Realm of Myths and Legends - Chapter 36 Seer Tererestiaa

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The party all recognized the Seer as the person whose face appeared within that vortex of energy back at the 'Village of Tears'. The only major difference was the level of divine and holy aura that flowed endlessly from her being as if trying to purify everything in the world, it was much stronger standing within her actual presence! Soon an alert from the system went off for Izroth, Luna, and Halls.

Ding! '1/1 Find the Seer Tererestiaa' has been completed for the quest 'Journey to the Seer'!

"Please, come in" Tererestiaa turned and went back into the temple. She was moving so naturally as if she were not blind at all, but rather possessed perfect vision.

Izroth was the first to start walking up the steps and into the temple with the party following behind him.

When Izroth and the party passed through the entrance of the temple, they felt a surprisingly rejuvenating aura wash over their entire bodies.

Ding! You have entered the 'Temple of Helilatiaa'!

Ding! Your HP regeneration has been increased by 1000% while inside the temple!

Ding! Your MP regeneration has been increased by 1000% while inside the temple!

"I feared that this day would soon come... I prayed every moment for the visions I saw to be a lie but... This power that many seek out willingly is a curse for the corrupted mortal mind" Tererestiaa spoke as she strolled through the hall of the temple. The inside of the temple was simple and refined. There were no fancy statues or grand carpets rolled out, just a simple pillow placed at the end of the hall with a small table nearby. On top of that table was a miniature statue of the all-seeing goddess Helilatiaa. Tererestiaa took a seat on the pillow in an elegant manner and said, "My apologies for not preparing proper seats for you, but you will not stay here long for you are needed elsewhere" her voice drifted throughout the silent temple hall.

Izroth gave a small nod, "We have come here to retrieve an item that a man named Term-" but before Izroth could even finish speaking Tererestiaa cut him off mid-sentence.

"I know why you have come. The man named Terminus saved my life once and brought me to this place. It was fate that the two of us crossed paths... However, even though he has once saved my life, I cannot go against the wheel of fate. I cannot give you the item" she shook her head to show that she was helpless to do anything about it.

She couldn't give them the item? Then, had they come all this way just to be sent back empty-handed? Wouldn't they fail the quest that way?

Halls frowned when he heard the words of the Seer, "Then, why did you guide us here?" he felt as though they were being toyed with by Tererestiaa. She said she was expecting them to visit and even led the party here, but now she was saying that she won't hand over the item? What kind of nonsense was that? But the Seer kept quiet not responding to Halls question.

Izroth also frowned but he felt there was more to this than the Seer was letting on. "Then if you cannot give us the item, does that mean it is not currently within your possession yet know of its location?"

A lovely smile appeared on the face of the Seer when she heard Izroth's response. Most people would lose their temper after having been on a journey for so long only to be told they could not have the item. However, he maintained a cool and clear head which made Tererestiaa's impression of him improve greatly.

"You are correct. I cannot give you the item because I do not have it, however, I do know of its location and how to obtain it" Tererestiaa spoke in a calm and gentle tone.

Halls felt a little ashamed by his trail of thoughts. When he truly stopped to think about it for a second it made sense. Wouldn't it be too easy for an S-ranked quest if they just had to talk to someone, get the item, and then return to Amaharpe?

"The item you seek lies near, beyond the realm of this world and into another... The realm of the Shadahi, or as you call them, demons. If the Shadahi are released then... I fear the world as we know it will change forever..." Tererestiaa looked to be calm on the outside, but as she recalled the visions she saw of the terrible destruction that the Shadahi would unleash upon the world... She clasped her hands together tightly praying to the goddess Helilatiaa, "All-seeing mother... Please grant your humble servant the strength to endure in order to do your will..." she spoke in a low voice, but since the hall was so quiet everyone currently present could hear her clearly.

Before coming here, all of them with the exception of Izroth thought that the power to see into the future was cool and amazing. How marvelous would it be if such power existed in reality? However, the truth was far different from what they were making it out to be. They only thought of seeing personal things like maybe the winning numbers to a contest or if an event was going to go well for them. But... If they had to deal with seeing not only the pleasant visions but also the gruesome and dark visions, it would feel as though it were a curse more than a gift.

Izroth waited until Tererestiaa finished and placed her hands back into her lap before saying, "Then, the sooner we leave the better is it not?"

"That is the case... But everything is up to fate. Even the very time you spend here is all for a reason" she held her hand out and within her palm appeared a white sphere without a single blemish placed upon it and the item almost looked similar to the full moon on Earth.

