Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being - Chapter 565 - Completely Surrounded

Chapter 565 - Completely Surrounded

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On the first day, nothing happened in the city, on the second day, nothing also happened in the city, and on the third day, similarly, nothing happened.

After three days, the tense atmosphere relaxed a little, and within the academy, normal school work was resumed. The students who were on holiday for three days all came back to class, and the teachers, other than the times they would go out and patrol, would also stay on the school grounds.

However, after the initial settling down, the discussion about Fiends suddenly exploded, and almost every disciple was discussing Fiends.

Today was Mr. Lan’s class.

Mr. Lan’s lectures were very carefree. He talked about what he was thinking, seemingly never preparing lessons beforehand. Sometimes, when students asked a single question in class, he would focus the whole class around it. However, it benefited them a lot.

Ever since Mr. Lan accepted Yan Tianhen as a disciple in the exam, he had never sought him out privately. Using Mr. Lan’s words, it was because the disciple himself was already excellent enough. As a master, what he should do is to prune and cut the leaves of his disciples, but this was only necessary if there was something wrong.

These past three months were peaceful, and Yan Tianhen did not cause any trouble. At least in the matter of alchemy, he was still diligent and grateful. Mr. Lan was naturally happy to be a figurehead master who didn’t have to do work.

Mr. Lan finished class, assigned homework, and asked, “What other matters do you not understand?”

It was quiet.

Mr. Lan was the first teacher to come to teach a class after the three days’ holiday. The disciples looked at each other, all of them had an awkward appearance. At this moment, Shen Qinghe opened his mouth and asked, “Mister, can you talk to us about Fiends?”

Mr. Lan looked at Shen Qinghe, then looked at those disciples that eagerly showed their desire for knowledge. He lifted his coat and sat cross-legged on the cushion again. Mr. Lan said, “I knew you were interested in these things. There is no trace of Fiends in the city. Even if they appear in the city, they will not be allowed to enter the Academy. Even if they enter the Academy, we will be the first to take the lead. You little birds who have not become useful yet are the safest, so don’t worry.”

Most of the Alchemy Division’s students were relieved.

Although they were powerful alchemists, and highly praised in Nine Lands, the problem was that their fighting capacity was really scummy. If they encountered Fiends, they would probably be killed.

Another disciple asked, “Mister, are Fiends really that frightening? I heard that they only found one. How could the whole city be under martial law?”

“A single Fiend can massacre a city if it is not handled properly.” With a faint sigh, Mr. Lan said, “Fiends are on the level of evil spirits of heaven and earth. They can’t be easily killed. They are invincible to those at the same level. Originally in the world, only a Phoenix’s Spirit Flames can easily refine them and eliminate them. Unfortunately, The West Phoenix Monarch has been missing for many years, and it is unknown if he is alive or dead.”

Yan Tianhen, holding his cheek, began to wonder if he had to summon Feng Jinyu here.

“The West Phoenix Monarch is indeed fierce.” Another disciple said, “My dad once said that a Phoenix’s Spirit Flames is the most powerful fire in heaven and earth, it can devour all things and get rid of evil spirits. All the dirty things in the world are afraid of the Phoenix, and Phoenix Spirit Flames can also be used for alchemy. Half of the remaining Heaven-Level Pills in the world are made by borrowing Phoenix Spirit Flames!”

Mr. Lan nodded and said, “That’s right.”

Someone asked, “West Phoenix Monarch Feng Jinyu disappeared, but did he leave any offsprings?”

Mr. Lan said, “How can I know about this? The West Land is a long journey away. The matters on that side, on this side we still don’t know much about it.”

“But if no offspring is left and if the West Phoenix Monarch is also dead, then between heaven and earth there would be no phoenixes?”

“Yes, Even just thinking about it, I feel very sad.”

Yan Tianhen sighed, looking at these disciples lamenting as if Feng Jingyu really was dead. He had the urge to twitch the corners of his mouth.

