there were hundreds more skeletal dragons flying overhead.

Xiao Nanfeng was astounded by the scene. "And those spirit kings still think they can make it here? Dream on..."

All the dragons he passed by bowed down to him, causing his anticipation to grow.

He quickly arrived at the Ancestral Dragon's Hall, a towering building radiating with multicolored light.

The doors to the hall were slightly ajar. Xiao Nanfeng could vaguely see an object within giving off clouds of purple energy. It was clearly a treasure of immense value.

Xiao Nanfeng hurriedly attempted to step inside, but he was blocked by a barrier that had suddenly manifested at the entrance to the hall. The barrier too was radiating with multicolored light, and Xiao Nanfeng's strength was insufficient to break through it.

Xiao Nanfeng manifested his ethereal red rope in an attempt to retrieve the treasure from a distance, but the moment the red rope formed, a burst of black air came from the Ancestral Dragon's Hall and surrounded dozens of the skeletal dragons, which roared and pounced toward him under the black air's control.

He hurriedly dispelled the technique, causing the black air to vanish and the skeletal dragons to return to their original dormancy.

"I can't use this technique here, then?" Xiao Nanfeng frowned.

There were countless treasures within the hall, but he wasn't able to enter! He tried many different techniques and searched for other entrances to the hall, but to no avail. When he tried to strike the barrier with his spiritual power, an ethereal dragon's head manifested and roared at him.

"Could it be because I'm not a dragon? Hold on. The serpent's the dragon prince. Could it bring me inside?" Xiao Nanfeng's eyes lit up.

He retreated through the fog and returned to find the serpent, retracing his steps with the dragon token held high in his hand.

However, all he found was a pile of battered corpses lying in pools of blood. There wasn't even a red rope present; clearly, the serpent and crab spirits had slunk back in defeat.

Xiao Nanfeng checked the corpses in the vicinity and found no trace of the serpent.

"Considering how shameless it is, I doubt it's come to any harm. They must have retreated. I need to find the sea spirits' camp, then," Xiao Nanfeng murmured to himself.

He spent some time searching through the fog to see many wounded cultivators retreating from the battlefield under the supervision of the sea spirits. He immediately tore apart his clothes and pretended to be badly injured, then snuck into their midst.

The wounded cultivators were quickly brought toward a giant valley in the distance. There were thousands of injured there. After the massive battle, many of them were seriously wounded and trying to heal their wounds. Xiao Nanfeng would have to find the serpent among all these cultivators.

By the sides of the valley and atop the cliffs were sea spirits that served as guard and patrol. There was an ornate hall at the top of the mountain, where a group of spirit kings were flaunting their spoils of war.

"A waterquelling pearl? Green Lobster, you've been pretty lucky this time around."

"I'll trade you an Immortal sword for that pearl."

"Not interested! Do you think I'm a fool? Why would I trade this precious artifact for your pile of trash?"

The other spirit kings all surrounded the green lobster king, but they quickly fell silent. A ninety-meter-long turtle had just emerged from the hall.

"Prime Minister Turtle!" All the spirit kings bowed respectfully.

"Who obtained a waterquelling pearl? Show me," the turtle commanded.

The green lobster king stepped forward and respectfully handed over the pearl.

"Indeed, this is a waterquelling pearl. It's unfortunate that there's only one. The draconic palace possessed a hundred and eight at its peak and was able to affect the climate itself," Prime Minister Turtle exclaimed, shaking its head and sighing.

"Prime Minister, if you're interested, please allow me to hand this to you as a gift." The green lobster king was clearly reluctant to part with the pearl.

The turtle shook its head. "Don't worry. I have no intention to seize your Immortal relics. What you claim will belong only to you. Furthermore, I can also help you repair some broken Immortal relics. I have only one request: that you take down the Ancestral Dragon's Hall as quickly as possible."

"Understood!" all the spirit kings replied.

At the bottom of the valley, Xiao Nanfeng glanced toward Prime Minister Turtle in shock. "That ancient turtle? How could it have grown a new body so quickly? Why does this body seem so powerful? It can suppress even the gathered spirit kings! Could it already have reached the peak of Wingform-realm?"

As though sensing something, the turtle suddenly looked down toward the valley. Xiao Nanfeng immediately hid among the crowd, hiding from the turtle's stare. He had no intention of exposing his identity right then and there.

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