Peerless Genius System - Chapter 816 - Little Fox

Chapter 816: Little Fox

The Three-headed Demon Fox laid within the massive crater, severely injured and unable to stand.

“It can’t move now. Hurry, let’s kill that monster before it recovers and brings calamity upon the Baiyue Nation!”

Someone in the crowd shouted. The female warriors from the palace snapped out of their stupor and charged collectively at the Three-headed Demon Fox wielding spears, swords, and guns. In the blink of an eye, the Three-headed Demon Fox’s body was covered in blood as it shrieked in agony. Injured badly, it was incapable of even driving away these people who were extremely low in cultivation level. It stared at Xiao Luo hovering in the air with defiance in its eyes. It showed no fear and seemed to look death calmly in the face.

“Stop, all of you! Stop! Don’t hurt her! She’s the Grand Master, my mother!”

Funing dashed over in great haste. Looking at the Three-headed Demon Fox all drenched in blood, her eyes turned red.

Grand Master?

This Three-headed Demon Fox is the Grand Master?

The Grand Master of the Baiyue Nation a monster all along, yet no one realized?

The citizens of the Baiyue Nation were horrified and gasped as they stared at the Demon Fox before their eyes. Chills ran down their spines. Although her Majesty the Queen was in charge of the government of the Baiyue Nation, the ultimate authority was still with the Grand Master. This meant that a Demon Fox had been running the government of the Baiyue Nation.

It had always been so since ancient times. Only its identity changed with the times. During the time Funing’s mother reigned on the throne, it assumed the identity of the Prime Minister, and during the reign of the queen before, it was the Minister of General Affairs. The more one thought of it, the more horrifying it seemed. All the while, there was a monster in guise, ruling beside each of the queens of the Baiyue Nation.

“Your majesty, this is not the Grand Master. It is a monster! We should hurry and kill it before it recovers from its injuries. Should we not take immediate action, your majesty, I’m afraid that more chaos will befall the Baiyue Nation,” said a female guard.

“Yes, kill it! We should kill it!”

The citizens of the Baiyue Nation were afraid and yelled for its immediate execution. Monsters brought harm upon people, and they even devoured humans right down to the bones. For this monster to have influenced the line of Baiyue Nation rulers since ancient times, it must have had a motive. They no longer felt a sense of security and fear compelled them to call for the death of the Demon Fox.

Hearing the voices screaming for its slaughter, the eyes of the Three-headed Demon Fox were filled with bitterness and despair.

“Nobody is killing it!”

Funing was adamant and suppressed all the voices with her royal command. “I allow no one to touch her. She is no monster—she is the Grand Master of the Baiyue Nation, and she is my mother.”

The Three-headed Demon Fox looked at Funing with weepy eyes as tears fell from the corners of its eyes. Listening to Funing’s voice in her defense, the Beast Lord could not help but choke softly. The gentle whimpering invoked a sense of sympathy to those who heard it. Even Xiao Luo knitted his eyebrows and descended back to the ground.

“Don’t cry, Mother. Funing will protect you. I will allow no one to harm you!” Funing reached out with her hands and touched the Three-headed Demon Fox’s nose.

When a female guard saw Funing stretching her hand, she instinctively yelled a warning in alarm. “Your majesty, it is a monster! It will harm you!”

“She took care of me since I was young. Why would she hurt me?”

Funing’s gaze was resolute. After her hands touched the nose of the Three-Headed Demon Fox, she stroked it gently as her tears welled up. “It has been more than a thousand years since the founding of the Baiyue Nation. For more than a thousand years, everything in our nation has gone smoothly, and all of our people have remained in good health. No major disasters have ever occurred. She has never harmed us. She is the patron saint of the Baiyue Nation. How can you say that she is a monster?”

Her heartfelt remark struck at everyone’s soul like a giant bell.

Yeah, the queen was right. No major disaster had ever taken place in the Baiyue Nation since the country was founded. Citizens have led blissful lives with enough food, a roof over their heads, and clothing to wear. Despite the Grand Master being the Three-headed Demon Box, she had never harmed them.

“Stop saying that the Grand Master is a monster!”

Suddenly, a chubby girl covered in dirt stepped forward. Earlier, she fell through a crack in the ground, and when she finally crawled out, she heard everyone accusing the grandmaster of being a monster. When she heard the crowd calling for the grandmaster to be killed, she became anxious. “The Baiyue Nation’s first queen rescue the grandmaster when she was out hunting one day. To repay her kindness, Grand Master pledged her loyalty to the Baiyue Nation, and from that day on, she had assisted all of our queens in governing the country. Her Majesty is right, and she is not a monster—she is the patron saint of the Baiyue Nation!”

The words of the chubby girl reminded many people of a story passed down through the generations. It was told that a little fox was chased down and bitten by a tiger. Right before the predator was about to kill it, a sharp arrow was fired and drove the tiger away. The woman rescued the fox, took it back home, and took good care of it. When at last the little fox recovered, it never wanted to leave the woman, vowing to repay her debt.

This was a well-known folktale in the Baiyue Nation. No one knew who created the story, but it had been passed down from ancient times to the very present. Thinking about it now, that woman would have been the first queen of the Baiyue Nation, and the little fox was now… the Grand Master.

Realizing this, the hostility in everyone’s eyes vanished, and they looked kindly upon the Three-headed Demon Fox. They immediately dropped the weapons in their hands.

The Three-headed Demon Fox burst into tears. It remembered the first queen of the Baiyue Nation. When she died, she was just a little fox. It did not possess any powers, and could only stay by her queen’s side, using her body temperature to her lifeless body warm.

In the end, the Three-headed Demon Fox escaped death. Given proper care by Funing and the people of Baiyue Nation, it quickly recovered and reverted to its human form. However, its severed arm was lost forever.

The teleportation portal was in the mansion of Grand Master Mother. The grandmaster maintained it well, and it looked spotless.

After being defeated by Xiao Luo, the grandmaster’s hostility toward Xiao Luo ceased, and she even felt the urge to befriend him.

“Do you know why I have placed the teleportation portal here?” she asked.

Without waiting for Xiao Luo to respond, she continued, “Because it belongs to the Holy Highness of the Light Clan. The church is the one who taught me the way of cultivation. She’s the second person to whom I’m indebted. To my benefactors, I will gladly give up my life to protect them.”

Holy Highness of the Light Clan?

The expressions of Duck Emperor and Ghost changed instantly.

Xiao Luo was taken aback, and asked, “Do you mean the Holy Highness of the Light Clan taught you the way of cultivation?”

The Grand Master nodded, then walked two to three steps toward the window, and said, “When the first queen of the Baiyue Nation passed away, I was just an ordinary little fox. I don’t know what happened, so I stayed by the queen’s remains. Coincidently, the Holy Highness of the Light Clan was traveling across Arcana Land and came to the Baiyue Kingdom. Seeing that I was loyal to my master, she taught me how to cultivate.”

I see!

The crowd thought it was unbelievable. The Holy Highness of the Light Clan was a living God, and even Martial Gurus or Martial Venerables may not even have the chance to meet her their entire lives. What more ordinary people or a little fox? That the Holy Highness of the Light Clan had come to the Baiyue Nation was incredible.