Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories - Chapter 1338 - Crazy Little Loli

Chapter 1338: Crazy Little Loli

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“I don’t care what Bruce does. I’m just responsible for making you open your mouth.”

The violent little Loli rose, patting a dagger in her hand. Ye Tingyun was not scared at all. Ye Chu said with a smile, “Don’t refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit.”

“I have accepted numerous toasts. It’s not a bad thing to drink a forfeit once in a while,” said Ye Tingyun blandly. “Do you want to cut my groin off? At your pleasure.”

Ye Chu smiled. “Looks like the key technology’s worth more.”


“Interesting!” Ye Chu’s ice-cold dagger patted Ye Tingyun’s face.”Ye Tingyun, why do you never beg for mercy?”

“Is begging for mercy useful?” said Ye Tingyun. “I never do useless things. A waste of time.”

“If you don’t try, how would you know that it’s useless?”

Ye Tingyun’s lips lifted slightly, and the arrogance that belonged to Ye Tingyun was revealing itself slowly. “For a bunch of pirates to make me bow my head, you cannot afford it!”

“Hahahahaha!” Ye Chu laughed loudly and suddenly struck his abdomen with her elbow. Ye Tingyun groaned. His internal organs seemed like they were smashed to bits.

“Once I dig out your knee, you can’t even kneel to beg for mercy. You can only lie down!” Ye Chu did not want to flog a dead horse. Since Ye Tingyun had already made it clear that he would never negotiate using the key technology, she would be too lazy to say more nonsense to him.

She glanced at Ye Tingyun’s wrist. The wound that she had cut last time was still there. If she were to slash the wound open again, wouldn’t it be so exciting? Suddenly, the boat jolted aggressively like there was something hitting it. Ye Chu raised her eyebrows and left the prison quickly.

Ye Tingyun was not familiar with the sea and only felt that the waves seemed big.

Did they encounter a storm?

Hopefully, it would not flip the boat and make him drown in the sea. Otherwise, he would die a regretful death.

Ye Tingyun struggled slightly. The iron chains locked him really tightly, and he could not escape without the key. The boat was a complete mess, and there were voices everywhere. Ye Chu went to the bridge to take a look.

The winds raged, and the rain poured.

Bruce’s expression was extremely unpleasant. They had encountered a storm, and it was a very rare storm. A hurricane formed close to the Dead Sea, and it looked as if it wanted to swallow everything.

It was too late to retreat now. When faced with such a hurricane, if they were to retreat, the entire boat would follow the storm and end up in an unknown place. It may even be flipped.

The wind was extremely fierce. They could not even avoid the center zone.

A drip of sweat also fell from Bruce’s forehead.

Ye Chu’s gaze deepened. “Left full rudder!”

The people on the boat looked at Bruce. Ye Chu slapped her hand against the board. “Left full rudder!”

The sailors followed her orders hurriedly.

Ye Chu was extremely calm. “Drop the anchor!”

The anchor of the boat was released and sank to the bottom of the sea, stabilizing the entire ship steadily. The drought of the boat was even deeper. Ye Chu’s clear eyes stared ahead constantly.

“Full speed ahead!”

Everyone executed Ye Chu’s orders. As she saw the storm’s eye come nearer, as if it wanted to pass through the center of the boat and smash a hole in it, Ye Chu’s forehead kept sweating slowly.

“Miss Ah Chu…”

“Silence!” Ye Chu looked at the nearing storm.

The sailors were all shocked. They were going to die they were going to die. Such a huge storm would definitely flip the entire boat. Their boat could not resist such a big hurricane.