Rebirth of The Golden Marriage - Chapter 8

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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage 《重生 之 金色 婚姻》 Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Se Hun Yin.

Chapter 8: Reverse (二更)

Zhan Yi Fei also changed the name he called Lin Yu Tong. He used to call him "Young Lin", or simply said nothing, but now he called him "Little Tong", which sounds very intimate. At least the outsider that hears this name he will not think that they're close relative or a couple.

Lin Yu Tong was a bit awkward at first, because his parents called him "Tong Tong", friends and classmates called him "Lin Zi" and Zhan Yi Fei called him "Little Tong" this is really the first time. However, considering that he wants to play in front of The Zhan family's, Zhan Yi Fei must not call him too naught a name, so he called him that name. Lin Yu Tong only frowned at the beginning, but there was no other excessive reaction. Anyway, he did not think that being called "shield" is also good.

Although Zhan Yi Fei has not yet confessed to his family about his marriage registration, it seems to be just the most suitable time.

Lin Yu Tong packed up the newly bought kitchen utensils, put the rice into the rice cooker and saw Zhan Yi Fei going back to the bedroom. He also followed to his own bedroom and wondered what to put there after moving his own things. This apartment is a four bedroom, two living room and two bathroom layout. He has a bedroom, a wing, a study room and a multi-purpose activity room. The space is quite large, the decoration is practical and not too much, after all, the rent has been paid. But he did have a dissatisfaction, that is, he had a double bed in his bedroom. This double bed is still oversized and takes up a lot of space. Although there is some floor space for activities on both sides, it is not enough for him to put a sleeping bag.

Soon, Lin Tong Yi Fei walked towards the other the bedroom shouting: "Mr. Zhan, I want to move to the bed multi-function room can you help?"

Zhan Yi Fei said nothing.

Lin Yu Tong also shouted: "Yi Fei, I want to move the bed to the multi-purpose activity room!"

Zhan Yi Fei pulled up of the sleeves. "You go cook, I will help you move the bed."

Lin Yu Tong saw Zhan Yi Fei advantages here. The man's body is taller than him. If he can move a bed he should know himself, Lin Yu Ting only nodded. "Thank you."

The two were busy and Zhan Yi Fei work of moving the bed was finished. Lin Yu Tong's food was almost finished. Because it was late to pack things up, so he didn't do anything special. After simply cooking the rice, he simply made a few home-cooked dishes, a plate of celery fried cashew nuts, a plate of meat eggplants stew and a plate of pork liver fried potatoes plus a bowl of seaweed egg soup, everything was full of flavors.

This is definitely not the first time that Zhan Yi Fei has eaten"home cooked food", but it is definitely the first time that he feels that the dishes eaten at home can be so attractive. In fact, truth be told, this is absolutely incomparable with the what the Zhan chefs of the main house can cook, but at the moment he does not have the feeling of properness in the main house, so it is especially good to see anything home cooked without that much perfection.

Lin Yu Tong helped Zhan Yi Fei and scooped a bowl of rice. The rice was cooked with fresh peas and millet. The beans were green and small beige and the rice grains were full of moisturizing luster. Zhan Yu Fei chopsticks poked the peas, Lin Yu Tong thought he did not like this kind of mixed rice and said subconsciously: "If you don't like this kind of rice, I can cook something else."

Zhan Yi Fei said: "No, however, this is first time I eat this, it feel very cool. I didn't expect your cooking to be so good. Do you often eat at home?"

Lin Yu's heart said: I haven't done this at home, this is what I've been learning a little bit when you I was living with that bastard.

Lin Yu Tong has a little bit of heart, but Zhan Yi Fei has no answer to the question, because he tasted a meatful eggplant and found it really delicious! It is much better than the one sold outside. Most of the restaurants in nowadays use a lot of ingredients and they can't be said to be bad, but they often cover the original taste of the dishes inadvertently. But Lin Yu Tong does not do the same thing, so not only is the food delicious, but also the original fragrance of the material can be smelled.

