Re: Evolution Online-Chapter 397: A way to cure your brother

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Liam looked at the naked redhead drooling at the items and thought about it for a second. He then decided to go for it.

He currently had a lot of things on his plate. It was best to leave this one to the two sisters.

After all, they were both equally motivated or rather even more desperate when it came to finding a medicine like this in order to cure Rey, so he was confident in their abilities to see it through.

"Alex, one more thing. I have some news about your brother's condition." Liam did not beat around the bush and directly came to the point.

"I found two men who could potentially lead you to a cure for your brother's condition."

He relayed to her everything that he had overheard in the graveyard and Alex dropped the item she was holding in her hand.

The golden staff clattered on the floor as she stared at Liam in utter shock.

This was it! This was what they had been waiting for and tirelessly searching every day and night, combing through this entire bizarre world.

And now they finally got a crumb to follow!

"Liam, is this true?" She clenched her fists and asked.

"Mmmm. It is. If I am correct, these two men should be at the guild's massage parlor at the moment."

"Ok." Unexpectedly, Alex immediately started walking out of the room, but Liam quickly grabbed her and pulled her back with his hand on her waist. Only that area seemed to be safe to touch.

"First of all, calm down. Don't do things rashly. We might have only one shot at this."

"You don't have to remind me that. I am calm. I will not let them both get away." Alex snapped back.

"Oh really? You are calm? Did you take a look at yourself first?" Liam narrowed his eyes and looked at her sternly, his gaze then drifting to the rest of her body.

Hmmm? Alex was confused. It took her a second but her eyes followed Liam's gaze and she finally realized her current plight.

The man's hand was wrapped around her waist and her bare ass was tightly pressed against his body.

She could feel the cold, comfortable feeling that seeped out of his touch, the place where his hands touched her. It felt good. It made her pulse quicken.

She shuddered slightly and then snapped out of her thoughts. She did not know why her body was reacting like this.

Everything else was even worse. Her nipples were visible. Her peach was visible. Basically, she was naked with every inch of her body on display!

Gasp. Her eyes widened and she quickly pushed Liam away, pulling out fresh clothes from the inventory and covering herself up first.

While doing so, she did not forget to shoot death glares at the guy.

Liam, however, simply shrugged. How was he the bad guy here? Maybe I should have reminded her that everything was displayed vividly?

"Well, whatever." He ignored the death glares and continued, "Now you do understand. Anyway, I don't think you are still calm enough. I suggest you call Mia over as all."

"I think both of you should work on this together. And if you still need more help, immediately message me. This is too important. Not only for your brother but for all of our futures."

"I hope you can get this done. Hmmm?"

"Yes, I will get it done." Alex gritted her teeth and replied. She did not want to admit it but the guy was right about everything.

She opened the system interface and messaged Mia instantly.

"Are you sure I have time? Will they be in the massage parlor?"

"Heh. Yes. Yes. I am sure. You don't have to worry about that part. Those two are men of culture. They are probably getting the special massages."

Liam nodded with a serious expression as if he was stating a fact.

"What culture?"

"Nothing. Nothing."

Alex saw this and her face twitched but she didn't say anything. "Ok, in that case, I will make a move now."

"Good luck."

She paused for a moment by the door and mumbled, "By the way… I… ummm… thanks, but Liam, I am sorry. I have to ask, what about the demons?"

"What about the demons?"

"Won't they weaken us tremendously? I mean if they win the war and all the demons enter this world or if something like that happens?" Do you want to read more chapters ?

"Or maybe they will make us stronger?"


"Seriously, there is no way of knowing the future." Liam sighed. Even after living through this twice now, he could not predict which way the coin would fall.

"Don't think about these things. If I were you… I would think about the vow you took."

"What do you mean?" Alex's interest was piqued.

"Think about the conditions under which you triggered that quest, perhaps you might get clues for something more. Maybe there are more vows?"

His words struck Alex like a jolt of lightning and she instantly had an idea about something.

"You are right! You are absolutely right!" She blinked her eyes in a daze, solidifying the idea in her head.

"Heh. Don't mention it, teammate." Liam smiled and patted her on the shoulder as he walked out of the room.

Sitting on his back, all curled up, a small fox raised her head to give Alex a serious stink eye.

For a second, Alex was extremely startled to see that very human-like expression on the cute adorable animal, but she had far too many things on her mind now, so she did not take it to heart.

Outside, Liam walked over to one of the adjacent rooms which Seeka had already prepared for him. He now had the required potion recipes to continue training in alchemy.

Apart from what he had looted a few more people also submitted recipe books and raw materials to the main guild assistant, hoping to get a lot of guild contribution points and get in good graces with the upper management.

All in all, he had gained a lot from this small mess that he stirred up.

"What do you think Luna…? Heh, wars are the most profitable and most efficient way to gather resources." He patted the fox's head.


The little beast smiled, enjoying the attention.

"Oh and that reminds me… I need to collect my rewards from the other side also." Liam's mind wandered over to the demon whom he had inadvertently cucked.

He couldn't help but wonder how things were going there on the other side in the nether realm! He had to be a hero there, right?