Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy - Chapter 1881 - Could Only Just Try To Guess

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Chapter 1881: Could Only Just Try To Guess

“I don’t know either, Xiao Xi. I can’t coax her no matter how hard I try. Moreover, I think she has a slight fever. Do you think we should take her to the hospital?” Su Wanqin asked.

Jing Xi took the child into her arms. Little Strawberry felt very unwell. She was jittery and restless even when in her mother’s arms, crying nonstop.

She used her lips to touch the child’s head and it did feel a bit hot. She used an ear thermometer to check and the temperature couldn’t be considered as high. It was only at about 37.6 degrees C.

Huo Sanyan looked on from the side and asked, “Could it be she wants to have her mother’s milk?”

“It can’t be. I haven’t fed it to her for a while. She probably isn’t crying for milk.”

Jing Xi then took off the child’s clothes and patted her tummy to listen to the sound. Her tummy was also fine. She didn’t show any signs of catching a cold. What could be the cause?

In the end, Jing Xi could only just try to guess. She took off two layers of clothes on the child as she felt that grandma had really put a lot of clothes on Little Strawberry. She had quite a few layers on her, wearing even more clothes than an adult.

After she took them off, she took off her diaper. Now that Little Strawberry felt cooler, she finally stopped crying. When she saw her mother coaxing her, she blinked her teary eyes and even laughed!

“It turned out she was wearing too much!” Jing Xi finally found the cause and told grandma, “Mom, don’t let her wear too thick of clothes in the future. It is best if you don’t go thicker than what an adult wears. If it is too thick, she won’t be able to disperse the heat and it will also cause her temperature to rise.”

“Oh, I understand. Sigh. Isn’t there a saying that a grandmother will always think their grandchildren are too cold. I was also afraid she was cold, that’s why I put a few more layers on her. Sigh, I’m so silly,” Su Wanqin said apologetically.

Jing Xi knew she did it with good intention so Jing Xi didn’t blame her. “It’s fine, mom. Just be careful in the future. You are probably also tired. Quickly go and rest. Just leave the child to me!”

“Okay.” Su Wanqin saw the child was now fine and felt relieved so she left the palace.

After grandma left, Jing Xi fed Little Strawberry some warm water. Now that the child felt much cooler and drank some water, lying down in the crib by herself, she fell asleep not long after.

Huo Sanyan saw that her niece was asleep and said quietly, “I’m relieved now that Little Strawberry is fine. I’ll head back and come another time.”

“You can have lunch in the afternoon before leaving!”

“It’s fine. I won’t eat. I remembered I can go ask Ning Luoxiao to go visit the wedding company with me. Don’t worry and just take care of your children at home. I will contact you if I run into any problems.”

“Okay. That’s also fine.”

Huo Sanyan came out from the palace, and just as she was about to contact Ning Luoxiao, coincidentally, Ning Luoxiao called her.

She learned about her return to Mo City from the interview group. She wanted to ask what was going on and whether or not she had handled the situation.

Huo Sanyan arranged to meet with her and then told Ning Luoxiao the reason why she came back.

Ning Luoxiao congratulated her after she learned that she’d made up with Ye Xun. When she heard she was about to get married, she kept nagging her to invite her to her wedding dinner.

“You will definitely be invited. However, if you have the time, it would be good if you could accompany me to the wedding company.”

Huo Sanyan invited her and Ning Luoxiao gladly accepted. “Let’s go, new bride. I will accompany you.”

And just like that, the previously misunderstood Ning Luoxiao actually became her good friend right now.

The two women came to the wedding company Ye Xun had picked. When they gave Ye Xun’s name, they were enthusiastically invited in.

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