Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser - Chapter 751 - Making Group 9 Return the Talismans (2)

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Chapter 751: Making Group 9 Return the Talismans (2)

Feng Yuanlin was someone who didn’t like to waste things. Besides, these talismans drawn by Zhenbai’s wife were really extraordinary. It would be strange if he didn’t want them.

Feng Yuanlin wasn’t embarrassed at all, and directly walked over to Gu Yunzheng and the others and reached out for the talismans. Feng Yuanlin was afraid that Gu Yunzheng wouldn’t give them to him. He got straight to the point. “I’ve really troubled you, Group 9, especially you, Brother Gu. However, we all serve in the name of the people, so we shouldn’t ask for anything in return. Just now, I saw that there were still a few talismans left from the talismans I gave to Group 9. Now that the evil spirits have been subdued, these talismans are useless. Brother Gu, shouldn’t you return the rest of the talismans to the original owner?”

As soon as Feng Yuanlin finished speaking, everyone from Group 9, including Gu Yunzheng, stared vigilantly at Feng Yuanlin. All of them hurriedly covered their pockets, afraid that the talismans in them would be snatched away.

They were well aware of how effective these talismans were. Even when they were in dire straits earlier, Wang Jun, Su Wenying, and Zhu Cen had loathed to use the talismans. Even Gu Yunzheng couldn’t bear to use one in a critical situation. One could imagine how unwilling Gu Yunzheng and the others were to return these talismans to their original owners.

Moreover, when they thought about how Group 9’s talismans were like scrap paper compared with these ones, they were even more reluctant.

Did Director Feng have to be so sharp-eyed?

Without waiting for Gu Yunzheng to reply, Wang Jun, Zhu Cen, and Su Wenying feigned innocence. “Director Feng, what did you just say? Why don’t we understand?”

Zhu Cen nodded even more earnestly and said, “Director Feng, didn’t you also see us dealing with those evil spirits just now? We’ve long used up the talismans you gave us. They’re really gone!”

Feng Yuanlin chuckled coldly. He would be a fool to believe these brats’ nonsense. He narrowed his eyes and said, “Okay, if you let my men search your pockets and they really don’t find anything, I’ll believe that you really used up everything just now!”

“Director Feng, it’s against the law to do a body search so blatantly!” Wang Jun couldn’t help but blurt out. In any case, he couldn’t bear to give these talismans away.

“Then be good and return the talismans I gave you before!” Feng Yuanlin said.

On the side, Xiao Shan and Wu Haoming, who were watching Director Feng and Group 9 fight over Master Chi’s talismans, regretted even more now being idiotic enough to reject them back then.

Wu Haoming felt that he had been an idiot back then. He had actually been tricked by that scoundrel, Captain Chen, into giving him the talisman. Thinking this, Wu Haoming made up his mind to make Captain Chen return his talisman later. If he didn’t, he would chase and beat him up every day!

At that moment, Wang Jun, Su Wenying, and the others were nervous and hurriedly looked at their boss.

Gu Yunzheng narrowed his eyes at that moment, but most of his attention was on Chi Shuyan. His eyes never left her figure, especially when he found out from Director Feng that she was the one who had drawn these talismans. Gu Yunzheng’s eyes burned when he looked at Chi Shuyan.

No matter the cost, he had to kidnap this young lady for Group 9!

Gu Yunzheng said, “It’s simple to return talismans, but I have one condition: Director Feng, please get Miss Chi to agree to join our Group 9!”

Chi Shuyan, who had inexplicably suffered an undeserved calamity: …

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