The speed of Zhan Yi Fei chopsticks was obviously accelerated. Lin Yu Tong only ate half a bowl and Zhan Yi Fei bowl was empty. He got up and went to scoop the second bowl. When he came back, he asked Lin Yu Tong. "Would you like to eat again?"

Lin Yu Tong didn't eat much at night and didn't add any more. He had wanted to smoke cigarettes after he had finished eating, but he thought that he gave his mother a promise that he will be smoke less he changed his mind then he just went to the kitchen to wash some fruits.

Zhan Yi Fei and ate and stopped. "I used to ask the housekeeping staff to clean up every two days, but if we cook at home, things will become more chaotic, or should I simply find a long time maid ?"

Lin Tong glanced around the room and said:" What for? I will find time to tidy it up myself, I too need to do little physical activity, "

He is only brainy on his fingertips every day, few major events will need him moving around as the result his body was poorly so in this world he has to try to avoid this situation, it is good to do housework to avoid poorly made body.

Zhan Yi Fei asked: "Won't it be too hard? Don't youhave to go to school during the day?"

Lin Yu Tong does not care about swinging his hands. "It's just a little distance to school. Besides, I'm all Junior, I have less classes, no late time self-study. "

" If you think you can fully cope with it." Zhan Yi nodded. "If there is a need to get a maid you can say it any time."

Lin Yu Tong shook his legs, a pair of expressions on his face said that that didn't matter at all and he pushed the fruit plate forward. "Taste this.... It should tastes good."

Two people ate a plate of grapes and Zhan Yi Fei took the initiative to help bring the dishes to the kitchen. Lin Yu Tong thought about the novels to be modified at night while washing the bowl.

The initial run-in between the two was relatively successful.

On the second day, Lin Yu Tong got up and made breakfast in the morning. Zhan Yi Fei was at home at breakfast and the whole person showed a feeling of flying on air at home cooked meal. On the other hand, Lin Yu Tong was so sleepy that he almost hit the door frame. He had slept very late and it was not so easy to change his habits. If he had to go to class in the morning, he could not afford to go to school. He could go to sleep at noon.

Zhan Yi Fei felt that it was too dangerous to drive like this and he simply sent him to the school gate before going to work. Lin Yu Tong fluttered with Zhang Yi Fei and squatted at the door for a while before accepting the fact that he had to return to the furnace. Then he struggled to find out what class he was on today.

Long Le received a phone call from Lin Yu Tong and said with a smile: "Have you fallen from the bed and got lost to the end of the forest? Isn't the first two classes on Tuesday of the semester all Statistics?"

Lin Yu's heart said that it has been so many years. How do I remember!

Fortunately, where the class was Lin Yu Tong remembered it, he went to the class and saw Long Le and everyone, they are all there, three brothers sitting in a row, holding a chat since the teacher has not come, they were talking about the internship. When Lin Yu Tong came, the topic changed immediately.

"Lin Zi, are you really going to register for marriage?" Long Le came together in a gossip. "You be honestly and confess, what did you do with Mr. Zhan yesterday?"

"Register, eat, move, what else can we do?" Lin Yu Tong snatched Long Le's book, "Let me look at it, I didn't bring mine."

"If you pretend it, did you do something after you register the marriage? You are a little shy!"

"Little Long, your mind is filled with slutty dragons." Lin Yu Tong shook his head.

"I care about my brother bed life quality and happiness, but this Zhan will not be a paper tiger?" Long Le looked up and down at Lin Yu Tong, "Lin Zi you just walked over like a man who was not allowed to sleep all night."

1].....A paper tiger: Strong in appearance but weak in strength

"I say... Little Long, can you not be so slutty?" Hua Yua Bai listened to this topic and his ears were red.

"Everyone is an adult, what's the matter?" Long Le suddenly stopped, he kicked Lin Yu Tong with his feet and gestured for him to see the front door.

"Shen Jun is aware of your registration?" Xiang Xiang Chen Tian asked.

"I don't think he knows." Lin Yu Tong saw Shen Jun step by step coming in the direction he was sitting. He frowned slightly, but he was not far away. Some people were watching this scene with great interest.

