Prime Originator - Chapter 832 - Heading Westward

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Chapter 832 - Heading Westward

Waves after waves of dragon blood overlapped, revolved, and shrunk in volume like they were eating themselves.

As Leon refined the Purple Coatl Dragon blood, the drops of Purple Coatl Dragon Origin Blood quickly increased with time.

Tens become hundreds, hundreds become thousands, and thousands become tens of thousands.

The sheer volume of dragon blood in a Purple Coatl Dragon body was incomparable to human bodies, which should've been obvious by their enormous sizes.

A single Greater Demon-level Purple Coatl Dragon was already equivalent to roughly 300-500 humans.

After Leon refined the dark crimson dragon blood essences into origin blood, the drops of Purple Coatl Dragon Origin Blood took on a blood-violet color.

'I've underestimated how much origin blood I could obtain from a single Purple Coatl Dragon… With this many drops of origin blood, even I cannot tell how much I will advance my viscera-consolidation phase…' Leon mused.

'If my viscera-consolidation phase doesn't advance by leaps and bounds after this, I don't know else will.'

Leon took a few moments to prepare himself mentally before channeling the blood-violet pool of Purple Coatl Dragon Origin Blood into his body.


The warm Purple Coatl Dragon Origin Blood quickly entered his body.

It spread throughout his viscera before a burning sensation filled his entire body, making him feel like his internal organs had been lit on fire.

However, it wasn't the actual burn of scorching fire but the pain from consolidating his inner organs.

On the other outside, Leon's skin glowed with redness as if his body temperature experienced a sharp rise, which is correct.

Pain wracked his entire body, making Leon wonder if the hellfire of purgatory was any worse than this.

He gritted his teeth and endured the torturous viscera-consolidating process.

Drops after drops of Purple Coatl Dragon Origin Blood blended with every inch of his viscera, consolidating it with dragon properties.

However, some parts of his veins and meridians couldn't take the drastic changes and nearly burst apart.

But before they could, Leon immediately channeled wisps of True Grandmist Energy over to assist the consolidation of his failing viscera.

With the help of True Grandmist Energy, the veins and meridians that nearly burst apart were reinforced, becoming more durable and sturdier than ever.

'The greater the pain, the greater the gain!'

Leon's eyes beamed at the significant changes taking place in his body despite the pain nearly knocking him out of his conscious state.

While his viscera were doused in Purple Coatl Dragon Origin Blood, his inner defense soared.

From 1.5-million jin, his inner defense soared to 3-million jin, 4-million jin, 5-million jin…

The momentum of his viscera's improvement showed no sign of slowing down as the viscera-consolidation process went on.

At that moment, he still had more than four-fifths of the Purple Coatl Dragon Origin Blood he refined.

If the process went on, there was no doubt he would achieve Rank 2 Body Transformation in the consolidating-viscera phase.

However, his reserve of True Grandmist Energy quickly depleted, forcing him to end his viscera-consolidation right there and then.

'Haiz, I'm forced to stop due to the lack of True Grandmist Energy again,' Leon sighed mentally.

'Still, I'm making good progress. The middle-stage of Rank 1 Body Transformation in the consolidating-viscera phase is not bad.'

'I better stock up on my reserve of True Grandmist Energy before I continue,' he mused.

He will need a much, much bigger reserve of True Grandmist Energy if he wants to absorb the origin blood from all two dozen Purple Coatl Dragon bodies.

After Leon built an ice cage to preserve the Purple Coatl Dragon bodies in his Worldspace, he constructed a large ice pool to contain the leftover origin blood he couldn't absorb all at once.

Then, he started planning their next course of action.

They had already stayed near the west shores for quite a while, and everyone had, more or less, made some good progress in their cultivation.

It was time to move on.

Leon's consciousness exited the Worldspace before he noticed Aria standing a short distance away with a clean wet cloth prepared for him to clean himself.

"Finished?" she asked.

"For now," Leon nodded with a smile and accepted her kind gesture, taking the wet cloth to clean himself.

At the same time, he glanced back at the blood-soaked ground from the waste residues of the Purple Coatl Dragon Origin Blood that his viscera could not absorb.

Shortly after, he shifted his gaze over to the dark faes and inspected their progress.

"Quite a few among the first group has reached Rank 5 Body Tempering while Saresha has even reached Rank 7 Body Tempering, huh?" he uttered.

Although their improvements could not compare to Darlene's, they were still much quicker than the average Body Cultivator in the Divine Realm.

Seeing that the medicine bath's effect was nearing depletion, Leon returned to the shoreline.

He used his power of Nihility to generate more wisps of True Grandmist Energy and dark energy from the seawater in the meantime.

Sometime later, the medicine bath's recovery effect was finally depleted, and the bottles of healing water had also been used up.

The newest group of dark faes only managed to reach Rank 2 Body Tempering before that happened and expressed their regret.

"There will be more chances to cultivate in the future," Leon stated before instructing the dark faes, "Pack your stuff. We're moving on from this area."

"Yes, my Lord!" the Dark Fae Clan complied.

Once everyone was ready, Leon led the group westward for a few miles before Aria suddenly furrowed her brows beside him after noticing something was off.

"This is strange…" she uttered.

"You also noticed too?"


Aria nodded after Leon asked her.

It wouldn't have been strange if they didn't find any humans near the Bone Sea.

But now that they were moving further away from it, logically, they should have encountered some humans already.

However, not a single human had been sighted thus far.

'What's going on, Tak-si? Is there not a single human in the western region?' Leon immediately turned to the realm spirit for answers.

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