Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories - Chapter 1450 - Mom, Don’t Leave Me

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Chapter 1450: Mom, Don’t Leave Me

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Little Ye Ling was startled as he looked at Aventura. It was as if he did not know her. The image changed and he saw Aventura again and a man having a conversation outside the castle. Little Ye Ling stood behind the curtains and looked fearfully downstairs. That was his father. The two of them looked as if they were quarreling. Their voices got louder and louder. His father turned and left in the end.

Aventura brought Ye Ling and boarded the plane. They left home.

Since he was young, he had been abused and had a mild autism tendency. The first time he sat on the plane and he reached City A, he seemed to have predicted something. He suddenly struggled and hugged Aventura’s leg. The little him cried until he was drenched in tears.

“Mom, don’t send me away. Don’t send me away.”

Aventura looked at him with great sadness. Little Ye Ling could not see her reluctance to part. At that time, he only cared about lowering his head and crying. He did not see that his mom had no choice. She placed her hand on his head and gently caressed it.

“You are a member of the Ye Family. You’ll have to go back in the end.”

“I don’t want to leave Mom. Mom, don’t send me away.” Even if Mom was abnormal and always beat him, he still did not want to go. Only Mom was the person he was familiar with in the whole world. Ye Ling, who was autistic since young, was not willing to enter an unfamiliar environment again.

His protest was met by Aventura’s reprimand. However, as she began scolding him, she stopped immediately. “How can I bear to let you stay with me again?”

In front of the Ye Family’s old mansion.

Aventura kneeled down and caressed his head. She kissed his face. “Baby, after you go to the Ye Family, you have to listen to daddy and be obedient. You also have to dote on your younger brother. Don’t mention Mom again, understand? You’ll understand when you grow up. Mom cannot raise you because… ”

She paused and smiled with sadness. “You’ll grow up safely.”

“I don’t want this!” Little Ye Ling cried so miserably. He simply did not understand why his mom did not want him. He also did not have the mental capacity to analyze the situation in front of him. “Mom, I’ll be obedient. Don’t leave me.”

His father came out from inside hurriedly. When he saw them, his face changed drastically. He turned back and looked at the old mansion again and pulled Aventura to one side. He lowered his voice. “Didn’t I say not to bring him here? You will hurt him.”

“If he follows me, it will hurt him even more.”

“Then send him to the orphanage. Give him to other people to raise.”

“He has a father and a mother. Why do you want to give him to other people to raise? Even if he is an illegitimate child and even if you let me down and refuse to marry me, look at his face. He is your son. He is your Ye Family’s child. I am not begging you all to nurture him to become outstanding. I also am not begging you all to treat him as your biological child and raise him. As long as you feed him and let him study, it will be fine when he becomes sensible and grows up safely. Why will it hurt him by sending him here?”

“Fei Er, listen to me. Bring him away.” His father sounded extremely anxious. “Can’t you hand him to Luther to raise?”

“I cannot!” Aventura said. “I can send him to the underwater world, but I’m not willing to let him get locked in there for a lifetime. I am also not willing to let him spend his life in Black Rose. I can let Luther raise him, but Luther similarly is my subordinate. He is also her subordinate. He can only take orders. I cannot hand him to anyone. I can only hand him to you. You can not love me, but he is your child.”

“No, you don’t understand!”

“Is this our family’s eldest grandson?” An old voice came from behind. In little Ye Ling’s teary eyes, he saw a face that looked exactly like his father. It was only that the man was very old.

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