Pet King

Chapter 1472 - Big Pig Trotters

Chapter 1472: Big Pig Trotters

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During working hours, many uniformed employees were coming in and going out of the staff channel, but some senior executives even wore plain clothes. They didn’t pay too much attention to Zhang Zian and Snowy’s presence… or perhaps, after glancing at Zhou Jing wearing a diving suit, they understood that the two young people came to interview for a job and were accustomed to it.

The staff passage was very spacious, with people driving a small forklift or small trailer to pull boxes of sea creatures to and from the passage, and the air was filled with the smell of the sea.

Whenever a vehicle passed, the three of them stood against the wall to make way for the vehicle. Snowy took the opportunity to take pictures of the marine life in the box, but she didn’t know what they were called. Even Zhang Zian didn’t fully understand.

To start up a conversation, Snowy asked Zhang Zian and Zhou Jing how they knew each other. Zhou Jing told the story from her perspective, which led Snowy and the audience to be glad for her but also surprised; coyotes roamed all around San Francisco!

For many viewers, this was the first time in their lives that they heard about the coyotes. After all, this animal is native to North American and thus not found in China.

On the other hand, Zhang Zian took advantage of this opportunity to present obscure warnings to the audience. One of them was to prevent everyone from buying some recently popular dog food products due to potential safety problems. Another was to remind audiences living in the United States to beware of coyote threats soon, especially for viewers near San Francisco. It was also better for them to avoid eating venison soon.

Although he didn’t name the brand which made most of the audience very aggressive and curious, several clever dog breeds guessed that he was referring to the Leshi dog food because recently, it was the most popular dog food brand. They mentioned this on the barrage of messages, so everyone else knew it too.

As for the latter, Snowy had tens of thousands of fans, and their relatives and friends must’ve known people they knew living abroad. If a simple reminder could guarantee their safety, why not?

Of course, there were questions from the audience asking him what happened to Leshi dog food, why it was not safe, and if there was any evidence.

Zhang Zian had no evidence, but he couldn’t say that so clearly. If he did, it would’ve been equivalent to framing the brand.

Facing the questions from the audience, he could only vaguely say that he had been studying it carefully for ten thousand years. It was best to observe newly emerging things for a while.

No matter how Snowy’s fans usually thought badly about him, they were convinced of his ability to keep pets. Seeing that he wasn’t joking, they figured that he probably wouldn’t make unwarranted warnings. Perhaps he had no concrete evidence and thus was unable to say anything.

As for why venison couldn’t be eaten, few audience members cared about this issue because there weren’t many people who ate venison and only a few who lived in the United States. There were even fewer people here who ate venison.

A few dog owners began to discuss the Leshi dog food in the live broadcast room. Other people who didn’t have dogs were more interested in the various marine life in the aquarium; not all creatures were displayed, but they were visible in the background. Creatures that ordinary tourists cannot see, were just introduced, or weren’t suitable for exhibition were all temporarily available here.

Zhang Zian was also the same. He was looking around with great interest. This was indeed an eye-opener.

The Monterey Aquarium sat on the Pacific Ocean and had a unique geographical advantage. Even some of the pools in the museum were part of the Pacific Ocean. There was even a mysterious deep-sea canyon there, which made it the best aquarium in the world.

Some girls were more worried about Zhou Jing’s physical condition.

They were walking through an air corridor at the moment with fish breeding ponds at their feet. Seeing someone passing by, the school of fish thought that it was time to feed and poked their heads out of the water to follow them.

As they walked, Zhou Jing, who was leading the way, stopped suddenly. Holding the railing tightly with one hand, she slightly bowed her waist and covered the lower abdomen with the other hand, but she quickly straightened her body and moved on. However, Snowy and many female audiences keenly noticed that she wasn’t feeling well at all.

Zhang Zian’s attention was focused on the school of fish with shining scales under his feet. When the group moved, it looked like a billboard that would automatically flip on the side of the road. He didn’t pay attention to the front until his chest hit Snowy and he stretched out his hand. He stopped abruptly with a shocked look.

“Step back a bit, don’t follow me!” Snowy said sternly. She casually pushed him back a few steps and passed her cell phone to him. “By the way, take my cell phone.”

Afterward, she supported Zhou Jing whilst speaking softly.

Zhang Zian didn’t understand what was going on, glanced down at Snowy’s mobile phone, and found that the girls in the live studio were scolding him for him being a big pig trotter.

What happened?

The heart-warming tall, handsome and rich image that he carefully created apparently did nothing for them, and his self-image seemed to be entirely collapsing now.

How depressing.

Snowy worriedly supported Zhou Jing’s lower back and whispered, “Is your menstrual period coming?”

Frowning as if she was enduring pain, Zhou Jing barely nodded and smiled. “Well yes, but I’m fine.”

Snowy saw that she was indignantly trying to hold herself up. She took the heat pack out of her handbag and said, “I have a heat pack here, do you want to…”

However, Snowy paused after saying only half of what she meant. She meant to make Zhou Jing stick it on the lower abdomen, which might’ve been better. She looked at Zhou Jing’s one-piece wetsuit but couldn’t find the zipper. She never wore such a diving suit like that before.

Diving suits had a strong thermal insulation effect, so it was pointless to stick her heat pack across the diving suit.

“No, thank you. I’ll be fine in a moment.” Zhou Jing gritted her teeth and looked up at the front. “Walking through this passage, we’ll get to my workplace, where I have chairs and a bed to rest.”

“Okay, I’ll help you get there.”

Snowy supported Zhou Jing, wanting her to reach the lounge as soon as possible. There should’ve been a locker room in the lounge where she can help her take off her diving suit.

“What’s wrong? Are you sick?”

Zhang Zian took Snowy’s phone and asked from a few steps away, “Do you want to use the bathroom? Didn’t we just pass by one… huh?”

Before he finished speaking, he noticed that the invisible elves were silently looking away as if they couldn’t bear to look at his stupidity.

What? My hearing isn’t as good as yours!

He was very indignant. It seemed that he was the only one who didn’t know what was happening, and Snowy’s eyes clearly suggested that he should’ve jumped from here into the water to feed the fish; he was hopeless.

While Snowy and Zhou Jing were in front, Richard whispered in his ear: “It’s simply easier to deal with a man.”

It was simply the whisper of a demon!

Although he knew what Richard meant by that, now he couldn’t agree more!