Rebirth from the Ashes - Chapter 389 - Die From Diabetes

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Chapter 389: Die From Diabetes

Chen Bingbing felt embarrassed and slowly picked up all the collector’s cards on the ground. In order to show her loyalty that she had not switched allegiance, she tearfully threw them into the bin while cursing. “My cousin went overboard with this! I’m so angry that I’ll beat her up when I get back!”

Song Wenye walked over to stop her. “These are my idol’s pictures, so if you don’t want them, give them to me.”

Chen Bingbing’s heart was dripping blood. Only God knew how much effort she actually spent to collect these cards. She felt exasperated to give them to Song Wenye, but she also could not bear throwing them in the trash can.

After weighing the situation, Chen Bingbing finally gave them to Song Wenye. She felt like her heart was being torn apart and could not bear throwing her husband away as trash, so giving these pictures to Song Wenye was the better option.

Song Wenye returned happily with the collector’s cards and was ecstatic to have found that there were more than ten rare ones that she did not have.

Shen Xi looked at the self-conceited Top Class with a mocking smile. The best way to deal with the enemy, besides pulling the enemy to their own camp, was to cause an internal rift.

Chen Bingbing was close to a nymphomaniac and liked handsome men, similar to Song Wenye.

However, Chen Bingbing was not as strong, loyal, and righteous as Song Wenye.

Song Wenye felt Shen Xi looking at her. She suddenly thought of something and asked her sourly, “Did you promise Chu Ying to get her a set of Qi Xiu’s pictures?!”

Shen Xi gave a plain “mm”.

Song Wenye got even more jealous and questioned her. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Shen Xi said, “You didn’t ask for it!”

Song Wenye was vexed and looked at her bitterly as she said one word at a time. “I want it too!”

Shen Xi answered indifferently without raising her head, “Okay.”

Song Wenye was finally satisfied and hummed Qi Xiu’s song. She even cheered herself up by saying, “I’ll collect two sets of cards!”

Shen Xi thought, ‘I can give you ten sets if you want…’

Since this card collection was a hobby, Song Wenye would only have a sense of achievement after she gathered them by herself.

Song Wenye sorted the cards she got from Chen Bingbing and muttered, “Xixi, do you know how many cards there are in total?”

Shen Xi said, “I don’t know.”

Song Wenye pursed her lips and obviously did not believe her. She had a feeling that Shen Xi was involved in the management of Cosmos Entertainment and knew about it. Otherwise, how could Shen Xi have offered her a role in Cosmos Entertainment without even so much as an interview?

However, nothing could compare to the happiness of collecting these cards at the moment. As long as she finished the collection, Song Wenye would be the only one who had two complete sets.

Shen Xi had never been so excited to get home from school.

As soon as the school bell rang, she picked up her backpack. Even though she looked calm on the surface, her heart had already flown home. She could not wait to get back.

Song Wenye felt Shen Xi was acting a bit strange, so she hastily packed up her things and chased after her. “Xixi! Wait for me!”

Shen Xi did not wait for the bus today because she could not wait any longer, so she called a cab.

When Song Wenye wanted to tag along, Shen Xi pushed her away and gave her a sidelong glance. “Go back to your own house.”

“Your parents aren’t home. Aren’t you afraid? I’ll stay with you and keep you company!” Song Wenye looked at her intently and was about to squeeze into the car.

“I’m not alone.” Shen Xi smiled and her voice was pleased.

Song Wenye looked at Shen Xi’s eyes that were overflowing with sweetness, which made her heart melt. She suddenly realized something and said, “Toffeecito’s dad?!”

Shen Xi pushed Song Wenye out and slammed the car door shut.

Song Wenye had just found out a big secret and was extremely excited. She ran after Shen Xi’s cab. “Don’t go! Are you living with Toffeecito’s dad?”

‘It must be! Look at how sweet her smile was! Haha… I’m about to die from diabetes.”

Shen Xi did not return to her house. When she got to the door, she stopped and took a deep breath to calm her pounding heart because she ran over. She then calmly pushed the door open.