They were still naive and young.

Mr. Lan also couldn’t help laughing. “Do you care about Fiends or do you care about the West Phoenix Monarch?”

A disciple said, “Mister, didn’t you just say that Phoenix Spirit Flames is the natural enemy of Fiends? If the West Phoenix Monarch is still alive, he only needs to breathe a breath of fire, and the Fiends will die.”

Mr. Lan shook his head and said, “It’s not so easy. The West Phoenix Monarch is notorious for not liking to be meddlesome. As long as it doesn’t disturb his West Land, even if he is not missing, he still won’t care about the life and death of the outside world at all. Moreover, if we have to go ask the West Phoenix Monarch for help every time something comes up, then do we still want our face anymore?”

Disciples, “…..”

That’s a good point.

Yan Tianhen opened his mouth and asked, “Mister, if we happen to be unlucky to meet a Fiend, how can we save our lives?”

Mr. Lan looked at Yan Tianhen and said, “If you have a magic treasure for escape on you, take it out and use it. You must not let that thing get close to you, otherwise, all your cultivation will be absorbed and be sucked dry.”

“What if you can’t run away?” A disciple asked with some unease.

Mr. Lan revealed a grin and said, “If you can’t run away, you can only have to wait for death. If you want to die with some dignity, I suggest you self-destruct your Dantian. Otherwise, it’s easy to be skinned and strung by that Fiend.”

The disciples let out a voice of disgust and fear.

Mr. Lan saw that he had scared these disciples enough, so he properly got up and said, “Therefore, I suggest that you obediently stay in the academy before the ban is lifted this time, and don’t run around outside, otherwise, if you encounter a Fiend, no one can save you. Remember this phrase, ‘if you don’t court death, you won’t die’. However, every year when an accident happens, some disciples will go and court death. I’d like to see who is still so disobedient this year.”

Mr. Lan let those words full of caution remain, and then left with his sleeves fluttering.

The disciples’ topic of gossip today was about Fiends. One could imagine that the disciples’ gossip would be dedicated to Fiends for a long time.

No matter what was said, this was a moment to witness history.

Yan Tianhen also didn’t know much about Fiends, but he also knew that many of these disciples’ guesses were rumors. The false couldn’t be more false, so he had no interest in discussing them together.

He packed his books and prepared to leave the classroom, only to be unexpectedly blocked by someone.

He saw Tong Zishu biting his lower lip and looking at him. His face was full of grievances. He said, “Prince Ye, I never considered I have ever offended you. Why are you deliberately targeting me?”

Yan Tianhen, “…..”

He was caught unprepared.

The students, who were originally discussing in the classroom, immediately quieted down and looked towards their direction.

After all, no matter how powerful the Fiends were, they weren’t something students could physically touch. How could they compare with the living gossip happening right around them?

Yan Tianhen’s leg, which had originally stepped out, was taken back, and he calmly asked, “Why do you say this?”

Tong Zishu said, “Mr. Li has already found a place for me to do a work-study, but because of one word from you, my road has been blocked off. During this time, thanks to Mr. Wang’s care, although there are pill furnaces available, the contribution points are always not enough to buy spiritual plants. I hope that Prince Ye will give me a path to live.”

Yan Tianhen couldn’t help but laugh in his heart. He said, “You don’t go to Steward Ruan to help find a work-study program for you, but instead you go to beg for it from Mr. Li, and you have ideas about Huarong Sword Immortal. Are you born superior to others? Could it be that the only job that won’t tarnish your reputation, is to work at Little Penglai?”

Tong Zishu was ashamed and indignant. “Don’t talk nonsense. It was Mr. Li who respected the rules and was unwilling to break them for me. Only then did he think of Huarong Sword Immortal. Moreover, Little Penglai is not yours. Why are you so worried about not allowing anyone else to enter?”

Yan Tianhen narrowed his eyes and said, “Anyone who has ideas about Little Penglai, this Prince will not easily let you go.”