It was not long before Zhan Yi Fei went to the company to sit down and received a message saying that [Your love rival appeared.]

Shen Jun stood next to Lin Yu Tong. "I have something to say can we go out and talk?"

Lin Yu Tong returned the book to Long Le and both hands swayed with his legs. "You don't need to go anywhere you can just say it here."

So a text flew to Zhan Yi Fei again [ - your rival is sitting next to your wife!]

After a while[ - your rival want to grab your wife's hand!]

Zhan Yi Fei was so depressed that he couldn't help but return one. [ – I wanted you to protect him, not supervising!!!]

However, in fact, Shen Jun only looked at Lin Yu Tong for a while and said: "Lin, can you do me a favor?"

Lin Yu Tong didn't want to say: "No."

Shen Jun frowned. "Can you atleast listen to it!"

Lin Tong did not speak.

Shen Jun suddenly grabbed him and lowered his voice. "Can you pretend to be a couple with me in front of Xiao Wei? She is always pestering me, I can't stand it."

Lin Yu Tong laughed and finally gave Shen a positive feedback. "When you are with her, isn't it good? Isn't it too late to be with you at this time?" After finishing he grabbed his chin, "Why do you think she used to look at you?"

Xiao Wei was angry with red eyes and stood in less than three steps from the entrance.

Lin Yu Tong was too lazy to pay attention to Shen Jun and went to where Long Le and his friends were. Before, these little boys were farther away from the place where he talked to him.

It was just then that the teacher came in and the classroom was quiet.

Lin Yu Tong has already said goodbye to the class for so many years and there are quite a lot of people who don't understand it, so he is ready to take classes. But when the class went on Long Le began to give him a note

[ - I heard that Xiao Wei went to Shen Jun to take a picture of him in the holiday and they lived together for several days.]

Lin Yu Tong thought about it and wrote back to him [– What does it have to do with me?]

Long Le took a piece of paper after a while [- Are you really okay?]

Lin Yu Tong didn't return the paper, Long Le also didn't want to lose any more papers, but it didn't take long for Zhan Yi Fei to send a text message to him.

[Tong, do you have time in the afternoon?]

Lin Yu Tong replied: [I am going to finish cooking the meal and bring back the things from the bedroom. Is there something wrong?]

[- If you are free, I want to take you to buy a wedding ring.]

Lin Yu Tong was not driving when he came in the morning. It is inconvenient to go back and bring things. This is good and Zhan Yi Fei can just pick him up.

Zhan Yi Fei was very fast, Lin Yu Tong had not finished the class and the man was waiting at the door. His one-meter-eight-seven big man, a well-balanced figure, dressed in a black suit with a tailored fitting, was fitted with a white-washed shirt, with an air of eliteman who had a successful career. He was very eye-catching.

The teacher just came out of the classroom and Zhan Yi Fei came in. The classmates in the classroom were looking at him. Someone curiously asked each other to the students who were close. "Who is this person? It seems that he is not from our school."

Someone was courageous and curious, he went and asked directly: "Ah big brother, who are you looking for?"

Zhan Yi Fei said: "I am looking for Lin Yu Tong." After talking about Lin Yu Tong, he asked gently: "Tong, Can we go?"

The students in the entire classroom are watching Lin Yu Tong.

Someone asked Lin Yu Tong, "Lin Zi, is he your relative?"

Someone immediately retorted: " He looks like a boyfriend!"

Lin Yu Tong said with a smile: "The deduction of relatives is very high, saying that the boyfriend's deduction of twenty percent off!"

Long Le favorite slutty dragon, then shouted: "What about a husband?"

Shen Jun's eyes were filled with ice shards.

At this time, Lin Yu Tong pulled Yi Fei and flew out of the classroom and said, "When you are a husband, you have to go to the gate and wait for me after school!"

The students immediately laughed, but they were somewhat lost. Who knows that at this time, Lin Yu Tong said: "I asked him out to meat skewers!"

Zhan Yi Fei made a light cough, covering his smile and said to Lin Yu Tong: "Then I am responsible for paying the bill."

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