Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees, Young Emperor! - Chapter 791 - Fight! (3)

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Chapter 791: Fight! (3)

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After getting used to Qin Yi’s cooking, Ze Ning was no longer able to eat raw food. However, his culinary skills were very bad, and he could only live day by day like that.

“Take it slow, there’s still your favorite nectar.”

Qin Yi’s heart was filled with tenderness as she watched Ze Ning wolf down the food.

‘This child must have starved for a long time.’

“Ling Kong must have asked you to come,” Qin Yi said gently.

Ze Ning was stunned. He did not expect Qin Yi to see through him.

“You’re already a Zombie King.. How can they allow you to find me? There is only one possibility, and that is that Ling Kong wants you to deal with me because of our relationship. I won’t be as guarded against you.”

Qin Yi knocked on the table gently. Ling Kong’s ideas were not hard to predict. After all, she had made them afraid.

“But they don’t trust you completely.”

“I know.” Ze Ning swallowed his food and blinked his cat-like eyes. “You’re not afraid that I will listen to them and deal with you?”

After becoming a zombie king, Ze Ning’s personality had changed. He was less foolish and more solemn.

But in Qin Yi’s eyes, he was still the Ze Ning that called her Xiao Qi.

“Will you?” Qin Yi smiled. Her clear phoenix eyes held trust in them.

Ze Ning was speechless and suddenly laughed, “That’s right, I won’t.”

Meeting Qin Yi, or him meeting her after turning into a zombie, was the best thing that had happened to him.

Qin Yi recuperated at ease over the next few days, whereas Ze Ning stayed under the identity of her younger brother.

Qin Yi woke up and saw Yun Huan’s handsome, travel-worn face. His beautiful brows and eyes held an unconcealable fatigue.

“You’re awake?” Yun Huan’s worried peach blossom eyes immediately became indifferent as he looked at her when he saw she had woken up.

“En,” Qin Yi nodded and sat up.

She had recuperated for many days and felt much better, but her internal injuries were still apparent, even with little plum blossom’s sap. Her complexion was still pale, and the occasional cough would give rise to the acute pain in her chest.

Qin Yi sensed the “I’m not happy” aura radiating from Yun Huan’s entire body, and she knew the reason why.

In just a few days of not meeting, she was injured once again.

But she did not regret it.

Although the atmosphere was slightly intense and quiet, Qin Yi could not help but cough.

“You ah, what can I do to deal with you?” Yun Huan sighed, his voice filled with helplessness and pain.

Qin Yi nestled in Yun Huan’s embrace as a faint peppermint fragrance entered her nose. This was the scent that made her feel at ease, the hug that made her feel at ease, and the person that made her feel most safe.

“I’m fine, how’s the base?”

The reason why Yun Huan was not with her initially was due to Imperial Base.

They knew that Yun Xuan must have interrogated Ze Ning on the whereabouts of Imperial Base and knew that Yun Xuan would have dispatched people there.

Yun Huan did not want to leave Qin Yi, but their friends and family were in the base. Yun Xuan’s subordinates, being beastmen, were extremely strange and terrifying, so Qin Yin did not feel at ease.

Although Lin Bai and the others were strong, she was afraid that a zombie king might take action, so Yun Huan’s return was the safest option.

Yun Huan caressed her head and his cold lips landed on her eyes, “The base is fine. Their target isn’t me.”

Yun Huan only captured Hua Jiu during his return. At that point, Yun Huan knew that their target was Qin Yi. He left Lin Qing and the others and rushed back, but it was too late.

His little fellow was still injured.

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