Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief - Chapter 1864 - Don’t Scare Me

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Chapter 1864: Don’t Scare Me

Qiao Nan bit on her lip. “Sister Zhai Hua, don’t you think that that logic seems a little flawed? It might be true that spending time with someone can cause one’s actions and expressions to resemble those of the other person, thus giving people a sense of resemblance. But I’m not talking about such things between Wei Wei and Wei De. I’m talking about their appearances. Under normal circumstances, resemblances in appearances are due to genetics. Unless Wei Wei’s unknown father is not only related to Wei De but also a very close relative… Perhaps it’s his brother or uncle.”

“That’s impossible.” Zhai Hua denied. “The Wei family does have relatives, but I’ve met most of them. None of them fit your description. Besides, you’ve said that these people are of a different generation from Wei Xiaomei, so how could they have gotten into a relationship with Wei Xiaomei, much less had a son like Wei Wei? If it’s really someone within the family, there’s no way they would have allowed Wei Xiaomei to remain in the family with Wei Wei. Qiao Nan, I think you’re overthinking it.”

Qiao Nan had to resist the urge to roll her eyes. She was certain that she was not overthinking this. “Sister Zhai Hua, you’re not catching the main point. Since Wei Wei’s father can’t possibly be Wei De’s uncles, think about what other reason there might be for Wei Wei to resemble Wei De. Have you never had any suspicions even though you guys meet each other so often? Times must have been hard in the past. Which family would have been so kind as to adopt a young lady and even continue supporting that young lady and her son even after that young lady did something to disgrace the family? Is the Wei family a bunch of saint people? I wouldn’t say so from what I’ve seen.”

She had nothing to do with Zhai Sheng and was simply receiving some help from Zhai Sheng for the time being. But Wei De seemed to be afraid that she would not know her place and would even cling on to Zhai Sheng. As such, he had taken on the responsibility of chasing her away on the Zhai family’s behalf.

Could such a person really be a saint? The Wei family was full of saints? That was such a hilarious joke!

Zhai Hua was suddenly flustered. “Qiao Nan, what are you actually trying to say?” She felt that there was something between the lines of Qiao Nan’s words.

“Sister Zhai Hua, do you really not understand what I mean?” If Sister Zhai Hua truly did not know what she was thinking, she had said all that for nothing. Based on this alone, she had decided to talk to Sister Zhai Hua first.

She did not wish for Sister Zhai Hua to be the last one to find out about Wei Wei’s relationship with Wei De. Similarly, since this was Sister Zhai Hua’s marriage, if Sister Zhai Hua did not want to take issue with this matter and wanted only to protect her family, she was not in the position to ruin this family. If she told the Zhai family about Wei Wei’s relationship with Wei De before telling Zhai Hua, there would only be one possible outcome. Sister Zhai Hua’s family would definitely be destroyed.

The Zhai family had already allowed Zhai Hua to be willful once, but they were definitely not going to allow for it to happen a second time. If it happened a second time, Zhai Hua would not only lose her marriage but also her true family.

“Sister Zhai Hua, you should understand my purpose of coming to talk to you. You can think about it, and I’ll respect your decision once you’ve made one. I’ll do whatever you tell me to. Anyway, I’m only staying here for the time being. In a few days’ time, I’ll move back to my house once my door has been fixed. In the future, I probably won’t have any more opportunities to meet your family.”

Not meeting the Zhai family meant that she would never have the chance to tell the rest of the Zhai family about the relationship between Wei Wei and Wei De. Zhai Hua could rest assured about that.

Zhai Hua felt as though there was a small hammer pounding beside her ear, making her all dizzy. “Hold on a moment. Don’t be in a hurry. Let me think through it.” Zhai Hua shook her head as she said it. “My brain is in a little bit of a mess at the moment. Qiao Nan, can you be a little more straightforward about what you’re trying to say about Wei Wei resembling Wei De?”

Since Zhai Hua kept saying that she did not understand what Qiao Nan meant, Qiao Nan would have to be straightforward and direct about it. Qiao Nan would have to stop beating around the bush and tell Zhai Hua exactly what she meant. Only then would she be able to leave the Zhai family’s house with peace of mind. “What I mean is that I suspect that Wei Wei is not a fatherless child. In fact, his father has always been taking care of him. Although I’ve only seen Wei De once, I don’t think he’s the kind of selfless person who’ll willingly sacrifice his life for someone else without expecting anything in return.”

“I don’t think he’s the kind of person to treat someone else’s child better than his own child. Only if both children are his will it make sense for the Wei family to favor Wei Wei, a boy, over Jiajia, just like what Jiajia said.”

“That’s impossible!” Zhai Hua had not even gotten the chance to deny it before Jiajia, who had just returned from her training to change out of her sweaty clothes, pushed open the door and shouted. “Auntie Qiao, I think you’re overthinking it. That’s impossible. Wei Xiaomei is my aunt. Even though she isn’t the Wei family’s biological child, she grew up in my grandma’s family. She’s a sibling to my father. How could they possibly have gotten together behind my mom’s back and had Wei Wei? That’s ridiculous! Thank you for your concern, Auntie Qiao, but I think you’re thinking too much!”

Wei Jiajia preferred Wei De treating Wei Wei well out of pity than accepting the fact that Wei Wei was actually her father’s biological son. Besides, all these were just suspicions. They had to be false! Yes, that was exactly what it was. It was false. It was not the truth.

Jiajia’s appearance caught Qiao Nan off guard. But because the most important person concerned was present, Qiao Nan calmed down. “Jiajia, have you ever heard of child brides? I’m sure the Wei family’s conditions in the countryside weren’t very good, right? In a time when they could hardly even afford to feed themselves, do you know how hard it must have been to feed another person? Finding a bride was not easy at that time. Besides, your dad was a soldier. It was understandable for the Wei family to do that since they had not expected your mom to appear.”

Wei Jiajia forced a smile out. “Mom, please explain it on Dad’s behalf. Dad might not have a good temper, but he’s responsible toward our family. My dad would never do such a thing to us, right? He’s a good person, right, Mom? Auntie Qiao, you’ve scared me. This is just your wild guess, but you’ve made it sound so real! Look how you’ve scared my mom!”

Qiao Nan had already spilled too much to back down. “Jiajia, you told me that your mom was the one who bought the house that your grandma is living in now. It has three bedrooms and two living rooms, right?” It was a huge house.

“Yes, but what does the house have to do with this?”

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