Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief - Chapter 1882 - Change of Positions

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Chapter 1882: Change of Positions

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“Jiajia said that she’ll follow me. Wei De already has his son, Wei Wei. He doesn’t care about his daughter, but I do. I’ll never let him have Jiajia.”

Otherwise, the Wei family would probably bully Jiajia so that they would be able to gain from the Zhai family.

When Zhai Hua emerged, Jiajia sat quietly by Qiao Nan’s side. She had been waiting for a long time. Jiajia’s eyes sparkled the moment she saw Zhai Hua, and she immediately skipped over to Zhai Hua’s side to hold on to Zhai Hua’s hand. “Mom, let’s go home.”

Zhai Hua felt her eyes redden. Her daughter had never been to the Zhai family’s house but still viewed the Zhai family’s house as her home. The Wei family was truly such a failure to have created such animosity that Jiajia was willing to call an unfamiliar place her home. “All right, let’s go home. Back to our real home. A home that feels like a home.”

Seeing Zhai Hua and her daughter in this state, Miao Jing finally let out a smile. “That’s right. Let’s all go home. Let’s have a good meal and wash up. Tomorrow will be better.”

As the Zhai family reunited and headed back home, Qiao Nan subconsciously followed along. But then, she sensitively took a few steps back. The Zhai family would head home, but it was already late at night. There would probably not be any buses to bring her back to Qingshui Town. She would just have to find a motel for the night and return tomorrow.

The Zhai family now knew all about Zhai Hua’s situation. Qiao Nan believed that Zhai Hua would definitely not be at a disadvantage with the Zhai family on her side. The Zhai family would naturally help Zhai Hua resolve her problems. As an outsider, there was no need for her to step in and interfere. She could take a step back now.

Zhai Sheng, who was standing by Qiao Nan’s side, asked in a low voice, “Why aren’t you moving?”

Qiao Nan lifted her eyes to meet Zhai Sheng’s. “What do you mean? It’s time for me to go home too.” Qiao Nan lifted her foot, heading in the direction of the bus stop but was immediately stopped by Zhai Sheng. Frustrated, he asked, “Where are you going? The car is here.”

Qiao Nan was slightly angry, yet aggrieved. “So what if the car is here? This isn’t my car. Besides, you have too many passengers!” She was a Qiao and had nothing much to do with the Zhai family. What right did she have to get in the car, especially when the Zhai family was having a warm reunion? What was her identity?

At the mention of having too many passengers, Zhai Sheng was stunned. He had indeed neglected this problem. But seeing Qiao Nan pouting like a child, Zhai Sheng’s heart softened. “Don’t worry. We won’t have too many passengers. No matter what, you came all the way to Ping Cheng because of our family. Although the matter has already been resolved, we have to take responsibility for you now.”

Zhai Sheng then walked toward the car and said to the person in the passenger seat, “Drive this car home. I’ll get another car with Qiao Nan.”

Zhai Hua, who had just been released from the police station and whose emotions had been complicated, could not help but laugh. “Do you mean that you’re abandoning your parents and sister now that you have a wife?”

Qiao Nan was truly important to him for him to leave his entire family and accompany her alone.

She had been married for over ten years and had given her all for her family. Not only had she never been pampered like a princess, but she had even treated her partner like a king. But in return, she had gotten years of lies and betrayal. Zhai Hua was almost dying of grief because of Wei De, but right at this moment, it seemed like Zhai Sheng’s spring was coming.

“Aren’t you afraid that you’ll provoke me and that I’ll create trouble for Qiao Nan?” Zhai Hua had moments when she was unreasonable as well. Was he not afraid that she would do something upon seeing how well the couple got along with each other?

Zhai Sheng was not at all threatened by Zhai Hua. “Qiao Nan has just done you such a big favor. I don’t think you’ll be so evil as to do something like that. Without Qiao Nan, we wouldn’t even know where Jiajia is. You’d better set a good example for Jiajia in front of her.”

Jiajia, who had been unwittingly ‘arrowed’, blinked in confusion, feeling that the world of adults was too confusing. Auntie Qiao had obviously not done anything. Why was her mom targeting Auntie Qiao? While she had been in the police station, no one but Auntie Qiao had been around. She thought that her mom got along well with Auntie Qiao!

To be honest, Jiajia had only memories of her mom’s uncompromising side. As such, Jiajia had been surprised to see Zhai Hua’s willingness to take Qiao Nan’s advice. If not for the fact that she was certain that her mom had never crossed paths with Auntie Qiao before the new year, she would have suspected that Auntie Qiao was her mom’s long-lost best friend.

“Mom, I’m hungry.” Jiajia did not know how to respond at such a moment, but her uncle was not wrong. After arriving in Qingshui Town, she had not been able to find her grandma’s family. Thankfully, she had Auntie Qiao. Otherwise, she might have gone into hiding out of shock and fear.

Zhai Hua had no other choice since her daughter was now complaining about her hunger. She had already lost her marriage and her husband, Wei De. Now, the most important thing to Zhai Hua was undoubtedly her daughter, Jiajia. Jiajia was her first priority now. Since her daughter was hungry, the first thing Zhai Hua had to do was to go home and prepare a feast for her daughter.

It was not only Jiajia who was hungry. Zhai Hua was hungry too. When the incident had happened, it had been noontime. The mother-and-daughter pair had taken both meals at once, so it was only natural for them to be hungry.

Miao Jing hesitated for a moment. “We came back too suddenly, so I guess there won’t be any vegetables at home, right?” Even though her daughter and granddaughter were both hungry, there was no way she would suddenly be able to whip up a meal on such short notice.

“…” Zhai Yaohui was taken aback too. It seemed as though he did not have a solution either.

Zhai Sheng whipped out his phone and made a call. “Don’t worry. You’re not going to go hungry now that you’re going home. It’s all right if we have no ingredients at home. I’ll just call for delivery.”

Zhai Hua hit herself on the head. “I almost forgot about that. Aren’t you always in the army? Why do you know so much about this?” As a housewife, it was normal to know about such things. Apart from her, given the Zhai family’s situation, everyone else was no different from cavemen.

It was exactly because of this that Zhai Hua was shocked that Zhai Sheng had thought of this.

After making his order, Zhai Sheng kept his phone. “You don’t need to know so much. You just have to know that your younger brother won’t let the two of you starve now that you’re coming home. Don’t be naggy. Hurry and change your position.”

After saying that, Zhai Sheng did not say anything more.

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