There was no one in the yard but a nice aroma drifted to her nose.

Toffeecito heard Shen Xi’s movement and rushed to her from the living room. The kitten followed her and rubbed against her legs as it meowed.

When Li Yuan came out of the kitchen with two plates of food, he saw Shen Xi carrying her school bag while holding Toffeecito in her arms.

The two cuties were coming towards him. Shen Xi’s face was a little flushed and she was panting. Her hair on her forehead was slightly wet, so she clearly ran over.

Shen Xi put down her school bag before running into the kitchen. “Brother, what do I have to do?”

The man’s back was facing her as he held two dishes and smiled. “Get the cutlery.”

Shen Xi entered the kitchen for the first time and looked around. This kitchen was evidently built to his height. Everything was new because it had been remodeled and renovated recently.

Kun Lun helped to bring out the rice cooker and glanced at the kitchen out of the corner of his eye. His expression was complicated.

Since Li Yuan broke his legs, he became rather weird. He insisted that no one was allowed to transform anything from his daily life to be disabled-friendly.

After his accident, Uncle Li took the initiative to refurbish the house to be accessible by Li Yuan so he could move around easily when he got out of the hospital.

That was the first time Li Yuan got angry with Uncle Li. He was furious and dismantled everything, reverting it to the way it was.

This insistence was Li Yuan’s last pride and dignity.

However, when Li Yuan started practicing to cook for Shen Xi, he found that it was not convenient and finally allowed the kitchen to be renovated.

After dinner, Shen Xi tried to peel apples for them, but she had horrible knife skills. The peel was either too thin or too thick. Too much of the flesh had been cut off that there was barely anything left.

Li Yuan watched with trepidation as he was afraid that Shen Xi would accidentally cut her hand. He could not stand it anymore and said, “Give it to me.”

Shen Xi shook her head and was very insistent. “I have to be independent.”

Li Yuan looked helpless as he stared at her hands. His voice was tense and said, “Be careful.”

As Shen Xi spoke, the knife in her hand suddenly slipped.

Li Yuan’s eyes widened. “Be careful!”

The knife brushed her fingertips but did not cut her. Shen Xi then looked up at him and smiled. “Don’t worry. My hand is quite steady.”

Li Yuan held his breath for a moment. He looked baffled and thought, ‘You call this a steady hand?!’

Shen Xi finally finished peeling the apple, but it looked very bumpy and weird. She admired her own masterpiece before handing it to Li Yuan with a smile. “Here, have some!”

Li Yuan looked at the girl’s proud face and took the apple she had peeled with great effort. He held it but did not know how to eat it.

Shen Xi took another apple and did not peel it. She just took a huge bite and said, “Brother, why don’t you eat the apple?”

Li Yuan bit into it and tasted the sweetness in his mouth. The apple was as sweet as her smile. The corners of his lips hooked up slightly as he said in a deep and pleasant voice, “It’s very sweet.”

Shen Xi smiled brighter like a gorgeous blooming flower. She inclined her head to look at him and said, “Brother, I have to go to S City tomorrow. I’m leaving early in the morning, so you don’t have to make breakfast for me. You don’t need to get up early either.”

Li Yuan looked at her. “Is it very early?”

Shen Xi nodded and explained, “The official exam is at 9:00 am, so I have to be in S City by 8:00 am. It’s a two-hour flight, which means I’ll have to get up at 3:30 am.”

Li Yuan said, “Alright then.”

Shen Xi was a little upset and began to complain to him about how the school leaders were being stupid. They could have gone to S City today and spent the night there so they would go into the exam energized.

The school was so inconsiderate and did not think about the students’ wellbeing. How could they fly there on the same day and take the test properly?

Li Yuan listened quietly to the girl’s grumblings as he ate the apple she peeled for him and was in a great mood.

Shen Xi was like a little hamster and ate faster than him. She soon finished her apple and got up to wash her hands, but she noticed something suddenly and sat down again with a red face.

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