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Zi You nodded and replied firmly. "Chennu understands. Chennu have considered all the difficulties, but Chennu is not afraid. If all the men look down on Chennu because of this matter, then Chennu rather not marry for a lifetime. Empress Dowager, please fulfill Chennu's wish. Chennu doesn't want to be locked in her boudoir and fight all day with other women in the courtyard. Chennu rather get out of the residence, do Chennu's patriotic duty, and be filial to the elders."

The Empress Dowager nodded and exclaimed, "What a good 'Do your patriotic duty and be filial to the elders!' Good child, Aijia understands. Aijia will persuade the Emperor. You can rest assured waiting for the news."

The Empress Dowager moved fast. She quickly called the Emperor over and said smilingly, "Emperor, the harem shouldn't engage in politics and Muhou [imperial mother, referring to herself] shouldn't participate in court matters. However, this yatou's matter is an exception. Muhou is really touched by this child's patriotic and filial heart. Don't force the yatou. Let her train the female medical team and follow her grandfather onto the battlefield?"

The Emperor looked at Zi You with an inexplicable expression. He smiled at the Empress Dowager, "Erchen can agree, but Erchen wants two imperial doctors to train the female slaves along with the yatou and assign two guards to protect the yatou."

Old General Mu is a loyal official and very loyal to him, but he is not at ease. He can't insert spies into the army, so he decides to start with the yatou.

After all, he is the Emperor and Aijia is the Empress Dowager. Can I not give him face? Why don't I send Ling'er to the yatou's side? He can remind her and they can cultivate their feelings.

The Empress Dowager smiled. "Aijia won't manage however you organize it. But Aijia also wants to send someone along. Ling'er does nothing all day and causes trouble outside. This can't continue. As Aijia sees it, let Ling'er learn medicine with Mu Xiaojie and your two guards can teach Ling'er martial arts."

The Emperor's face changed. Muhou wanted Fuwang [imperial father] to pass the throne to younger brother back then. Now, she is still partial towards younger brother.

His younger brother's civil and martial skills were better than his. All these years, he expended so much energy to guard against him. He was always afraid that his younger brother's Di son was too outstanding. Therefore, he cultivated his nephew into a dandy, but Muhou actually paired up with him to turn against him.

If Shangguan LingRan was sent to Mu Zi You's side, with his ability to please girls, he would successfully obtain Mu Zi You. If An Wang fu and Mu fu are in an alliance, the Emperor would be in trouble.