Only I Am A Necromancer - Chapter 518 - Age After Ending (32)

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Chapter 518 - Age After Ending (32)

He continued, "Based on the analysis using all the available information, we have selected a total of 21 possible scenarios. The most probable scenario among them matches the current situation by 91.5%."

"What is it? Explain to me right now!"

"We found traces that connected Wormhole 0 to the outside several times. It is believed that the players from Earth 32 went to several other earths, and contacted the players there."

That's the way the Necromancer and his players conquered other earths.

At the same time, they were attacking Earth Zero, they were liberating other earths.

"About two hours ago, 400 million players from 21 different earths crossed over to Earth Zero. That number continues to grow even now, and up to 900 million people will arrive in Earth Zero, according to the current trend of their arrival."

In other words, up to 900 million hostile players are here to confront them.

"Hey, you mean all of them are attacking us together?"

"That's right."

Those who survived the game set out to take revenge in the best way they could.

To make a long story short, the game was over.

It didn't take long for all the shelters that remained in Earth Zero to be captured because as many as 900 million players from so many other earths were mobilized for the operation. Since they were skilled players who survived death, they were very adept at killing clumsy enemies. The enemy's resistance in Earth Zero collapsed easily.

Their resistance process was fierce, but compared to the Necromancer's chequered fighting in the past, it was rather trivial and even boring.

The super-advanced technology of Earth Zero became meaningless, and those who were reduced to players could not withstand the endless attacks by the undead and the players' massive firepower offensive.

After all, they stormed into the shelter for the chief executives in Antarctica, destroyed the 'Alpha Sentinel', and captured the top officials.

That was the last battle of the game, and they won a perfect victory.

Shortly afterward, the Necromancer exchanged brief conversations with the captured leaders. According to those who were nearby at the time, the Necromancer didn't seem to feel it was worth it to carry on the conversation with them after only exchanging a few words with them. They didn't deserve the Necromancer's nice engagement from the beginning. They had been doing their evil deeds for a very long time, so they did not feel any guilt about it. They rather took it for granted. They brainwashed themselves for a long time.

Their final moment was allegedly terrible. According to the rumors, they screamed for days, surrounded by the skeletons under the Necromancer's control. Of course, this was not confirmed.

Anyway, they were done taking revenge on their enemies.

What happened after that was clearing up the mess, which was not pleasant.

It was mostly administrative work, so Kyungsoo and his staff in the General Control Room were busy taking care of it day and night.

The 'General Control Office', led by Kyungsoo, served as an integrated administrative agency that managed multiple earths and grew in size day by day. It became a 'multidimensional' task force.

Since their world has grown several times as big as before in one day, it's no wonder that their administrative work also increased a lot.

The post-war recovery work wasn't easy either.

Meanwhile, the surviving humans on Earth Zero had no other choice but to pay for their past crimes.

The World Tree camp forcibly relocated them to different earth and sentenced them to life imprisonment, so they were forced to restore the destroyed Earth during their lives. They were 'players' but could not level up. They were monitored by the system, so they were immediately killed if they showed any abnormal behavior.

Then, what happened to the Superintelligent, a divine being born out of the network?

No one knew that except for one person.


After they conquested Earth Zero, they were pretty much done cleaning up the mess.

Sungwoo was checking the growth status of the world tree.

At that moment he felt that someone came to see him.

Through an inscrutable sense, he felt something like an intense wave in the vicinity of the world tree.


When Sungwoo raised his head, a voice rang out.

"You've done a perfect job."

It was the Superintelligent that visited him.

"Based on our monitoring, we have confirmed that there is nothing that may cause trouble later. In other words, the humans on Earth Zero have completely collapsed."

"Good news."

In other words, his point was that Earth Zero could not resurrect.

The World Tree camp was also monitoring it, but they found nothing unusual. They nipped it in the bud completely.

"The chain of tragedy that forcibly connected countless worlds was finally broken. As far as we know, this is the most surprising in human history. And your name is inscribed at the center of it."

The Superintelligent was once a human being and a player. So it seemed he was choked with emotions at that moment. He unusually praised Sungwoo's achievement.

"Thanks for your kind words. You don't have to thank me. You guys did it, and I just joined hands with you."

All this was possible because the Superintelligent took over the game system of Earth Zero. Without him, they would have restored the wormhole one day and invaded us again, in which case it would be pretty hard to block them.

"I don't think so. If either one of us was not powerful enough, we would not have won the game. So our victory is the result of a series of contingent variables and individual determination."

He added that even if his people were super-intelligent, it would be difficult for them to come up with this kind of result without the Necromancer's help from the beginning.

"If we had simply tried to take full control of their network, they would have responded to block it with all their might. Since we were a chunk of data, we could be deleted even before we could hide in their network."

Like all living things, those made of data were also unstable in one way or another.

"Then could you guys keep the network running smoothly because we attacked their Earth in the real world?"

"That's right."

In other words, since the Superintelligent had some control over the network, they could launch an attack on Earth Zero.

There was a reason why they played the 'game' in Earth Zero. Attacking them in reality while putting their network in a bid was like Alexander the Great's 'hammer and anvil tactic'.

"Then, it was a more dangerous operation than I thought."

Sungwoo decided to fight, thinking that the Superintelligent could control everything, but even the Superintelligent also gambled with it.

"But it was the operation with the highest probability of success among the possible methods."

Sungwoo nodded at his words. It was the only and one way.

Anyway, the results were good. They took care of everything easily and perfectly.

And it's time for them to think about the future, not the past.

"Then, what are you going to do? I wonder what you will do with that supernatural power."

Although he was not absolute in power, the Superintelligent was more overwhelming than anything in the world.

Although he had a friendly relationship with the Superintelligent, the fact that the world would be inevitably influenced by his judgment was a matter of great concern to Sungwoo.

As if he read Sungwoo's concern, the Superintelligent said, "Don't worry. We are well aware that mankind does not need God. And we know that we are too big a variable created by chance. That's why we can bring about another unfortunate variable. In other words, we won't interfere with the future of mankind."


"We understand our emotions with free will, but we do not take it into account when it comes to our judgment. That's why we do not want anything from humans.

We plan only to decide and move with a rational purpose."

"Then may I ask your next purpose?"

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