Rebirth from the Ashes - Chapter 390 - Quiet and Desolate

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Chapter 390: Quiet and Desolate

Shen Xi’s face was red with shame. She did not know how to get up, but if she did not, she would certainly stain the sofa.

Her period came too suddenly. When she got up, she could feel warm liquid flowing out, so her little face wrinkled as she looked at Li Yuan. “Brother, I’m sorry!”

Li Yuan looked at the girl’s sudden red face and she seemed to be embarrassed, but he had no idea what was wrong, so he rolled his wheelchair over.

Shen Xi was like a frightened bunny and pointed at him as she shouted, “D-Don’t come over!”

Li Yuan was anxious. “What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?”

Shen Xi shook her head.

Li Yuan had no clue what to do and was so anxious that his voice changed. “Tell me, what’s wrong?”

Shen Xi’s face was red as she said, “I… I just got my period…”

She then took a random thing nearby to cover her face in embarrassment.

Toffeecito was suddenly lifted as a pillow and felt dumbfounded. The kitten stared at Li Yuan in confusion and did not know what to make of this situation.

Li Yuan finally let out a sigh of relief and felt like laughing, but he did not want her to feel worse. “I’ll ask Kun Lun to buy some sanitary pads. Which brand do you want? What size?”

Shen Xi could only feel her face burning. Toffeecito was waving its limbs in resistance, so Shen Xi finally realized she grabbed the wrong pillow. She peeked from behind Toffeecito to reveal her big eyes. “I have them at home, so I’ll go by myself.”

Li Yuan nodded and said warmly, “Okay.”

Shen Xi jumped off the sofa and ran to the door. However, two steps in, Li Yuan pulled her by the arm. She felt so ashamed that she dared not look back.

It was only when she felt the man’s cool hand touching her ankle that she opened her eyes gently. Her heart was thumping for a moment.

The man bent over slightly to clasp her ankle and lift her foot one at a time with his long slender fingers to put on her slippers.

Li Yuan then said pleasantly, “Now you can go.”

Shen Xi was relieved and thought, ‘What’s the big deal? What’s there to be ashamed of? Menstruation is a natural thing…’ She then looked at the man seriously. “Brother, I’ll wash the sofa cover later.”

Li Yuan nodded. “Okay.”

Shen Xi changed her clothes and came back to his house. She threw the sofa cover into the washing machine before sitting in front of the washing machine and stared at it intently.

Li Yuan watched helplessly and dotingly as the girl sat in front of the washing machine looking as if she was on a mission. He asked, “You don’t have homework?”

Shen Xi shook her head. “No.”

Li Yuan said, “Then go to bed early. Don’t you have to get up early tomorrow?”

Shen Xi thought for a moment and shook her head. “It’s too early. I can’t sleep.”

Li Yuan said, “Then if you can’t sleep, just lie down on the bed and rest. I’ll watch the washing machine.”

Shen Xi insisted. “No.”

Kun Lun stood nearby and was baffled when he saw the two people in the laundry room. ‘It’s a fully automatic washing machine, so what is there to watch?!’

The sofa cover was also changed every day. They could just throw it out and need not go through so much trouble to clean it.

Shen Xi’s gaze was fixated on the washing machine. When it was done washing, she took the cover out to dry, before looking at him solemnly and said, “Brother, have a good rest. I’ll go back now.”

Li Yuan nodded and sent her to the door. He then smiled and said, “Don’t forget to take your stuff.”

Shen Xi turned around and saw the man holding Toffeecito while smiling at her.

Li Yuan gave her Toffeecito and said gently, “Rest well.”

Shen Xi hugged Toffeecito and nodded before she waved her hand reluctantly. “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight.” Li Yuan was still at the same place as he watched the girl enter her house. He shouted, “Lock the door!”

The girl’s soft and sweet voice sounded distant in his ears. “Okay!”

When Li Yuan returned to the courtyard and heard a sweet and soft voice calling him from the wall, he lifted his head and saw the girl poking out her small head. He looked at her helplessly and dotingly. “Go to sleep!”

Shen Xi was silent and only looked at him. The bright moonlight shone on her little face and her black eyes glimmered like stars.

Li Yuan met the girl’s expectant eyes and finally remembered what he had forgotten to say. He then said in a deep voice, “I wish you all the best for tomorrow’s exam and hope that you have a triumphant return.”

Shen Xi was finally happy and nodded contentedly. “I’ll try my best!”

Li Yuan watched as she got down from the wall and laughed out loud. His eyes and heart were tinged with joy.

The sound of the girl’s brisk footsteps soon disappeared. When he looked up again, he saw the lights on the second floor. Since the curtains were not drawn, he could see her silhouette.

He sat in the courtyard until the lights in her room were turned off before going back inside.

Since Shen Xi was young, she would have period cramps. Yun Jinping would usually boil some brown sugar water and fill a warm water pouch for Shen Xi, but this time, no one was home.

Shen Xi put Toffeecito on her stomach to act as a heater.

Toffeecito was well-behaved and obediently nestled on Shen Xi’s belly. The plush warmth was even more comfortable than the hot pack.

Right before dawn, Shen Xi crawled out of her warm covers, washed her face, packed up, and went out with her school bag.

When she got to the courtyard, she glanced next door and felt a little disappointed when she saw that it was dark everywhere.

People were strange creatures. Shen Xi felt bad for Li Yuan and did not want him to get up so early so that he could rest more.

However, she felt a little sad and lost when there was no action from him.

This was the coldest time of the night during spring. The wind was a little strong and it was drizzling, but Shen Xi did not bother to take an umbrella and only put on her hat when she went out of the house.

The only light was the street light near the door. At this time of the day, everyone was asleep, so it felt very quiet and desolate. A sudden gust of wind blew over, which made her shiver.

After she locked the door, she stood at the door for a while before she turned around to leave. Shen Xi was all alone, and her shadow was elongated by the street light.

There was a black car not far away.

Li Yuan was sitting in the car and watched as the girl stood at the door, looking towards his house. Her lonely appearance ached his heart.

When the girl finally left, he instructed Kun Lun. “Follow her.”

Li Yuan could not rest assured knowing she was leaving by herself in the middle of the night.

Shen Xi heard the sound of a car engine behind her and frowned. ‘Who would get up so early in the middle of the night?!’

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