Who Is the Real Daughter: Miss Lin Takes No Nonsense After Her Rebirth-Chapter 865 - : Can ‘t Tell Good From Bad

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Chapter 865: Can ‘t Tell Good From Bad

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Huo Ge was slightly stunned, then he blinked in shock. Was his intention so obvious? It shouldn’t be?

He leaned closer to Lin Yin’s ear and smiled. “Yinyin, what are you talking about? Could it be your imagination? Although I kidnapped you, I was just paid to help others resolve their troubles. Come to think of it, I don’t have any grudges with you. Why would I kill you?”

“That’s right. Why would you kill me?” Lin Yin said deeply. Her red lips warned Huo Ge coldly, “Huo Ge, I don’t care what you’re planning. I don’t care what the people behind you are planning. You can even try to kill me. If I die, that’s your ability. But if you dare to hurt my family, don’t blame me for fighting you to the death.”

A trace of ruthlessness flashed across Huo Ge’s eyes, then a look of disdain appeared on his face. He thought to himself that Lin Yin had indeed been the same since she was young. She was easily willing to give her life to others.

Back then, in order to save that little boy and her classmates, she had risked her life for her family. Speaking of which, Lin Yin’s life was tough enough. If it were anyone else, they would probably have died in the slums when they were young and had no chance to grow up. She was lucky enough!

Huo Ge tightened his grip and rubbed Lin Yin’s hand. He smiled and said, ‘Yinyin, you have to focus when you’re dancing. Don’t think about nonsense. It’s lame!”

Huo Ge leaned into Lin Yin’s ear and spoke quite intimately. Yue Shan, who was watching from the side, beamed with joy. She was overjoyed and kept saying to Sun Yun, “Sister Sun, look, our children are so compatible!”

Sun Yun glanced coldly at Huo Ge and Lin Yin’s intimate actions and said angrily, “Yue Shan, you even brought a gift to my house previously, saying that you wanted to matchmake your precious grandson with my Ah Ning. Why? When you saw Lin Yin today, you wanted to have designs on my other granddaughter? What do you think our Mu family is? Is this where your crown prince chooses his concubine?”

Sun Yun’s voice was not soft, attracting the attention of many people around her. Everyone looked at Mu Ning, who had not gone to dance and was accompanying Sun Yun.

Mu Ning knew that something was wrong. As expected, the smile on Yue

Shan’s face immediately froze. Then, her gaze drifted to Mu Ning. She sized up Mu Ning with a cold gaze and frowned. “Sister Sun, did you misunderstand something? The last time I came to your house, I came over for Yinyin. How was it for Mu Ning? I’m afraid you misunderstood?”

Sun Yun snorted and sneered. “Yue Shan, you don’t even know how to lie. That day, when you came to visit, Lin Yin’s identity had yet to be announced. If you wanted to matchmake your grandson and Lin Yin, why would you go to our Lu

Family’s old residence? What a joke. You kept talking about my granddaughter. At that time, my granddaughter was only Ah Ning. If you admit that you’re snobbish, I can still think highly of you.”

Sun Yun’s words were quite disrespectful to Yue Shan. It was more or less inappropriate and destroyed the dignity of the two families.

Yue Shan’s expression had already darkened. With her personality, she had always been nice to Sun Yun purely because she had a little relationship with Mu Kun. She did not expect Sun Yun to say such a thing in front of so many people.

Even Yue Shan looked at Mu Ning with a sneer. Mu Ning was shocked. She knew that Yue Shan was going to attack her. During this period of time, Mu Ning had learned a little about Yue Shan. Yue Shan was the kind of person who stabbed where others hurt.

Mu Ning’s intuition was indeed right. Yue Shan knew that Sun Yun doted on Mu Ning, so she naturally used Mu Ning to attack Sun Yun. “Sister Sun, you’re being too serious. But you’re right. I’m indeed a snob.”

“Although my Huo Family is not as good as your Mu Family, my little grandson is a legitimate descendant of the Huo Family. If he wants a wife, he naturally has to find a legitimate biological child. I don’t dare to let any Tom, Dick, or Harry that’s picked up from outside to enter the family. As in-laws, we still have to pay attention to matching family backgrounds and pure bloodlines!”

Yue Shan’s words instantly embarrassed Mu Ning. She even felt that everyone was looking at her with mockery and disdain.

Sun Yun gritted her teeth in anger and said angrily, “Yue Shan, be polite! My Ah

Ning is not some Tom, Dick, or Harry outside. She’s the lucky star of our Mu Family. You’re blind and can’t tell. You actually took a fancy to Lin Yin.. Let me tell you, you’ll regret it!”

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