Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day - Chapter 327 - Master Jun’s Other Identity

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Chapter 327: Master Jun’s Other Identity

Speaking of the coldest account on Weibo, if the Jun Corporation’s official Weibo account was second, no one would dare to claim first.

The official Weibo account of the Jun Corporation was like Jun Shiling, the person in charge, low-key and mysterious.

After all, the Jun Corporation did not need any publicity. Its existence was a living signboard.

The Jun Corporation had only posted one Weibo post so far, and it only had three words. “Hello, everyone.”

Back then, Jun Shiling had personally registered this account and had handed it over to Lin Jing to manage. However, the public announcements of the Jun Corporation were basically on the official website, and there was no need for any publicity on Weibo. This account had stayed in the post from four years ago.

However, even though it had pretended to be dead for ten years, it had nearly a hundred million fans because it was the Jun Corporation.

And this huge monster had woken up today.

It reposted a Weibo post from Star Creation Entertainment that announced that they would inject 300 million dollars into the production team of “Moon As Frost”.

[ Big boss, you’re awake. ]

[ What’s going on? Has the Jun Corporation’s account been hacked? ]

[ The person in front, ask around and see who recruited the world’s most powerful hacker alliance. Whoever can hack into the Jun Corporation’s account is really a god. ]

[ Don’t you know that Star Creation Entertainment was bought over by the Jun Corporation not long ago? How could Star Creation Entertainment be so rich in the past? The Jun Corporation probably invested this 300 million behind their backs. ]

[ Actually, I’ve always felt that ‘Moon As Frost’ would fail so badly that my parents wouldn’t recognize it. Even with the addition of Yan Ci, I feel the same way. However, with the Jun Corporation joining, I suddenly feel that we might be blind. ]

[ I have the same feeling now. To be able to gain the favor of the Jun Corporation, he probably has merits that we haven’t seen yet. Our Brother Yan Ci’s taste is really too good. Every time he chooses a script, he’s especially unique. I’m looking forward to ‘Moon As Frost’. ]

The news that the Jun Corporation had invested 300 million dollars into the production team of “Moon As Frost” exploded in the investment world. The Jun Corporation was the global trend.

Let alone drinking meat soup with him, even eating the scraps was enough for everyone to make a killing.

Hence, those investors who had already withdrawn were now squeezing back with all their might.

However, there was no medicine for regret in the world. The Jun Corporation’s investment was already enough for the production team. Now, countless people wanted to take a share of “Moon As Frost”, but they did not have the chance to insert the spoon in.

When Li Heng received the news, he bowed to the Goddess of Mercy statue that his mother had been praying to every day at home. He really felt like he was in a dream. First, Xia Wanyuan accepted the script, and then Yan Ci actually acted as the male lead.

Now that even the legendary Jun Corporation had come to invest in him, Li Heng felt that he was floating.


After agreeing to Cai Qin’s request to attend the World Music Competition, Xia Wanyuan had also done some research.

The World Music Competition was not restricted to whichever race, country, or musical instrument. Anyone could participate in the Internet preliminaries. After the preliminaries, they would go through the semi-finals and compete for the final gold award in Olly.

Xia Wanyuan took the zither and practiced in the living room.

Other than school homework, Xiao Bao also had additional homework that Jun Shiling had assigned at night. Xiao Bao was usually mischievous, but he had always completed Jun Shiling’s words and tasks seriously.

Jun Shiling returned home after work and saw Xiao Bao sitting on the short stool that had been specially made for him. Xia Wanyuan was playing the zither by the window. Jun Shiling’s heart softened. Thinking of the news he had just received, a look of reluctance flashed across his eyes.

“Daddy.” Seeing Jun Shiling return, Xiao Bao looked up and called out obediently. Jun Shiling stroked his soft hair.

Xia Wanyuan did not stop playing. Jun Shiling sat at the side and listened intently. The living room was filled with warmth.

After Xia Wanyuan finished playing the song, she glanced at Jun Shiling’s expression and felt that something was wrong, so she got Uncle Wang to accompany Xiao Bao to do his homework while she brought Jun Shiling upstairs to the study.

“What’s wrong with you?” Xia Wanyuan placed the zither in the box and asked.

“I have something on tomorrow and have to go abroad. I might not be back in two or three days.” There was strong reluctance on Jun Shiling’s face.

“Mm, alright.” A hint of disappointment flashed across Xia Wanyuan’s heart. She was used to having Jun Shiling by her side. Xia Wanyuan was a little unaccustomed to him suddenly saying that he wanted to leave.

Jun Shiling caught the disappointment in Xia Wanyuan’s eyes at the right time. His originally deep eyes lit up, and Jun Shiling reached out to pull Xia Wanyuan into his arms.

Xia Wanyuan moved, and Jun Shiling pressed her down. “I’m about to leave. Let me hug you for a while.” Then, Xia Wanyuan quietened down.

Jun Shiling smiled and placed his head by Xia Wanyuan’s neck, pressing his face against her hair.

“I can’t bear to part with you,” Jun Shiling said softly with deep attachment.

“Then come back early.”

The moment Xia Wanyuan spoke, Jun Shiling’s grip on her tightened. “Will you miss me?”

“You’ll only be gone for two to three days. What do you mean by whether I’ll miss you? Can’t we still call?” Xia Wanyuan’s face was flushed red from the heat Jun Shiling blew on her ear.

“Isn’t two to three days long?” Jun Shiling’s tone actually carried a hint of grievance. “Even if you’re in my arms, I miss you very much. Do you believe me?”

Jun Shiling pulled Xia Wanyuan away slightly, then showed the affection and longing in his eyes to her without hiding it.

The longing and love in Jun Shiling’s eyes were so thick that it was about to become tangible. Even someone with a thousand degrees of short-sightedness could tell that Xia Wanyuan’s heart trembled from this gaze.

“I’ll miss you.” Jun Shiling hugged Xia Wanyuan again.

This time, Xia Wanyuan replied with an “Mm” and didn’t say anything else.

However, the smile in Jun Shiling’s eyes widened.

Because of the slender hands around her waist.

At 3: 00 in the morning, Xia Wanyuan and Xiao Bao were sleeping soundly. Jun Shiling had already quietly gotten up and looked at his wife and son on the bed for a while. Jun Shiling planted a gentle kiss on both their faces, then left the bedroom and gently closed the door.

Outside the manor, Bo Xiao was waiting for Jun Shiling.

“Have you sent them any news?” Jun Shiling got into the car, and the chauffeur immediately stepped on the accelerator and sped towards the airport.

“Yes, they’re already prepared.”

“Mm,” Jun Shiling replied, and the car fell into silence.


Thirteen hours later, the private plane landed on a parking space by the mountains of Continent F.

Countless armed personnel lined up and waited respectfully for the door to open.

The door opened. Other than the few high-ranking officials, everyone else lowered their heads.

“Zeus.” A few high-level staff stepped forward and bowed respectfully.

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