You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman-Chapter 902 (Disparity in Strength)

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Chapter 902 (Disparity in Strength)

Yue Hua and Brittany nodded in agreement. Indeed, these elders were quite malicious, even more so than their sons. Their expressions were utterly unreserved.

"Hmph," Ye Zizi snorted, deciding to let them have a taste later.

"Who do you think will win between them? Let's place our bets!" Qing Yutong chuckled softly.

"It should be Bao Po; his strength seems a bit stronger," Yue Hua said softly. The disparity in strength was evident, making it easy to see.

Yue Hua's words received unanimous agreement from the five women. If the strength gap were closer, it would be harder to predict.

But with their current difference, it was quite clear.

Even Pippi in the arena knew this. The gap between him and Bao Po was quite substantial. Nevertheless, he had to give his best effort! After all, with so many people watching, he couldn't afford to lose face in front of his brothers, let alone in front of his father.

Even if he lost today, he had to lose gloriously!

"Pippi, you're not my match. Surrender, and I'll spare you the pain," Bao Po didn't even draw his weapon. It was evident how much he looked down on Pippi. In Bao Po's mind, defeating Pippi didn't even require using a weapon.

If the other four came at him together, he would need to use a weapon.

However, right now, there was no need for that.

Pippi drew his sword, the one smeared with poison that had even paralyzed Yang Haotian, a Heavenly Venerable. The venom was fierce, derived from the most poisonous creature in the underwater world. It was quite precious.

So, if Pippi wanted to win, he needed to pierce with his sword, even just once!

Even a few seconds could be enough, considering Bao Po's formidable strength. This was Pippi's strategic approach.

"Use your weapon!" Pippi said in a low, menacing tone. fre

Bao Po smiled faintly, "Against you, I don't need a weapon."

Such words were truly hurtful to one's pride, but Bao Po still said them. This infuriated Pippi, who thought, 'As long as my sword touches you, I'll make you pay!'

Sitting in the audience, Bao Yuyu asked quietly, "Husband, do you think Big Brother will win?"

"Of course, Big Brother is a rank-eight Heavenly Venerable. Dealing with a rank-two is a piece of cake," Qi Xuewen also thought so. There was no suspense. Unless Pippi was intentionally suppressing his strength, choosing to explode at this moment, if he were only a rank-two Heavenly Venerable, he would undoubtedly lose today.

"Yeah, that's what I think too," Bao Yuyu said blissfully. Her big brother was so strong, and her father too. When her husband grew up, he would be very powerful as well. She was truly fortunate.

As the two began their fight, excited spectators stood up, yelling loudly. The veins on their necks seemed like they would burst at any moment, a spectacle to behold.

"Bao Po, since you underestimate me, I'll make you pay!" Pippi roared angrily, swinging his longsword, mysterious and unpredictable.

Bao Po calmly said, "To be honest, I think it's unnecessary. At least, I should let you show some effort."

"Watch my sword!" Pippi thrust his sword suddenly, and the entire deep-sea arena was illuminated by the sword's radiance. One look at this sword told you it wasn't an ordinary weapon.

"Not bad, you've improved, but you're still far behind," Bao Po's voice echoed from behind Pippi.

Pippi's face darkened. Suddenly, a loud impact sounded from his back, and his body was sent flying, crashing violently into a nearby stone pillar.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The massive pillar collapsed, falling into the magma below, disappearing in an instant. The audience fell into stunned silence.

These two had just started fighting, and Pippi was already at a disadvantage. He was even kicked in the air. What a destructive scene!

If you want to have fun, the best way is to shout loudly! The entire deep-sea arena echoed with thunderous cheers.

Even Kai Yun was excited, yelling loudly. This kind of battle suited her well; she really wanted to join in and play with them.

By "them," Kai Yun referred to the three troublesome old men in the air, not anyone else.

"Master Pi, it seems that Pippi is not strong enough. Forgive me, forgive me," Bao Ci started boasting. His son had a long face indeed.

Pi Liangjun said in a deep voice, "Humph! The disparity in strength is evident. What's there to be happy about?"

"Strength is cultivated. My son, Bao Po, works very hard. On the other hand, your two sons, indulging in pleasures, if they practised like Bao Po, how could they be so weak now?" Bao Ci boasted again; sons were tools for bragging.

"Humph!" Pi Liangjun snorted, saying no more. He knew very well about the moral character of his two sons; it was truly embarrassing.

Kong Feicheng stayed silent on the side because speaking would yield the same result. His two sons were no match either.

In the arena, Pippi stabilised his figure, his gaze fixed on Bao Po.

Bao Po stood with his hands behind his back, looking profound and unfathomable. "Pippi, surrender. It's your best outcome!"

"Never!" Pippi roared angrily. Surrender was absolutely impossible!

"Heaven's Sealed Chronicle of Spirits: The Black Coffin!" Pippi formed hand seals, and a massive surge of aura emanated from his body. 𝑓𝓇ℯℯ𝑤ℯ𝘣𝓃𝑜𝘷ℯ𝑙.𝑐𝑜𝑚

Meanwhile, Bao Po watched Pippi with a smile.

However, at this moment, black shadows appeared around Bao Po, sealing him!

As Pippi's hand seals sped up, the shadows quickly took form, instantly locking Bao Po in place!

A massive coffin floated in the air, creating an eerie scene!

"Your son is quite good; he even learned the Black Coffin move," Bao Ci was somewhat surprised. Controlling the Black Coffin required being a Heavenly Venerable of the rank-five or above; otherwise, it couldn't be formed.

"Nonsense! Do you think my son is playing around?" Pi Liangjun disdainfully replied. Although he said so, he was also astonished. When did his third son learn this move? It was quite surprising.

The four people watching on the side were similarly shocked.

"Little brother isn't bad. He even mastered the Black Coffin. He hides it well," Pi Guanghui whispered, his gaze filled with surprise.

"Little brother has deep schemes; you're aware of that," Pi Cheng said indifferently.

The Kong brothers remained silent. If they were on the stage, they would probably lose! When did Pippi refine the Black Coffin? This was too unbelievable.

Qi Xuewen looked at the Black Coffin with curiosity.

He had long heard that the Heaven's Sealed Chronicle of Spirits of Aquapolis was powerful, and today he finally witnessed its prowess!

He could also learn the Heaven's Sealed Chronicle of Spirits in the future, as it was only provided to the three major families. This was one of the reasons for becoming a son-in-law.

The Heaven's Sealed Chronicle of Spirits was truly fascinating~


Suddenly, a crisp sound rang out. A finger appeared on top of the Black Coffin, puncturing it!

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