Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1083 - To Eat Or Not To Eat

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Chapter 1083: To Eat Or Not To Eat

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Meanwhile, the dense cluster of blood sword rays shot towards Lu Ze.

Lu Ze’s eyes narrowed, and he flashed with silver light. Lu Ze stopped his fall and shifted to the side.

After he dodged all the sword rays and was ready to counterattack, that insectoid charged up again.

It smashed its huge pincer at Lu Ze.


The power caused fluctuations, creating a space chaos flow.

Lu Ze’s chest felt a heavy feeling of pressure.

Sand spun around his hands, and he lifted and clashed with the pincer.

The pincer smashed into the sand.


Blood spirit light shot in all directions.

Lu Ze felt that his hands were numb and piercing with pain. He flashed with silver light and disappeared again.

Lu Ze reappeared behind the insectoid’s back. Spirit flames formed on his leg, and he stomped down on the shell.

The insectoid wanted to turn around and clash with Lu Ze head-on. The two other insectoids were also coming.

At this moment, an invisible wave spread, and the three insectoids froze there.

Lu Ze’s strike landed.


An invisible wave spread, and the cracks spread across the blood shell.

The insectoid fell back.

Sand appeared and wrapped around the insectoid.

Lu Ze chased up to the insectoid and kicked towards the cracks.


The insectoid couldn’t dodge it so it could only form a red shield on its back.



Although the insectoid had broken free of the seduction god art, its power was also weakened.

This hurriedly formed a barrier that couldn’t stop Lu Ze’s attacks at all.

In just a brief moment, the barrier cracked like glass.

Lu Ze stomped heavily on the shell.


The shell cracked like glass.

Violent force went inside the insectoid’s body and tore its organs. Dark green ooze splashed out.


The huge pain made the insectoid howl.

It struggled more intensely, and the sand around it became unstable.

Lu Ze stomped on the same crack again.

The crack widened. Finally, the insectoid’s chi weakened even more. The sand wrapped around it tightly.

Just when Lu Ze was about to attack again, two powerful chi came from behind him.

He could feel that tens of sharptails were wrapping around him.

He blinked in silver and teleported through the surroundings. He appeared next to a black insectoid.

Sand spun around his right hand, and he instantly grabbed its lower limb.

The black insectoid tried to break free, but Lu Ze grinned. “Piss off!!”

He used Body God Art, and that black insectoid couldn’t resist this huge force at all. Lu Ze twisted his waist and smashed the insectoid towards the other one.

What monstrous power was this?!


Both insectoids fell back and were sent very far away.

Lu Ze didn’t care about those two insectoids. He returned his attention to the current one.

At this moment, its body flashed in that terrifying blood spirit light again. The sand around it was already very loose.

It would soon be able to break free.

Lu Ze raised a brow. This blood insectoid was indeed very strong. It was clearly quite injured, yet, it still had such power.

It was much stronger than the remaining four insectoids.


The sand reappeared again and entangled the blood insectoid.

“Ahh! Damned insect, if you’re strong, let me go!”

Lu Ze sneered and said nothing.

Spirit flames formed around his hand. He struck punch after punch into the cracks of its armor.


With every punch, pieces of shell and goo splashed. There would even be the occasional organ fragment.


The insectoid howled painfully.

In a short moment, the back shell of the insectoid was completely shattered, revealing the dark green organs inside. The organs were cracking but still beating.

Lu Ze’s merciless eyes turned into that of disgust.

He couldn’t have lunch now.

At this moment, he felt another sharp wind behind him.

The two black insectoids that he threw out charged up again.

These two insectoids were shocked. This human was too strong. Mimi Shilis was so strong, but he couldn’t resist at all!

They were no match!

They would feel terror, but the will of the insectoid colony was above all else.

They would die for the queen.

They roared as a piece of blood essence appeared before them.

They ate it and roared. “Damned being. No matter who you are, you have to pay!”

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with an eerie smile.

“Ying Ying, make them feel the backlash.”


The two black insectoids’ chi shot up and then suddenly became chaotic.


The thick black armor cracked, and red liquid shot out like puss.

Feeling the uncontrollable power in their body, their eyes were full of terror.

“What happened?”

“Why is there a backlash?!”



Heavy thuds sounded in their body. Their black shell turned to dark red as cracks spread across their body. Red liquid shot out like water in a fountain. The high temperature distorted the space.

The two black insectoids squirmed like they were getting fried. They were twitching feebly.

‘Mimi Shili…’

Should he still eat the blood essence he took out?

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