Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories - Chapter 1336 - You Scared the Hell out of Me

Chapter 1336: You Scared the Hell out of Me

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Ye Ling took a deep breath. In the 20-odd years of his life, he had always been dismissive of kinship, but now, he realized that he cared so much; he cared about … this relationship.

He had also gotten this relationship.

Shen Qianshu accompanied Ye Ling and listened. Ye Yifan did not know about this yet. Ye Ling hid it from him, and the people under Ye Tingyun would not disobey his orders. He was the one dealing with the entire heavy pressure all alone.

He seemed to be used to bearing the responsibilities and hopes of everyone.


“Daddy, Daddy, Young Uncle is here.” Tong Hua shouted from outside the study room.

Shen Qianshu and Ye Ling looked at each other. Could it be that Ye Yifan already knew? The two of them went downstairs. Ye Yifan was all smiles and still messing around with Tong Hua as usual.

“Why are you here?” Shen Qianshu asked with a smile.

“Here to visit my brother. Why are you so slim now? Have you been sick or on a diet?” Ye Yifan asked. Ye Ling did not put on any disguise at home. Ye Yifan was shocked to see him.

Ye Ling did not make a sound. He was sure that Ye Yifan knew nothing about what was going on, and he heaved a sigh of relief deep down. Ye Yifan said, “I don’t know where Second Brother has gone. I haven’t received any news from him in recent days. When I called him, his phone was switched off.”

“He has something to handle. Don’t bother him all the time.”

“Ohh…” Ye Yifan always believed whatever his brother told him, and he did not press onto the matter. He somehow felt that his brother was so nice today. Ye Yifan was feeling goosebumps.

It must be an illusion, an illusion, an illusion.

I only feel comfortable if my brother insults me a few times.

“If you have nothing on tonight, stay for dinner.”

“…” Ye Yifan looked at him.


Usually, he would be the one who was utterly shameless and get chased out by his brother. Yet this time, his brother was asking him to stay behind. Ye Yifan almost broke into tears. What wrong have I done? Is my brother going to deal with me at the dining table?

Oh, no!

It is not an illusion. My brother is so kind today.


Ye Yifan smiled like a fool.

“Idiot!” Tong Hua could not help but insult him. He hugged Burger as he threw Ye Yifan a spiteful look.

Zhong Ran came over. “Master…”

Ye Ling and Zhong Ran went into the study room again, and Ye Yifan jumped by Shen Qianshu’s side. “Sis, my brother is in a pretty good mood today, and he’s so nice to me. What happened?”

“Isn’t it a natural thing for your elder brother to be nice to you?”

“After what you have just said, I suddenly feel very afraid!”

In the study room.

Zhong Ran handed him the tablet. “Found it. Bruce, the spokesperson for the previous Black Rose’s protection guards. He is the one who helped suppress the suspicions that the external guards had on Yang Ping. After that, he disappeared.”

“A man of Black Rose?”

“The data shows that he became a pirate after his disappearance, but no one knows if he is as no one has seen him. But I have heard that there is indeed a very arrogant pirate gang in the Dead Sea. However, they rarely do anything and seldom robbed merchant ships. They seldom reach ashore, and they have always been floating at sea mysteriously. I do not know if it is Bruce’s ship; if it is, it will be very troublesome to find it.”

“What are his conditions?”

Zhong Ran said, “He wants Yang Ping in exchange for Second Master. Alive.”

Ye Ling’s gaze darkened. “Yang Ping?”

Zhong Ran nodded. “Yes, what kind of spell has Yang Ping cast on them? One was Mo Er, and now, there’s a Bruce. They want her alive.”

“Get a headcount of the people. We will capture Yang Ping!”