Who Is the Real Daughter: Miss Lin Takes No Nonsense After Her Rebirth-Chapter 868: Third Brother Feeds You

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Chapter 868: Third Brother Feeds You

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Lu Ming coughed lightly and lowered his voice without any embarrassment. “Then you can only blame your brothers for being slow and not me. I’ve said it before. As long as Yinyin is safe, I can retreat.”

For the first time, Mu Heng felt that the righteous Lu Ming actually had a little shamelessness.

Lu Ming did not seem to see that Mu Heng was a little angry. His gaze was still on Lin Yin, and Mu Heng was even angrier.

However, Lu Ming’s good mood did not last long. Just as he chased Huo Ge away, Wei Ji came to Lin Yin’s side. Compared to Huo Ge, Lu Ming was more afraid of Wei Ji.

Lin Yin could joke that she was flirting with Huo Ge because he could feel that Lin Yin did not care about Huo Ge.

However, it was obvious that Lin Yin would not say that about Wei Ji. Lu Ming could even feel that Wei Ji was very special to Lin Yin.

Although he did not find much negative information about Wei Ji, he just felt that something was wrong with Wei Ji.

It was not just because Wei Ji staying by Lin Yin’s side would cause the Wei family to do something disadvantageous to her. More importantly, Wei Ji seemed to be dangerous.

Unfortunately, he could not find any more information. If he told Lin Yin rashly, Lin Yin would probably not treat him well in the future.

Wei Ji handed a small pastry to Lin Yin and forked up a small piece. Little Yi said obediently, “Yinyin, I don’t think you ate anything just now. Eat this. I’ve tried it. It’s very delicious.”

He seemed to be feeding Lin Yin, it attracted the attention of the surrounding people.

Wei Ji’s actions surprised Lin Yin. However, when she saw Wei Ji’s sincere eyes and Lu Ming’s frown, Lin Yin raised her hand to take the fork Wei Ji handed her with a smile.

Mu Ran’s alarm rang. He was here to protect his sister. He casually took out another pastry from the side. When Lin Yin reached out to take Wei Ji’s pastry, he immediately handed another pastry to Lin Yin and said with a smile, “Yinyin, eat this from Third Brother. This is delicious too. Come, Third Brother will feed you.”

Wei Ji’s hand froze in midair. Then, his face was filled with disappointment as he slowly retracted his hand.

However, before he could retract them all, his hand was suddenly empty. Wei Ji looked at Lin Yin in surprise and saw her take all the pastries from Mu Ran and Wei Ji. She smiled and said, “I’m hungry. I’ll eat both.”

Everyone looked at Wei Ji with scrutiny. The eldest daughter of the Mu Family seemed to be quite friendly with the unfavored cripple of the Wei Family. Did this mean that Lin Yin had taken a fancy to a cripple?

If that was the case, Wei Ji would have Lin Yin as his backing. If the Mu family agreed to Lin Yin and Wei Ji being together, wouldn’t that mean that the Mu family was supporting Wei Ji?

Many families that had business dealings with the Wei Family began to turn their attention to Wei Ji, who was not favored by the Wei Family.

However, there were also people who thought more. For example, Mu Ran’s actions just now clearly showed that the Mu family might not like Wei Ji very much. It seemed like there were some things that needed to be considered. When the rest of the Wei Family saw Wei Ji suddenly stand out in front of so manv neonle and do such a thing. their exnressions were a little liglv-

No matter what Wei Ji meant, the Wei Family felt that Wei Ji had deliberately highlighted his close relationship with Lin Yin in front of everyone to tell some people that he had the Mu Family as his backing and that his relationship with Lin Yin was extraordinary.

If the Wei Family thought this way, those who did not think highly of the Wei Family’s second and third branches naturally thought the same. This was the first time Wei Ji had pushed himself in front of the public, showing that he also had a chance to reach the high position of the Wei Family.

Lin Yin’s hand suddenly became empty. Wei Ji’s pastry was taken away by Lu

Ming. Lu Ming smiled and said, “What a coincidence. I’m actually hungry too.”

He played with the fork in his hand and looked at Wei Ji with an unreadable expression. “Wei Ji, you don’t mind if I eat, do you?”

Wei Ji smiled sweetly. “As long as Yinyin doesn’t mind, I naturally don’t mind. After all, I was going to give this small piece to Yinyin.”

Lin Yin snorted and snatched the fork back from Lu Ming’s hand angrily. Then, in front of everyone, she ate the small piece of pastry on the fork in front of Lu Ming.

After eating, Lin Yin raised her eyebrows at Lu Ming and said, “Uncle, if you want to eat, there’s many there. Aren’t you afraid of embarrassing yourself by snatching food from a junior?”

Under Lu Ming’s angry expression, Lin Yin provocatively stuffed the pastry that Mu Ran had just eaten into her mouth. Her cheeks were puffed up like a little hamster, Lu Ming was angry but he found it adorable..

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