Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories - Chapter 1451 - The Truth That Was Late

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Chapter 1451: The Truth That Was Late

He remembered that the old master at that time was only about 50 years old. However, he did not look like 50 years old at all. Instead, he looked like 70 years old. He was especially old. Little Ye Ling felt that his eyes were rather frightening. He went over and hugged Aventura’s leg.

“Mom… I’m afraid.”

He looked at the rigid old mansion and only felt that it was a big cage.

Aventura gently said, “Baby, greet others. That is your grandfather.”

He could not call out and only looked fearfully at the old man. His father walked over and was about to explain when the old master said, “Since he is our family’s child, bring him home and raise him.”

He went in and did not say anything again.

Aventura was ecstatic.

“Fei Er, you’ll regret this.”

“He is not me. He is a normal child. Don’t reject him like this.”

“You simply don’t understand.”

Little Ye Ling was brought into the old mansion by his father. He cried and shouted as he struggled. His little hands instinctively stretched out towards Aventura. “Mom, Mom, I don’t want to go. Mom…”

“I don’t love you, and I also don’t wish to raise you,” Aventura said coldly. “Go.”

“Mom…” Little Ye Ling’s voice had become hoarse from shouting, and he was not able to make Aventura stay. Ye Ling suddenly gained consciousness from the hypnosis. His whole body was drenched in sweat. He finally found back the memories that were missing back then.

He was in a daze. He seemed to understand something but also seemed to not grasp hold of anything.


Mom could not raise me because of illness. It wasn’t because she did not want to raise me, right?

During his childhood, the memories of Aventura abusing him were very deep-rooted. He subconsciously felt that Mom did not love him and even hated him and that she wished so much that she could die together with him. But he had never thought about one question: why did she give birth to him if she did not love him? Was it only to torture him?

If she did not love him, she would not raise him until he was sensible and then send him away. She sent him away as she was afraid that the second personality would kill him or torture him until he became crazy.

He would also become a crazy person like her. Luther had to obey her orders and, likewise, had to also obey the second personality’s orders. He was her subordinate. Unless she died, Butler Luther also did not have a way to break away from her control.

The underwater world was her worst plan. She actually could only send him to the Ye Family back then.

Ye Ling grabbed the blanket on the soft chair. But Mom, do you know? The Ye Family is an even scarier place than being by your side. Do you know?

She did not know!

She wholeheartedly thought that even if he was an illegitimate child, he was also their grandson and son. He had the bloodline of their family. It was not a problem for him to grow up safely. This also resulted in the reason Aventura subsequently coming back again and wanting to bring him away.

However, she did not bring him away that time. Hence, his life was spared. At the same time, she also perished together with the old master.

Ye Ling covered his face. His nose was scrunched up badly.

Mom loved him.

When he knew the truth about the bloodthirsty Roses, he could vaguely guess. But he had never believed that the woman who was so ruthless to him in his memory could possibly love him. She was the reason that caused him to go crazy indirectly.

But the person who abused him was not Mom.

It was Mom’s second personality. That was not Mom. She only occupied Mom’s body.

He was paranoid as he kept thinking. Regardless of how compelled she was by circumstances, even a monster would not hurt its own children. What reason could make her send her own child away? He finally knew now. However, this truth actually took him more than 20 years.

He was late by more than 20 years to realize that Mom had no choice but to abandon him back then.

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