Tong Zishu’s eyes turned red and said, “I have nothing I can do now. If I can’t get contribution points, it will become more and more difficult to practice alchemy in the future. I admire the noble and proud style of Huarong Sword Immortal, and I don’t have any dirty thoughts about him. Why do you make things difficult for me?”

The other disciples also listened and got a general idea. Before, Mr. Li had already said that he would help Tong Zishu to find a place where he could work-study. Tong Zishu had said that it was enough if he could have a spiritual field for him to grow spiritual plants on his own. It seemed Mr. Li found Huarong Sword Immortal’s place.

Now looking at the situation, it seemed like Yan Tianhen interfered and blocked Tong Zishu’s path.

That was a bit severe.

The three disciples who had pretty good relations with Tong Zishu also stood up.

One of them said, “Prince Ye, if you are willing to threaten and bribe Huarong Sword Immortal to make him give you the land, we won’t say anything, but it is too much for you to harm your classmate for your own sake, that’s too cruel.”

“I think that he is jealous of Zishu’s talent. Speaking of which, if it weren’t for Prince Ye’s being born from a rich and powerful family, from an early age getting his every request fulfilled, and his spiritual plants were first class and his cultivation was also well done. His current achievements certainly wouldn’t be able to match those of Zishu.”

Another disciple thought that he was justified and said, “He was afraid that when Huarong Sword Immortal looks at Tong Zishu, at that time he would be nothing in the eyes of Huarong Sword Immortal.”

When Yan Tianhen heard this, he immediately became amused and said, “You don’t have to sing as a trio here. Since you know that I am Prince Ye, you should clearly know that there is a price to pay for offending me. Family background is also a kind of strength. If you fail to roll a good fetus, you complain that others have rolled a good fetus. That is something that makes no sense.”

Tong Zishu’s face was pale white, and said, “They were standing up for me. If you want revenge, come at me and don’t bully them.”

Those three disciples were very loyal and expressed their moral integrity.

“Zishu, you don’t have to say that, we share the same troubles!”

“That’s right! I don’t believe that in this world there is no law, can princes and nobles bully people as they please?!”

“I really don’t know what he has done to Huarong Sword Immortal. He must be using his identity to suppress people!”

Yan Tianhen hooked his lips and said, “You guys are right, I am using my identity to suppress people, and I can tell you now, not only before, but including now and in the future, as long as I, Yan Tianhen, am at Myriad Dao Academy, none of you can have ideas about Penglai Island, otherwise, don’t blame this Prince for being impolite!”

Yan Tianhen finished talking, sneered, and left with a swish of a sleeve, he did not intend to waste his breath with these people, displaying Prince Ye’s current incisively and vividly arrogant demeanor, considering everyone beneath him.

Since these people said he was threatening with force, he would show them what real coercion was.

Many of the other disciples who watched the scene leaned in to surround Tong Zishu.

One said, “The temper of Yan Tianhen is really bad. I’ve seen that ever since the day of the examination, where he dares to talk back to a Mister in public. You shouldn’t fight with him.”

“There is no difference between an aristocratic family or ordinary person within the Academy. If he really bullies you, don’t be afraid. We will accompany you to find the Mister to judge!”

“This Yan Tianhen is too selfish, he has no care for his classmates.”

“I see him now, sooner or later he will lose the public’s favor.”

“If it weren’t for his father being King Ye, what power does he have? If I were to judge, Zishu is much more incredible than him. You must be able to become a talented person in the future, even more powerful than him!”

“Yes, next year, we will team up with the disciples of the Craftsman and Dao Divisions, and go out to get experience together. When the time comes, let him, Yan Tianhen team up with himself.”

Tong Zishu thanked with wet eyes, “Thank you, classmates, for all of your support and comfort. I don’t want to go against Prince Ye either. Only… he’s going too far with his bullying.”

Everyone agreed.


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