Only I Am A Necromancer - Chapter 517 - Age After Ending (31)

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Chapter 517 - Age After Ending (31)

'There is no guarantee that we will change like them one day. After all, we're the same human race.'

Sungwoo agonized over how to deal with the human beings on Earth Zero.

Giving them a 'game' was fun, but he couldn't keep enjoying it.

`The moment I enjoy it, I will be treated the same as them on Earth Zero."

How did those on Earth Zero go wrong?

Their survival instinct that started from their selfishness led to their greed, and soon they became addicted to pleasure and gradually lost their humanity. And the ensuing social atmosphere and popular culture gradually pushed the entire human race into a pit from which they could not get out. In other words, they became evil.

'But I can't show mercy to them.'

Of course, Sungwoo and those players who were victimized by the game were unanimous in their intention to make them pay for their crimes. They should pay for their crimes, by all means, Sungwoo thought.

If so, what is the appropriate price they have to pay for their crimes?

"They have enjoyed it for a long time. So they will have to work for the rest of their lives."

Billions of criminals of "play crime" would have to be mobilized for the rest of their lives.

Sungwoo didn't need their apology or compensation. He intended to force them to work for decades or even hundreds of years until the world ruined by the disaster they had brought about would be completely restored. He would force harsh labor on them to the point that they could barely survive. He would forgive them, but he would not exempt them from forced labor and pain. He would have them pay back with their sweat and toils. That was his ultimate 'revenge' on them.

"Well, it's going to be the best revenge on them.'

Sungwoo nodded, then turned towards the deck. He could not yet afford to be complacent and discuss their future.

"We have to find out their leaders first."

They were still fighting. Perhaps because of their pride that they could not give up or any other hope for survival, they seemed to have gone underground to plot some plans.

'There is always a variable in this fight.'

That's why Sungwoo didn't let down his guard. The huge variable called Superintelligent worked miracles.

'They might also be able to work miracles.'

The Superintelligent had control of the current system, but they must be trying to restore it on their end,'

'To nip such a variable in the bud, I have to end this situation as soon as possible.'

That's why Sungwoo was attacking the 'shelter' intensively because it housed 'Sentinel', an AI that managed the system of the shelter.

Besides, Sungwoo also had to find out their upper AI, Alpha Sentinel, which was their only weapon that could be compared to the Superintelligent.

Kyungsoo said while following Sungwoo, "According to the intelligence obtained by the Strategic Intelligence Agency, there are 21 shelters left for now. We are preparing a simultaneous general offensive against them."

They were convinced that Alpha Sentinel and the leaders of Earth Zero would be in one of the 21 Sentinels.


The underground space of a secret facility in the Antarctic of Earth Zero also had a shelter.

This was their last shelter and a secret facility that was not known to the public.

It was called 'Ark', where the leaders of Earth Zero gathered in the conference room here.

"We have to make a decision right now!"

They were having a heated discussion about the current situation that was on the verge of catastrophe.

"Currently 87% of the world's shelters have been occupied by the enemy! It is only a matter of time before our world is completely neutralized!"

"Chairman, you must make a decision right now. Although it's hard for us to restore Earth Zero because we can't use nanorobots in the future, we have no other way than that."

Eventually, a middle-aged man with the title of 'Chairman' stood up. He activated the electronic table and issued an order to somebody.

"Alpha Sentinel, I'm the Chairman."

Then a voice echoed from the ceiling.

"Chairman, please go ahead."

Alpha Sentinel was the highest level of artificial intelligence that oversaw the game system as well as the recovery of Earth Zero.

"Let's start Operation 'Air Purge.' What is the best scenario for now?"

"We've done the analysis."

"Give me the briefing right away."

"If a total of 12 shelters spread on each continent emit a special wave using the 'Wayne Generator', all the nanorobots on the planet will stop working with no possibility of restoration exactly 13 hours 37 minutes 11 seconds later. But in that case, all objects built with nanotechnology will collapse, resulting in a total loss of 39.4% of properties across the world."


If only the 'nanorobots' spread across the earth were destroyed, the system would be useless. If so, they could neutralize the players' offensive with the advanced weapon system of Earth Zero.

Since lots of things on Earth Zero were made with nanotechnology, the impact would be great if the entire nanorobot was shut down, but they would have to endure it.

So the chairman nodded calmly, then said, "Alright. Use that last resort."

"Got it. As of now, we're going to be ready to carry out the Air Purge Operation. Since we need to mobilize a total of 45 Sentinels, I would like to let you know in advance that it might take some more time for us to carry out your order."

They were being driven into the worst situation due to an unexpected "error", they believed that they could control it because they were the creators of the system.

But another problem arose.


A huge holographic screen appeared behind the chairman's back. The screen was divided into 20 sections, each showing a different battle scene.

"What the heck is this?"

The chairman and the other leaders watched them with puzzled expressions.

"Chairman, let me give you another briefing. Simultaneous attacks have started against 20 of the 21 shelters as of now. Except for the Ark here, all shelters are being attacked by the players."


"Based on our careful review, if you do not take appropriate measures immediately, all of them will be occupied within 7 hours. I would like to inform you that if you do not address this issue, we don't have enough time to carry out the Air Purge operation. And there is nothing we can do in the Sentinel Division. I'm sorry."

His point was that they could not use even their last resort. All the leaders including the chairman looked pale.

"Nonsense! The bastards from Earth 32 don't have enough forces to attack the shelters at the same time, right?"

"That's right. The total number of players from Earth 32 is 114,455."

It was impossible for the enemy to simultaneously attack 20 shelters around the world with such a small force of 114,455.

"But the number of 'hostile players' in Earth Zero is growing very rapidly."

How could the player increase? At most, the undead army under the Necromancer's control would increase a bit, but they alone could not attack the shelters in 20 areas at the same time.

"Where are those troops coming from? I hear they're in control of the system, but they're not using the master tool. Then how can the enemy troops keep increasing?"

The 'master tool' was a program that could modify the contents of the game, but only the GMs and Sentinel could use it. However, its use was completely blocked after an unknown 'system error' occurred.

"That's right. We have not found any sign that they used the master tool. They have not used bugs, so they are fighting with the power they obtained under the legitimate game rules."

In other words, the enemy players who grew up legitimately were attacking them.

"What? How the hell is that possible?"

"We're now analyzing it now."

A brief silence followed.

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