Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief - Chapter 1883 - Unsuitable

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Chapter 1883: Unsuitable

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Apart from Zhai Hua and her daughter, the only ones left in the car were Zhai Yaohui and Miao Jing. It was not that Zhai Hua did not know how to drive. With her around, did she really dare to let her elderly parents drive?

Of course not.

If Zhai Hua did not drive, they might as well remain there and see if they should get a valet over.

Seeing Zhai Sheng use such methods against her for the first time, Zhai Hua was amused, yet bitter at the same time. It was normal for a man to forget about his mother once he had a wife. If he could forget about even his mother, she was nothing in his eyes since she was only his elder sister.

With no other choice after having been abandoned by Zhai Sheng who had ‘forgotten’ about his sister due to his own lust, Zhai Hua could only move from the passenger seat to the driver’s seat.

Jiajia looked around and climbed to the passenger seat. Then, upon witnessing Zhai Sheng drag Qiao Nan into another car, Jiajia asked out of curiosity, “Mom, what’s Auntie Qiao’s relationship with my uncle now?”

Thinking about it, Jiajia felt a little embarrassed. On the surface, Qiao Nan had nothing to do with the Zhai family. How could she not feel embarrassed from finding an ‘outsider’ when something happened to her?

“Who knows? It’s a mystery.” To Zhai Hua, this was perhaps the only piece of news that comforted her slightly. She was on the verge of losing her marriage. While Zhai Sheng did not seem like he was lovelorn, he was still single. The siblings’ relationship statuses were not that far off from each other.

Zhai Yaohui eyed Miao Jing. Since Hua Hua could tell Jiajia such a thing, it seemed like Hua Hua had not only made a decision regarding Wei De, but she had also become more open-minded. Hua Hua should not be pretending to be strong, right?

Zhai Yaohui lifted his chin to express that his daughter had always been this strong. There was no need for any pretense. If she had not met Wei De, Zhai Hua’s performance would have been this brilliant all along. One was marked by the company one kept. Now that she had left Wei De, Zhai Hua would return to being that daughter who was even more outstanding than a son.

When Zhai Hua returned to the Zhai family’s house with the other three members of her family, Zhai Sheng coincidentally alighted from the car too.

Actually, Qiao Nan had already regretted her actions the moment she complained to Zhai Sheng about overloading the car at the police station. The moment she said that, it sounded as though she intended to leave with the Zhai family. She had not meant that at all. Initially, she had simply thought that it would be better for the Zhai family to remain together at such a time.

“Brother Zhai, it’s inappropriate for me to go to your house. It’s so late at night, and I can’t return home either. If you really feel sorry, you can just book a hotel room for me. I won’t stop you from booking the best hotel in the area.” It had been more than half a year since Qiao Nan had woken up from her dream. As such, Qiao Nan was a little afraid of entering that slightly unfamiliar quad in Ping Cheng.

Moreover, the Qiao family was in that quad too. Although one was on the south side, while the other was on the north, Qiao Nan had grown up in the quad. As such, there were a lot of neighbors who recognized her. If she got caught by her neighbors, the Qiao family would definitely learn of her presence in Ping Cheng.

Up until now, Qiao Nan had not gotten herself ready to meet the Qiao family. When she had left the last time, Qiao Nan seemed to have made up her mind never to meet the Qiao family ever again. She was all too clear that her mom would never change.

Elderly people would never change their mindsets. In fact, this elderly person would probably only get more stubborn with age. Besides, Ding Jiayi had someone by her side who constantly encouraged her: Qiao Zijin. Although they could not be relatives, she did not want them to hurt each other either. It was better that they severed all ties so that she would not get hurt anymore.

But once the Qiao family learned of Qiao Nan’s whereabouts, it went without question that Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin would act like leeches and would never let her go. Qiao Nan felt bad for describing her relatives in this manner, but it was the truth.

No matter what the reason was, Qiao Nan had no desire to step into the Zhai family’s house in the Ping Cheng quad.

Zhai Sheng did not agree. If he were to continue being wishy-washy any longer, it would not only be his father who could not stand it. Zhai Sheng himself would be unable to tolerate it either. He could sense that Qiao Nan had always been trying to avoid him and that Qiao Nan felt that it was impossible between the two of them. If he were to give in to Qiao Nan despite knowing that Qiao Nan had such thoughts, Zhai Sheng knew that he would really remain a bachelor for the rest of his life.

If he wanted to get married and have a wife and children, the first thing he had to do was to pull Qiao Nan out of her shell. “It’s not like we don’t have any space in our house. We have more than enough rooms. Why do you have to stay in a hotel? You understand Zhai Hua’s situation, but we don’t. Don’t think that Zhai Hua’s decided to leave Wei De for sure. I’m sure she’s upset in her heart. Today, she only managed to have a small fight with Wei De. What if she can’t go to sleep and wakes up at night to deal with Wei De again? I can’t even be sure of how bad that will be. I think you get along quite well with Zhai Hua. She’ll listen to whatever you say. Just treat it as though you’re helping me take care of Zhai Hua by staying at my house.”

Yes, Zhai Hua was still a little useful at such a time.

But Zhai Sheng only said that to coax Qiao Nan. Zhai Sheng did not mean what he had just said. After all, he had grown up with Zhai Hua. He was all too clear about Zhai Hua’s temper.

If Zhai Hua really wanted to kill Wei De, there was no way Wei De would be lying in the hospital with minor injuries. Although Zhai Hua no longer had a gun after retiring from the military, there were still knives and scissors at home. If she had used any of these things to stab Wei De a few times and gouge holes out of him, Wei De would probably be dead by now.

Now that Zhai Hua had agreed to get a divorce, she would probably never turn back no matter what happened. Since she would never change her decision, it was even less likely that she would be unable to snap out of it. But it was only natural that she would be upset for a while.

Thankfully, Zhai Hua still had Jiajia around. Even if it was for the sake of her daughter, Zhai Hua would not do anything foolish. A mother was in a completely different position from her daughter. Zhai Hua was no longer that willful young lady from the past. She was Wei Jiajia’s mother.

Of course, Zhai Sheng naturally did not tell Qiao Nan anything about Zhai Hua’s change in mindset and behavior due to her change in status. If he were to do so, there would be no reason for Qiao Nan to stay.

“Are you unwilling to spend the night at our house because of the Qiao family?”

“Yes.” Qiao Nan nodded. “That’s one of the reasons, and the other is that it’s inappropriate for me to stay at your house.”

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