Rebirth of the Tyrant's Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce - Chapter 529 - Do you feel regret? (2)

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Chapter 529 Do you feel regret? (2)

Gong Yimo froze. Being forced by him and listening to such words really overwhelmed her a little.

“So tell me now. Are you happy, or sad?”

“…I…” I’m happy…

She thought she could say those words easily, but when she looked at his eyes, something seemed to keep her lips shut. She couldn’t even bring out a single word.

Her hesitation caused Gong Jue’s eyes to light up slightly.

“Imperial Sister, do you like me?”

“I…Of course not!!” Gong Yimo quickly retorted, but she was taken into Gong Jue’s arms!

“It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter even if you don’t like me. Because whether you do or not, you’re still mine. I’m just happy that you hesitated…What Father said today hurt you too, didn’t it?”

Gong Yimo wanted to say no, but she couldn’t bring herself to. She could only stay silent.

Gong Jue felt even happier!

“I’m really sorry, Imperial Sister. Father Emperor made you sad…But I won’t.”

Then, moved by emotion, he wanted to kiss her again.

But Gong Yimo nervously dodged him a few times, but she was unable to succeed in the end and was still kissed by him. Their two clinging bodies were so harmonious, close, intimate, completely without space for anyone else.

Hidden deep behind the trees in the distance, Gong Che was standing behind one of them, watching them, his emotions doused black like ink!

He was really unhappy with how Gong Jue had taken Gong Yimo away, so he found a chance to come out. Unexpectedly, he ventured into the garden just to witness this scene!

He…He had never had the opportunity to kiss her like that! ANd he had never even held her, so why could Gong Jue do it?! Why?!

His heart seemed as if it had been torn apart, just like when Gong Yimo wished him an early wife and child back then.

Gong Che’s eyes gradually turned crimson. He really wanted to tear those two apart! He wanted to ask Gong Yimo, why did she reject him, but why didn’t she reject Gong Jue?! Which part of him is lesser than Gong Jue? Which?!

In terms of kinship, Gong Jue is the little brother she raised by her own hand. If he couldn’t do it, then why is Gong Jue allowed?!

He really wanted to rush over there and kill that man!

As long as Gong Jue is dead, nobody will be there to snatch his darling away from him. When he becomes the emperor, Mo’er will be his empress. They can love each other and be happy! But! Gong Jue actually dares to steal his sweetheart from him?! That belonged to him! It was his!

The sharp barbs of the tree dug into his fingertips, causing them to bleed, but Gong Che didn’t feel it at all. His knuckles had already turned white, showing the amount of force he was exerting!

—He couldn’t go over there, he had to pretend he didn’t see anything…He can’t go out there, he can’t!

This anger, this grief, this powerlessness! If he could only tear up the entire world! He only wished that everyone else was dead, leaving on him and her behind!

Gong Yimo couldn’t take it anymore, and can Gong Jue also not be so nonchalant about this? This is the palace!

She struggled once more, but Gong Jue didn’t get angry this time. Instead, he laughed.

“Don’t be angry anymore, Imperial Sister…”

Gong Yimo glared at him. She didn’t want to talk to him!

“Imperial Sister, I promise that I will never marry anyone else but you.”

Gong Yimo immediately jumped to her feet!

“It’s not like I’m the one who wants you to marry! Do whatever you want!”

After throwing down those words, she ran off, not wanting to stick around with Gong Jue any longer.

The current Gong Jue was just like a rogue, wanting to take advantage of her all the time!

After Gong Yimo left, Gong Jue seemed to turn around. At this moment, Gong Che had already hidden completely behind the tree.

But a corner of his dark robes was exposed, causing a cruel smile to curve up Gong Jue’s lips.

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