Rebirth: Pampered Wife’s Counterattack - Chapter 586 - Fang Liyin’s Crimes

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Chapter 586: Fang Liyin’s Crimes

“Xinxin, back then I was genuinely afraid that your father would take his own life. I had no choice but to come to the Fang home. Your father was the one who misunderstood me to be your mother.” Fang Liyin insisted. “Initially, I thought that this was a good method to keep him at ease while I searched for your mother.”

A hint of heartbreak appeared in her eyes. “It’s a pity that after seven to eight years, your mother remains missing.”

“My father is now in a coma. Isn’t it easy to be able to explain this however you would like to?”

Long Shuhai spoke up to help her. “Xinxin, your aunt is speaking the truth. She truly had no choice but to come to the Fang home. Firstly, she was afraid your father would take his own life if he failed to find your mother. Secondly, Shaohua, Manxue and you were all very young. It was necessary for someone to take care of the three of you.”

“Speaking of which, my mom is your family’s benefactor.” Fang Manxue spoke up arrogantly. “Fang Xinxin, when my mom first came to your home, Fang Shaohua was already almost eighteen. That was fine. However, you were only eleven at the time. You owe my mother a debt for bringing you up.”

“Hmph, bringing me up?” Fang Xinxin smiled. “You whore. You sure are good at elevating your mom’s status. Fang Liyin is the prime suspect for my mom’s disappearance. Your family of three also took over our Fang family’s inheritance and ate up all of the money in my father’s company. You even landed my brother in jail. Is this the so-called debt you speak of?”

“…” Fang Manxue did not dare to speak up again.

Fang Liyin trembled slightly. “Xinxin, you can’t speak carelessly. I’ve never harmed my sister. The reason your father’s money was depleted is because I wasn’t very good at managing the company…”

“You bought several luxury branded cars worth hundreds of thousands. Every time you visited the mall, you spent recklessly on clothes and make-up. All the purchases you made were always from expensive brands.” Fang Xinxin spoke coldly. “Is this what you mean when you say that you were poor at managing the company? Aside from spending the Fang Corporation’s money, you’ve never done anything to manage it. You didn’t just empty out the Fang Corporation’s finances. You even used up the money meant for the projects that were still in-progress when my father collapsed.”

“Since the money has been used up, we won’t be able to return it.” Fang Liyin insisted shamelessly. “Xinxin, no matter what, I’m still your aunt. I only used a bit of your family’s money. What about it? Even if my sister was…”

Fang Xinxin listened patiently as she paused for a moment before continuing. “Even if my sister wasn’t missing, she would definitely lend me the money if I was struggling.”

Fang Liyin put on a loving attitude. “Xinxin ah, no matter what, you’ve addressed me as ‘Mom’ for over seven years. Your fiancé is also the wealthiest man in the country. Forget about the fact that we’ve used up the Fang family’s money. Besides…”

She said sternly, “Your elder brother, Fang Shaohua, is in jail because of his own crimes. This is unrelated to me!”

“So far, it seems like my brother’s imprisonment is unrelated to you.” Fang Xinxin shifted her sharp gaze onto Yang Xueyao. “Do you still remember Wang Liangping, the thief from three years ago?”

Yang Xueyao was covered in cold sweat. “I… I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

“You gave Wang Liangping a sum of money to help him escape to Malaysia. He has now been arrested.” Ya Lun had returned to the country and handed Wang Liangping over.

He even voluntarily offered to change the statement from the previous interrogation.

Fang Xinxin smiled coldly. “Wang Liangping has already confessed to his crimes and admitted that you were the person behind the entire matter three years ago. You were the one who instructed Wang Liangping to steal my phone. You then sent Fang Shaohua a message while pretending to be me, instructing him to head to room 416 in Fu Chun Hotel. You first drugged Sun Fangfang, who was in the room, and commited the crime. After my brother was tricked into the room, you knocked him out and placed him on the bed with Sun Fangfang, who was heavily injured.”

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