Wedding Night: I Am Forced To Marry A Dragon Girl-Chapter 268 - : Someone is interested in you?

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Chapter 268: Chapter 268: Someone is interested in you?

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Xiao Ruyu watched for a while before laughing softly.

“Alright, Seventeenth Sister, the first round is yours.”

She said, handing over a storage ring: “But, Seventeenth Sister, you’ve been a bit unfair.”

Xiao Yuwei shivered; she naturally understood what that meant.

Her departure alone earlier hadn’t gone unnoticed, but she had anticipated this and wasn’t too nervous.

“Elder Sister, you’re joking; how could I compare with you?”

“Naturally you don’t need to compete with me; even if you wanted to, you wouldn’t stand a chance.”

Xiao Ruyu smiled lightly: “Enough chatter, the real competition is yet to come, everything before was just a warm-up.”

She glanced at Xiao Yuwei, Xiao Ruyu fell silent and walked directly into the great hall.

The scene became awkward for a moment.

Xiao Yuwei no longer had the feeling of being in control like before, and after Xiao Ruyu left, she remained silent.

Jiang Xiaobai alone had a throbbing headache.

He really didn’t expect Xiao Yuwei to play such a card; it was indeed a bit underhanded.

He felt a sense of losing both his wife and his troops.

“Boss, you…hehehehe, it’s the first time I’ve seen you take a hit.” AnRan couldn’t stop laughing on the sidelines.

Jiang Xiaobai glared at him fiercely, which caused him to stop, but AnRan’s chubby shoulders were still shaking with suppressed laughter.

Clearly, he was trying hard not to laugh.

Across from him, Xiao Wuwei coldly glanced at Jiang Xiaobai. His previous anger combined with his current broken pride had made his loathing for Jiang Xiaobai reach a peak.

“You bastard, once we enter the Mad Demon Secret Land, I will definitely not let you off easily.”

“If the prince finds an opportunity, you will not have an easy time.”

This incident finally came to an end after Xiao Ruyu’s sudden appearance.

No one spoke up, and the crowd, realizing there was no more drama to watch, dispersed, returning to the palace to replenish their strength.

Soon, the other two princes from the Qi Na Yuan Dynasty arrived, and the final results showed that Xiao Yuwei, despite several rounds, was ranked first!

If she continues to score higher in the Mad Demon Secret Land, the rewards from the dynasty will definitely not be meager.

She stood a good chance of being the ultimate winner.

So, the descendants of the other four dynasties suddenly expressed a desire to join forces, determined to take down Xiao Yuwei first.

Xiao Yuwei was also aware of this, but she wasn’t too worried.

Once entering the Mad Demon Secret Land, who loses and who wins is still uncertain. The situation inside is not that simple.

Sitting in the great hall, Jiang Xiaobai and Xiao Yuwei had inadvertently become the focus of everyone’s attention.

From time to time, they could feel the gazes landing on them. Jiang Xiaobai was thick-skinned and completely unfazed, while Xiao Yuwei was regretful.

She really regretted why she had spoken such words before. She intended to bind Jiang Xiaobai to herself using this method but ended up drawing attention to herself.

At this moment, Xiao Yuwei turned to Jiang Xiaobai with a face full of displeasure.

“Xiao Yuwei, don’t overdo it!” Jiang Xiaobai reprimanded as soon as he sensed what was happening.

“What’s too much about me, the princess?” Xiao Yuwei snorted coldly.

“Two Ghost Mother Flowers, taken for free?”

Jiang Xiaobai sneered: “Remember, you owe me three billion top-grade spirit stones.”

“Three billion? Jiang Bai, are you fucking crazy for money?” Xiao Yuwei was outraged: “These Ghost Mother Flowers are worth at most one hundred million!”

“Haha, don’t forget when I gave them to you. Special circumstances command special prices.”

Jiang Xiaobai sneered consecutively: “If you’re unwilling to pay, I’ll add this to the fifty billion high-grade spirit stones. Remember, you haven’t paid me a cent of that sum.”

“Presumptuous! You used despicable means, don’t think I don’t know.”

“As if your methods were noble or something? Trying to trap me with such schemes is ridiculous! You think I care about that?”

Jiang Xiaobai was angered at this thought but quickly seemed to remember something, looking at Xiao Yuwei with a faux smile.

“I happen to be a married man.”

“Oh? I can’t see how a bastard like you would be fancied by anyone.”

“Not only that, my wife, you can’t afford to offend her, even your Thousand Yuan Dynasty can’t afford to.

At that thought, he couldn’t help but picture Ao Yan’s coldly elegant face.

Since coming out, he had seen many beautiful women, all sorts, but none could compare to his wife, Ao Yan.

“Hm, based on the timeline, Yan’er should almost be a saintess by now…” Jiang Xiaobai calculated silently in his heart.

On hearing Jiang Xiaobai’s words, Xiao Yuwei was so amused by him that she laughed.

“A joke, is there anyone in this eastern central continent that my Thousand Yuan Dynasty can’t afford to offend?”

“Speaking the truth you won’t believe anyway, if you insist on this, when my wife finds out about it, you’re dead, and your Thousand Yuan Dynasty is finished.”

Jiang Xiaobai replied indifferently: “It’s useless to say these things to you; now, I’ll ask you one last time, will you pay or not?”


Xiao Yuwei was really infuriated by Jiang Xiaobai; she had never been so angered by someone from childhood till now.

She glared at Jiang Xiaobai, and in her heart, she indeed considered not paying him.

But the consequences of not paying were clear: first, she would lose Jiang Xiaobai’s help in the Mad Demon Secret Land, and after getting out, she would bring even greater humiliation to the Thousand Yuan Dynasty.

She believed that Jiang Xiaobai, the shameless scoundrel, could do such disgusting things.

Squinting her eyes and considering for a while, Xiao Yuwei then said: “Fine, but I don’t have that much money at hand now; I only have fifty million top-grade spirit stones left.”

“That’ll do, at least give me a down payment for now.” Jiang Xiaobai reached out his hand right away. f𝚛ee𝐰𝗲𝐛n𝐨v𝚎𝗹.com

He didn’t really believe that Xiao Yuwei would give him these spirit stones. Having a down payment was good enough, and getting whatever amount was still profit.

If others knew that fifty million top-grade spirit stones were only worth this much to Jiang Xiaobai, they might jump up and scream.

You filthy rich bastard!

Xiao Yuwei looked at Jiang Xiaobai resentfully, suppressing the anger that was about to explode and gritting her teeth, she threw a storage ring at Jiang Xiaobai.

Simultaneously, the Frenzy Demon Stones she had previously handed in were returned by the strong man from the Thousand Yuan Dynasty.

The handover was just for counting purposes; they wouldn’t actually take these Frenzy Demon Stones away. Otherwise, it would be a waste to go into the Mad Demon Secret Land.

Seeing nearly fifty Frenzy Demon Stones in her hand, Xiao Yuwei’s tumultuous emotions calmed down somewhat. At least, once in the Mad Demon Secret Land, she could use these Frenzy Demon Stones to enter various secret realms.

“By the way, you still haven’t told me about the situation inside the Mad Demon Secret Land.” Jiang Xiaobai suddenly turned to her and said.