What It's Like Being a Vampire-Chapter 96 - : Roaring at the sight of injustice

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Chapter 96: Chapter 96: Roaring at the sight of injustice

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Chapter 96: A roar for justice

“Since I lost the bet —I’ll order the drinks. What do you guys want?” asked the short-haired girl as she picked up her phone.

“Soda/Mineral water,” Zi Cheng and Xiang Kun said in unison, then glanced at each other.

The short-haired girl pursed her lips slightly, “You guys can drink whatever you like, you don’t have to save money for us! Ordering two drinks is no problem at all!”

Xiang Kun agreeably nodded. “Then I’ll have mineral water.” He had previously ordered soda and only took one sip. Although he didn’t spit it out afterwards, it still left a strange feeling in his stomach that was quite uncomfortable.

Zi Cheng echoed, “Soda, mineral water, pure water, anything is fine. I really don’t want any more other beverages or alcohol.”

Left with no choice, the short-haired girl went to the bar and ordered for them a bottle of mineral water and a bottle of soda.

After Xiang Kun had bamboozled them with “A4 Paper 1,” placating the two girls a bit, the conversation finally settled down, allowing Zi Cheng to start discussing life topics with them, such as their experiences abroad, changes before and after going abroad, and so on.

They also got to know the girls’ names: the short-haired girl was called Zhang Qian, who had just returned from the United Kingdom, and the bespectacled girl was named Yang Jie, who was a postgraduate student at a nearby ** University.

Xiang Kun firmly regarded himself as an outstanding wingman. As long as Zi

Cheng could keep the rhythm of the conversation, he hardly ever interrupted.

However, the two girls were clearly still curious about that “magical” piece of paper and would occasionally inquire about how Xiang Kun was able to guess the number written on the paper, even suggesting they play again.

However, Xiang Kun found an excuse to refuse. This kind of mystery was enough to showcase once. He was not about to delve into the enigma of the paper with them.

When it was nearly 11 0’clock, Zhang Qian and Yang Jie said they had to leave, Xiang Kun and Zi Cheng didn’t say much, just standing up to see them off.

As they were about to leave, the short-haired girl, Zhang Qian, suddenly asked Xiang Kun, “Can you give me that A4 paper?”

Her pair of eyes were filled with anticipation as she looked at him.

“No, it’s a family heirloom.” Xiang Kun responded without hesitation.

“Then could you sell it to me? Name your price, ” asked Zhang Qian.

“This paper sells its talent, not itself,” Xiang Kun continued to joke.

“Stingy!” Zhang Qian didn’t say anything else and left the bar with her friend.

When the girls were out of sight, Zi Cheng turned to Xiang Kun: “Uh? You didn’t ask for their WeChat or Dhone numbers?”

Xiang Kun glared at him: “I am your wingman! Why do I need their contact information if you didn’t ask for it?”

Zi Cheng laughed while adjusting his glasses, “Who’s who here? There’s no such thing as main and wingman, we’re all the same.”

Xiang Kun was speechless. He could see his friend hadn’t changed much after “training” in America for a few years.

Having said that, Xiang Kun seemed to be quite adept at dealing with girls now. But he knew that this was partly because he was indifferent when interacting with these girls, focusing instead on his own abilities and the various sensory information and data he had acquired. On the other hand, the information he was getting allowed him to accurately gauge the girls’ mood swings, knowing exactly what was sincere and what was not, what topics they were most interested in, making dealing with them much simpler and more relaxed.

“Let’s go too, what time is your flight tomorrow?” Xiang Kun asked.

Zi Cheng glanced at the time on his phone and said, “It’s just past 11 in the morning, there’s no problem. Let’s go, grab some food and head to a café.”

As the two of them were leaving the bar, they saw Zhang Qian and Yang Jie, who had left earlier, being hassled by a few clearly drunk young men. It seemed like they were inviting them to dance at a nearby disco. Although both women looked worried, they didn’t seem panicked. After all, the security in this area is usually good and there were many passersby around, cameras everywhere, and a police station nearby. The chances of these men actually getting up to any mischief was not high.

