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Chapter 254: Conditions to Create Crystal Cannons

“My lord, you’re here at the right time!”

“Look, this is the construction blueprint for the Cold Desolate Dragon City that you gave me. To be honest, the layout here is simply unbelievable. Its building looks very conventional, but the details of the construction are extraordinary. Even the location of the building is not casually arranged. Behind the seemingly messy structure is a huge plan!”

“The cracks that were deliberately left, the floor inlaid with crystals, and the engraved totems are actually filled with meaning. When these things are all combined into one, they will form a complicated and huge magic circle. This magic circle is extremely ancient, incomparably huge, and its effect is also extremely mysterious!”

Tully excitedly displayed his discovery.

Lorne had already seen this from the original blueprint of the Cold Desolate Dragon City.

This magic circle was the final result of the first Ancestral Dragon comprehending the power of the Divine Dragon of Order.

Its name was—Ancestral Dragon City Barrier Formation.

If this protective magic circle was activated, the patterns in the entire city would have the effect of condensing the surrounding earth veins and the energy in the sky, finally forming a powerful dragon made of energy.

If it was the Kingdom of the Dragon, this energy dragon would be able to erupt with power comparable to that of a god.

In terms of defense alone, the Kingdom of the Dragon was a first-level main city that could surpass Iron Skull City and even the Empire Alliance.

Unfortunately, the Cold Desolate Dragon City was a much weaker city.

Without the outer city wall of 16,000 kilometers, it was not a complete city, so the final force decreased rapidly.

In the ideal state, this magic circle could also unleash the power of a Demigod, which was on the same level as the protective magic circle in Iron Skull City.

But if it was just like now, with the buildings everywhere damaged, the power would decrease rapidly.

As for how powerful the energy could be released now?

In fact, Lorne could not explain it himself.

He could only say that the higher the recovery rate of the Cold Desolate Dragon City, the greater the energy gathered by the magic circle.

What Lorne handed to Tully this time was only the blueprint for the workshop area and some living areas, but he could discover this very hidden magic circle from it, which showed that Tully was indeed a rare talent in building knowledge.

But now was not the time to study it in peace.

“Tully, I’ll study it later. Now, let’s do something else.”

“No problem, my lord. I have to find time to digest the knowledge I just obtained. I can’t figure out its specific use in the short term.”

Tully nodded seriously and asked, “Then, what new mission are you giving me?”

“Many buildings in the Cold Desolate Dragon City have been destroyed. I wonder if you have the ability to complete the construction?” Lorne asked.

“I was about to ask you the same question.”

Tully said, “It’s difficult to rebuild the destroyed buildings in the city, but it’s not impossible. The Gnome Mineral Company has a specialized construction team. If we can find them, there’s hope of completing the buildings in a short time.”

“In addition, considering the many patterns on the buildings, we need professional sculptors. This can be handled by high-level gnome robots, but there are too few robots in the city. To support such an efficient project, 200 high-level gnome robots have to work at the same time.”


Lorne wanted to roll his eyes.

High-grade gnome robots were not for sale. If he wanted to buy them, he had to use the complete Dragon Crystal.

How could it be so easy to obtain this thing? Moreover, one Dragon Crystal could only purchase 10 high-level robots. In other words, he had to have 20 Dragon Crystals to achieve his expectations. Wasn’t this a joke?

At this moment, Tully said, “Lord, don’t worry. My grandson, Turado, admires you very much. You can build a cooperative relationship with him and let him lead the construction team to build the city. I believe he will be willing to enter this legendary city and will definitely give you the best discount.”

“How about this? I’ll leave the cooperation with the Gnome Mineral Company to you. Hand the financial report and proposal to me and you can arrange for them to work as soon as possible. We have to restore the city as soon as possible.”

“By the way, Tully, there don’t seem to be any city defense weapons in the Cold Desolate Dragon City. It’s difficult to build the Crystal Cannon for the time being. We need to build some defense buildings to pass the time without the city defense cannons.”

Lorne spoke again about his next construction plan.

Previously, it had been said that the Cold Desolate Dragon City was the city of the dragons. With the powerful strength of the dragons, there was no need to build any weapons in the city.

But now that it was Lorne’s territory, it could not remain the same.

Lorne planned to build crystal towers, arrow towers, and other defense buildings in the city to increase the city’s defense. After all, this was a ruin of the war and was at the border of the Doomsday Forest and the Lake of Death. There were countless monsters around. If he attracted the hostility of powerful monsters, it would be difficult to resist.

“Please rest assured, my lord. When I was studying the blueprint, I had already discovered this problem. A few hours ago, I had already informed the design department to quickly design a reasonable set of city defense buildings with the city as the foundation.”

“In addition, I think you can use high-level materials to cooperate with the Gnome Mineral Company.”

“Because our gnomes like to study machinery, there is a huge need for high-grade mineral materials. Moreover, recently, the laboratory has been undergoing a special experiment that requires a large amount of ‘Mithril Essence’. Today, our surveyors brought back news that there is a sulfur mine that contains a large amount of ‘Mithril Essence’. I think this might help us create the Crystal Cannon as soon as possible.” Tully said his thoughts seriously.

“Yes, that’s a good suggestion.”

Lorne nodded, “But the Crystal Cannon needs a lot of materials. Can the Gnome Mineral Company provide them all?”

“No, only the Human Empire has the Olympiad Runes and the Amorphous Matrix Runes. These are the core elements. Without these two sets of magic circle patterns, there’s no way to complete the Crystal Cannon.”

“However, the Gnome Mineral Company can provide all the remaining materials. In this way, we can create it first. As the final step, the magic circle runes can be fused after it is obtained.”

“This might not allow us to immediately have crystal cannons, but it can allow us to obtain the Crystal Cannon as soon as possible in the future to prevent any unexpected situations. Otherwise, it will take too much time to develop it again.” Tully said.

This made Lorne’s eyes light up.

It was naturally a good thing to be able to build it in advance. Once he obtained the two sets of array patterns in the future, he would immediately be able to obtain the Crystal Cannon.

Lorne immediately nodded, “Let’s do as you think. During this period of time, we have to immediately implement our plans for the city defense buildings and the city defense weapons. With the constant war in Iron Skull City, we can only survive in this chaotic era with a reliable defense of our own.”

“Yes, I’ll arrange it now!”

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