Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees, Young Emperor! - Chapter 792 - Fight! (6)

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Chapter 792: Fight! (6)

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In fact, he knew that it was most probably Qin Yi’s rash decisions that caused this.

She was obstinate and would not change her decision once it was made. Most probably, she thought of this plan at the last moment and implemented it without thinking of the consequences.

Yun Huan’s head was in pain regarding this point. He so badly wanted to be cold and teach her a lesson, but he failed every single time.

“Qiqi, when will you ever think of me?” Yun Huan sighed. His beautiful lips pursed out and his indifferent peach blossom eyes were lonely and dejected.

Qin Yi’s heart tensed up and subconsciously grabbed Yun Huan’s clothes with both hands. She pursed her pale lips but did not say a word.

The atmosphere was downcast.. After a while, Yun Huan spoke up, “Are you hungry? I’ll make some food for you.”

He caressed her on the head, his peach blossom eyes filled with tenderness and love, as though the person just before was not him.

Upon walking out the door, the gentleness in Yun Huan disappeared. His face was ashen with a cold intent like a berserk storm. It was not fierce, yet capable of scaring people.

“You’re back.”

Ze Ning heard the noise and walked out, surprised to see the man before him.

“Why’re you here?” Yun Huan was surprised to see Ze Ning. This man- No, this zombie, should have been locked inside the zombie base.

Ze Ning’s mouth twitched as his red cat eyes gleamed. Even though he was a zombie, he could sense the slight disdain in his words.

Yun Huan disliked Ze Ning. With Ze Ning around, Qiqi’s eyes and focus would scatter even further.

“I ran back. No, I was supposedly sent to assassinate Qin Yi.” Ze Ning sat on the sofa lazily and reached out for some snacks.

Yun Huan’s eyes became gloomier and his entire body emitted a killing intent when he heard the word “assassinate.”

Ze Ning looked at Yun Huan in disdain, “Don’t do that to me. I didn’t want it, and I’m not doing anything.”

Yun Huan looked at Ze Ning strangely. He felt that Ze Ning had changed and was no longer the dumb zombie that clinged onto Qin Yi’s clothes.

Could it be that a zombie’s personality changed after becoming a zombie king?

Ze Ning also knew that he had changed but was unable to explain the changes in himself.

But it was not bad.

“If you dare to hurt Qiqi, I won’t let you off.” Yun Huan retorted coldly. He did not bother with Ze Ning’s reply as he walked straight to the kitchen.

Qin Yi laid down in bed. She wanted to go out, but a certain man prevented her from getting out of the bed.

Yun Huan returned with a bowl of porridge and vegetables not long after, a gentle look in his eyes without any unhappiness from the bicker previously.

Although it was plain porridge, Yun Huan had placed a lot of consideration into it. Qin Yi’s heart ached when she saw the dark eye circles on his face.

“You have to rest too. I’m already much better. Leave the cooking and what not to me. But as for you, you haven’t slept for a few days. Please get some rest and recover.”

Qin Yi’s clear voice was gentle and soft.

“En, I’m fine. Let’s eat.”

The two did not speak a word, enjoying the breakfast.

After eating, Qin Yi pulled Yun Huan with the intention of letting him rest. He had rushed from Imperial Base over a few days.

She was afraid he had not rested at all.

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