Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories - Chapter 1339 - Idol Ah Chu

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Chapter 1339: Idol Ah Chu

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“Miss Ah Chu!”

“Shut up!” Ye Chu did not even raise her head. She stared at the nearing storm ahead. “Right full rudder!”

The entire ship rapidly steered towards the right. Ye Chu’s gaze became brighter as it deepened. “Listen, all of you. If you want to live, open up your brains and listen to my orders!”

Everyone was shocked by Ye Chu.

She was planning for the entire boat to pass through the hurricane face-front.

This was too dangerous. Their corpses and bones would disintegrate under the force of the hurricane.

Bruce said, “Ah Chu!”

“Full speed ahead!”

The girl had already exerted the pressure for a long time. They all closed their eyes and went full speed ahead, rushing towards the eye of the storm. In front of them, the storm’s core was pitch black, and a large whirlpool appeared on the surface of the sea. Everyone shut their eyes, waiting for the storm to rip them into pieces. Only Ye Chu had her eyes open.

The boat passed through the eye of the storm at a rapid speed, just nicely through the gap in the storm’s core. However, despite that, as the storm rampaged against the windows, the windows of the guest rooms all shattered, and the water poured in.

Ye Chu raised her head. It was pitch-black outside. The entire boat shuddered aggressively like a plane facing turbulence; it was extremely bumpy. The prison passed through the storm’s eye, and the bottom of the boat was suddenly struck apart by the anchor, causing water to enter. At the start, Ye Tingyun felt bumpy, as if his internal organs had all shifted positions. His throat felt a sense of disgust, and he wanted to throw up.

However, immediately afterward, he seemed to have stepped onto the surface of the water. The seawater slowly seeped in, and soon, the seawater had reached his knee. Ye Tingyun was so affected by the bumpiness that there were black spots in his vision, and he did not even notice it.

When he noticed it, the seawater had already reached his knee.

“Is there anyone?”

There was not a single person outside. Everyone was in their own rooms or in their own positions, waiting for the storm to pass. This was an exceptionally terrifying storm. They all believed that they would be ripped to pieces by the storm, and everyone felt uneasy inside.

Their hearts were filled with fear. When they were in the storm’s core, some opened their eyes. Looking at the pitch-dark sky outside, they felt as if they were going to be ripped to pieces the next second.

However, under the orders of Ah Chu, the boat rapidly passed through the storm eye, stably past the center of the tornado. Now, they just had to face the normal storm and waves.

For the experienced sailors, it was not a difficult task.

“Ah, we are saved.”

“We are saved.”

“Miss Ah Chu is too amazing.”

“Miss Ah Chu is our idol!”

Having narrowly secured their lives, they all celebrated their escape from this danger and crisis. They were so happy that they ran around, hugging their fellow shipmates.

Ye Chu’s hanging heart also fell gradually, as if everything had never happened and the domineering girl earlier did not exist. At that moment, Bruce only felt extremely amazed.

His Ah Chu was indeed so dazzling.

No one could block her glow.

Bruce asked, “Check if there are any problems with the boat.”

“Report Captain, there’s a little bit of water seepage in the boat. The overall impact is not big. We are draining the water out now. We should be able to settle it within an hour.”

Bruce nodded. Ye Chu asked, “Did the water enter the prison?”

Ye Tingyun only felt unbearable pain. Every wound on his body was unbelievably painful. The water seepage in the bottommost layer was extremely serious. The water had already reached past his chest. Ye Tingyun felt like he was being whipped by someone.

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