Seeing this, Zi Cheng hesitated for a moment, then whispered to Xiang Kun,

“Should we go help?”

Just as he finished speaking, Xiang Kun had already raised his phone and shouted to the drunken men, “I’ve already called the police! They’re coming at once!”

The word “coming” echoed around them.

His shout was loud enough to not only startle Zi Cheng, but also the drunken men, Zhang Qian, Yang Jie, and even a few passersby nearby.

Then, as if someone had turned down the volume of the world, no-one spoke and everyone’s attention was drawn to Baldy, standing by the bar entrance with his phone held high.

“Called the police? For fuck’s sake… I… ” One of the drunk men tried to approach Xiang Kun but was held back by his friends. After yelling a warning at Xiang Kun, they staggered away.

In everyone’s line of sight, Xiang Kun casually put away his phone, he hadn’t actually made a police call, it was just to scare those men.

Considering it would have been more manly and heroic to stand in front of the drunken men and shield them from harassment directly, Xiang Kun didn’t really care about how the women perceived him. He wasn’t even interested in any kind of further development with the two girls. And according to his habits, his blood-drinking period is due tomorrow and he didn’t want to get in any trouble because of fighting or brawling.

Zhang Qian laughed at Xiang Kun and said, “Was that a twist on the Buddhist

Lion’s Roar Technique? It was loud enough to make my ears ring.”

Xiang Kun adjusted his glasses, gave a small smile, and pointed at the parking lot in front of the bar, “Where are you headed? We can give you a lift.”

“No need, I’ve already called a cab. Xiao Jie lives on the campus, it’s just a short walk from here.” Zhang Qian declined.

Xiang Kun didn’t press the matter, simply said goodbye to the two women and left with Zi Cheng to his car. fre(e)novelkiss

Once they were in the car, Zi Cheng blurted out, “Eh? Did we forget to ask for their WeChat and phone numbers again?”

Xiang Kun drove out of the parking lot with an expressionless face, stopped briefly in front of the bar’s entrance, and said to Zi Cheng, “Do you want to go ask now?”

“Why should I ask… Forget it, there won’t be any development anyway. Let’s go, let’s go get some food.” Zi Cheng ducked his head, saying this.

Zhang Qian frowned, “I initially thought they had a hidden agenda and were targeting us, but who would have thought they didn’t stick around or ask for our contact information.”

The bespectacled girl, Yang Jie, by her side chuckled, “What do you mean by ‘targeting us’? If they had any hidden motives, it would have been targeting you. Anyway, do you remember those three drunk men. My first instinct was that they were paid by those two. But if that was the case, their script was too crappy, they were scared off by a fake police call?”

Zhang Qian huffed, “And here I thought my six years of Taekwondo training was finally going to pay off in a street fight…”

“Oh, you sound somewhat disappointed? What if you get knocked over by a drunken fool and I had to come to your rescue with pepper spray? But those two men in the bar didn’t really seem like the type sent to ‘lure’ you. One’s bald and the other’s fat…” Yang Jie couldn’t help but laugh as she spoke.

“True, but without prior knowledge about us, how could they have guessed so accurately?” Zhang Qian frowned. She didn’t believe Xiang Kun’s claims about fortune telling and assumed from the start that he and Zi Cheng had targeted them with some intent. But as the conversation went on, she found that these two men were nothing like what she had imagined.

Yang Jie nodded in agreement, “That Al+ paper was also pretty weird. I can’t figure out how he could’ve known that I wrote the character for ‘six’. There were no cameras, no people around the place I wrote. He couldn’t possibly have actually used fortune telling, could he?”

“Could there be something strange about the paper? Was it some sort of special magic prop?” Zhang Qian said, deep in thought. At this moment, their taxi arrived. She pulled Yang Jie into the car, “Don’t go to your dorm tonight, come to the hotel with me and chat..”

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