Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief - Chapter 2301 - Not Raising the Price (2)

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Chapter 2301: Not Raising the Price (2)

“But I have a request. Unless you’re willing to transfer that sum of money to me right away, you’d better return to the capital alone.”

Whether or not she succeeded, Wang Yang would give her five million yuan right away. If he agreed to that, she would return to the capital with him right away to help him out. But if he were to put conditions on her getting this money, he’d better forget about it.

Convincing Qiao Nan was no different from taking an exam to Qiao Zijin. She couldn’t even handle a mere examination script, let alone Qiao Nan. If Wang Yang had approached her two years ago, she would have accepted without any hesitation.

But in the short span of two years, Qiao Nan had transformed entirely from that foolish woman who had always listened to her mom. She had never been a fan of working with nothing to gain.

“I said that you have to succeed. Otherwise…” Wang Yang had hardly believed his ears when Qiao Zijin had first said that she wouldn’t increase her price. Qiao Zijin was like a blood-sucking leech. How could she ever accept the original offer given such an opportunity? Would that be Qiao Zijin? True enough, Wang Yang hadn’t even gotten any time to rejoice before Qiao Zijin’s next words infuriated him.

Qiao Zijin was planning on taking his five million yuan even without settling the matter? Qiao Zijin was indeed just as shameless as he had expected.

“Alright. We have nothing to talk about, then. Sir, please hurry along. I want to return home in time for dinner.” Wang Yang knew that his chances of winning the lawsuit were low. That was why he refused to let go of her despite looking down on her. Wang Yang knew he could take advantage of her. “Sir, please hurry up. The whole bus is waiting.”

Of course, Qiao Zijin had not entirely given up Wang Yang’s offer. Qiao Zijin had been rather happy that Wang Yang had chased after her. But Qiao Zijin was no longer willing to make a deal with Wang Yang since he had refused to tweak his conditions, insisting that he would only pay her after she convinced Qiao Nan.

Qiao Zijin was the same Qiao Zijin. What she wanted was never a big harvest from putting in little effort. What she wanted was a big harvest from putting in no effort at all. Because she had gotten nowhere with Qiao Nan, Qiao Zijin had no desire to earn money through her own ‘hard work’ by accomplishing Wang Yang’s task.

“Sir, I’m sure you heard that. Please get off. There are cars behind us. You’re blocking the expressway. Someone might report you to the police.” The driver was annoyed too. It seemed to be a transaction and there was talk of money, but they didn’t seem to be talking about business either. Because of that, the driver thought that neither of them was any good.

“That’s right. Hurry and get off. If you two know each other and you can get her to get off with you, then hurry up. If you can’t, then be a man and leave.”

“We’ve already been delayed by five minutes. Sir, if you don’t get off. I’m going to call the police.”

Wang Yang’s conversation with Qiao Zijin was like a riddle from the start. Apart from them, not a single passenger understood what was going on. Since they couldn’t comprehend the situation, the passengers didn’t dare to point fingers at anyone. It hadn’t even been a good show for them. They were simply wasting everyone’s time! To the passengers in a hurry, their patience had run dry. There were even those who had gotten up, with the intention of shoving Wang Yang off the bus.

This was no longer embarrassing. It was downright humiliating!

Wang Yang’s face turned green. “You’re indeed sisters with Qiao Nan! You’re all the same! Fine. You’d better not regret it. I might not be able to deal with Qiao Nan, but do you really think that I won’t be able to deal with you?”

It was only thanks to him that Chen Jun had been promoted as an officer. Qiao Zijin had a son with Chen Jun. He didn’t think that Qiao Zijin would remain so calm and cool if he were to deal with that son of hers. Her son would repay his mother’s debts! Given Wang Yang’s status and power, it wouldn’t be difficult to deal with Qiao Zijin’s son at all.

“Who are you? Are you scolding her, or are you threatening her? Get off!”

The men on the bus were truly infuriated and they stretched out to push Wang Yang out. Did he think that they were all mannequins with no tempers?

Wang Yang sneered. After glancing at Qiao Zijin, he simply got off the bus himself. Qiao Zijin had been rather affected by Wang Yang’s expression, but very soon, she calmed down. Wang Yang had been the one to arrange for Chen Jun’s appearance. Based on that, she knew that Zhai Sheng would never let Chen Jun off so easily even if Wang Yang did.

That was part of the reason she was in a hurry to return to Ping Cheng this time. She had to get in contact with Chen Jun to explain the situation to him so that Chen Jun wouldn’t be caught off-guard when Zhai Sheng tried to deal with him. Qiao Zijin didn’t care if Chen Jun would be affected. She was only afraid that her son, Chen Feng, would be implicated in the matter as well because of his father.

As compared to Zhai Sheng, Wang Yang’s threats weren’t especially frightening.

Earlier, the only one Chen Jun had to beware of was Zhai Sheng. But now, there was Wang Yang too. But she wondered how much power Wang Yang would have after that lawsuit to deal with Chen Jun.

As such, Wang Yang returned to the capital in a rage. Seeing as to how Wang Yang had returned alone, with an expression that looked worse than before, Li Yayan had already gotten her answer. Li Yayan’s eyes reddened and she resisted the urge to cry. Now, they were truly helpless. All they could do was to wait for the court hearing and for the judge to pass a judgment.

Wang Yang downed a glass of water before hollering, “Stop it with that mournful face. We haven’t lost the lawsuit yet. Even if we were going to win, you would have ruined it with that stupid face of yours. Qiao Zijin… She dares to go against me? What right does she have to do that? Does she really think I won’t deal with her once I get the time to do so? If not for how unique this situation is, she’d never have gotten the chance to work for me in this entire lifetime! And she was even riding on her sister’s laurels… I…”

Wang Yang was infuriated and resentful. He had hated Zhu Chengqi to death for having created so much trouble even after his death. Now, his hatred was directed toward Qiao Zijin and Qiao Nan. The younger sister had been so evil and immoral to snatch someone else’s money. The elder sister had been even more unreasonable. As a leech, she didn’t even have the slightest bit of self-awareness and even dared to challenge others. The sisters were truly an annoyance to him. People like them didn’t deserve to be in this world!

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