"This item will allow you to cross to and from the realm of the Shadahi. Without it, you will become lost forever within their world. You must take care of it and return it to me when you recover the item from their realm. If you do not, then the balance will be broken and a permanent rift will appear between this world and that of the Shadahi's" Tererestiaa spoke with a serious tone of voice.

"You have my word, the item will be returned to you once we recover the... What item are we recovering?" Izroth noticed that everyone kept referring to it was 'the item' or 'special item' but he honestly had no clue what he was looking for. What if he grabbed the wrong item by mistake? Or if he had to keep going back and forth through the realms in order to verify if he'd found the correct item?

Tererestiaa shook her head, "This is information I do not possess for it changes its form every time it appears throughout history. The last time it was a ring, and the time before that it was a sacred tree branch. The only one who will recognize its true form is the one it calls for. You brave adventurer, are the sole individual capable of recovering the item, for it is not fated with another".

Izroth assumed that everyone just liked to purposely speak in riddles when it came to the item, but as it turns out none of them even knew what it looked like. How troublesome! Izroth could only sigh at the lack of details regarding the item and would simply hope for the best.

The white sphere floated over to Izroth's hands and its information was displayed before him.

Magic Item: Boundary Sealing Sphere(Quest Item)

Magic Item Rank: S

Magic Item HP: ∞(Indestructible)

Magic Item ATK: 0

Magic Item DEF: 0

Usage: Seals or unseals the boundary between the Mortal plane and the Shadahi plane. This item keeps the balance between both worlds and if moved too far from the boundaries will lead to a disaster.

Special Note: If one is not within the vicinity of the 'Boundary Sealing Sphere' while within a realm not belonging to them, they will be rejected and lost between the boundaries forever. This effect will last for as long as the seal remains intact.

Izroth set the 'Boundary Sealing Sphere' into his inventory and then went on to ask, "Where is the boundary that connects the two planes located?" after he saw the description of the item he developed a much better understanding of the matter.

Tererestiaa stood to her feet, "Follow me" she did not walk out of the temple but instead touched the palm of her hand against the miniature statue of the all-seeing goddess Helilatiaa. The whole temple shook violently as if it were going to crumble and fall apart but instead, a pathway opened up in the floor leading deep underground. Tererestiaa walked down the path that was lit up by some magic stones embedded into the side walls.

Izroth, Luna, Halls, and Scarlet all accompanied the Seer down the pathway and soon after the entrance that led down into it closed tightly.

"Man... A small temple is sitting on top of this giant thing...?" Halls mumbled to himself.

The underground area was at least 30 times the size of the small temple that they had just left from. Embedded into the stone walls were many magic stones glowing with soft lights and at the very center of the underground room was a magic circle with many weird symbols that emitted a divine power. At the core of the magic circle was a giant lock with chains that looked impossible to break using brute strength alone.

"These are the 'Chains of Mazi' made from a divine metal that has the power to seal away anything. The only way to bypass it is with the 'Boundary Sealing Sphere' that is now in your hands, brave adventurer" Tererestiaa spoke as they arrived at the front of the magic circle.

Izroth removed the item from his inventory and held it out towards the circle. Not too long after, many tiny white lines started to emerge from the sphere and penetrate directly into the magic circle. There were thousands of little white lines weaving back and forth as if they were crafting something.

The group was amazed by what was taking place. It looked like a beautiful dance of white threads weaving together an artistic masterpiece!

An image began to form into an oval-shaped portal and it did not show what was waiting for them on the other.

"Go now and find what it is that you seek. If you are successful, we may have a chance at delaying or even stopping the release of the Shadahi" the Seer said in a grave tone.

Izroth nodded, "We shall return soon" he did not hesitate and stepped through the portal. Right after him Halls followed, then Luna and finally Scarlet. When all of them entered into the portal it closed behind them and things went back to the way they were as if it never existed to begin with.

Tererestiaa clasped her hands together tightly, "May the all-seeing goddess Helilatia protect you all..."


When Izroth and his party entered into the portal, the experience was like their whole body was being sucked into a black hole as if there was no escape once they were inside.

What appeared before the group was a desolate dark and cold world with no moon or sun in the sky. But strangely the world was lit by a constant red hue and they had no problem seeing.

"So the item we've been looking for is in this location...?" Halls was examining his surroundings. This world made a wasteland look like a paradise in comparison.

"Something feels really off about this place..." Luna furrowed her brows as she looked up at where the sky was supposed to be, but it was more like the world was just in a sphere of its own existence and nothing was beyond it.

Ding! You have discovered a new realm, 'Realm of the Shadahi'!

Ding! Since you are the first to discover a new realm you have been rewarded 100 world fame!

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