Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief - Chapter 2494 - A Child’s Happiness (1)

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Chapter 2494: A Child’s Happiness (1)

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“Mom, I like Jiajia a lot. I would definitely marry her and not get a divorce from her. You have never done your duty as a mother. I will try my best to fulfill my obligations as a son. However, I have to remind you. If you ruin my wedding with Jiajia and cause her to be unhappy, I don’t mind you saying that I’ve forgotten about my mom after having a wife. The money’s in my pockets. It’s up to me how I want to provide for your old age. Mom, don’t force me.”

What was Qiao Zijin most afraid of?

She was most afraid that her son wouldn’t provide for her old age and she couldn’t lead a good life.

Qiao Zijin didn’t dare to treat Chen Feng’s words to be just scaring herself and that they were untrue.

Qiao Zijin knew too clearly that Chen Feng’s feelings for Jiajia were much deeper than his feelings for her. Chen Feng could really abandon her because of Jiajia.

Even without Chen Feng’s reminder, Qiao Zijin knew how much she had sacrificed for him.

Chen Feng had her fate in his hands. How would Qiao Zijin dare to make a din? She could only watch as Zhai Hua received more attention than her, the groom’s biological mother. Under everyone’s blessings but hers, the wedding ceremony ended.

Now, not only had Chen Feng registered his marriage with Jiajia, but they had also held a wedding banquet. Jiajia was Chen Feng’s wife. She couldn’t run away from this status.

Chen Feng and Jiajia were married. To Qiao Nan, she only needed to be busy once for the marriage between the two children whom she liked. Speaking of which, that saved her a lot of effort.

She didn’t know if the three weddings she would help her three children organize after they grew up would be as smooth-sailing as today.

“Grandaunt, let me help you.”

“Just walk. You’re so short. Why are you helping Grandaunt? Don’t cause her to fall instead.”

“…Brother’s bad. You bully me. I’ll tell Dad!”

A daughter was her father’s lover in his previous life. Once she was bullied, she immediately thought of complaining to the father whom she loved the most.

“Chen Xinxin, can you be more promising? You’re already a big kid. Why are you always complaining to Dad?” Once Chen Xinxin complained, he would suffer a beating.

Chen Xinxin was not willing to take this lying down. “Chen Pengpeng, if you don’t bully me, how would I complain to Dad? Is there a brother like you?”

The Chen family’s siblings started to argue and Qiao Nan laughed. “Alright, Pengpeng has to take care of his sister. Xinxin has to dote on her brother as well. Aren’t the both of you sick of arguing?”

“She’s in the wrong.”

“Brother’s bad for bullying me.”

The siblings started to argue again.

Chen Peng and Chen Xin were Chen Feng’s and Jiajia’s son and daughter. Chen Peng was seven years old this year. He was conceived in the couple’s third year of marriage.

Chen Xin was the second child. She was four years old this year. It was no wonder that Chen Peng, who was at the height of Qiao Nan’s chest, scolded his sister for overestimating her capabilities when he heard that Chen Xin was going to help her.

It was unknown if they were influenced by their parents, but once Chen Peng and Chen Xin were born, their paternal grandma didn’t like them. Their maternal grandma was alright and could play with them for a while. However, their favorite was still Qiao Nan, their grandaunt.

Especially when the young couple first gave birth to Chen Peng, they didn’t know how to raise a child. No matter how much they loved him, they were still clumsy.

There was nothing much to expect from Zhai Hua. Qiao Zijin? Stop scaring people.

In the end, the novice parents took their son to Qiao Nan and got her to teach them how to raise him up.

As the novice parents had jobs, Qiao Nan pretty much raised Chen Peng up until he was three years old.

Qiao Nan expressed that she didn’t have a choice. She handed her foundation over to Jiajia to manage as she was her successor.

She was old and couldn’t run around anymore. She had to let Jiajia run the different activities and take care of things.

Jiajia was her successor to deliver warmth to this society. Qiao Nan naturally had to help Jiajia and Chen Feng bring up Chen Peng, her grandnephew.

As such, Chen Peng was sent to kindergarten after Qiao Nan brought him up to three years old. Then, it was Chen Xin’s turn. Sorry, but Chen Feng and Jiajia didn’t accumulate any experience of bringing up a child during the process of raising Chen Peng, so…

Four years after the triplets graduated, Qiao Nan could be said to have brought up two ‘grandchildren’.

Even though her own children were already twenty-five years old, Qiao Nan had no intention to urge them to get married.

Their dad, Zhai Sheng, was the best example. He was urged to get married and got a divorce after three years of marriage in the end.

With them as examples, Qiao Nan expressed that she’d rather her three children take it slow and find someone they really loved before talking about marriage and children.

It was just that Qiao Nan was already sixty-five years old this year.

Just like Miao Jing back then, Qiao Nan was a little sad that although she would have the chance to see her three children married, she didn’t know how long more she could take care of her grandchildren.

Upon hearing that Chen Feng’s and Jiajia’s son and daughter were arguing, Zhai Sheng felt a headache.

These two brats only knew how to create children but not raise them. What time was it already? Why weren’t they bringing their children home?

In the past, Zhai Sheng still felt that both Jiajia and Chen Feng were alright. Now, he hated this couple very much. When Zhai Sheng saw Chen Feng and Jiajia come to pick their children up, Zhai Sheng’s face was dark.

Jiajia held her son’s hand and Chen Feng held Xinxin in his arms. After greeting Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan, they hurriedly brought their children away.

In the car, Jiajia couldn’t help but ask, “Did the two of you pester Grandaunt to accompany you again?”

She really didn’t understand. Her uncle was already an old man in his seventies. Why was he still so full of jealousy? He couldn’t leave her aunt’s side at all.

She had a toothache seeing the old couple.

What angered Jiajia the most was that because of this, her uncle gave them dirty looks every day.

Her uncle still had the cheek to blame Pengpeng and Xinxin for clinging to her aunt. The person who clung to her aunt the most was her uncle, alright?

How would Jiajia know that in Zhai Sheng’s heart, Qiao Nan was his wife? As such, it was only natural for him to be together with her. He wasn’t being clingy. They were a couple.

On the contrary, those ‘outsiders’ who had repeatedly occupied their couple time together really lacked self-consciousness.

Xinxin smiled like a flower. “Yes, Grandaunt told me a story today and coaxed me to sleep. She even played puzzles with me. Mom, I want to go to Grandaunt’s house again tomorrow.”

“…” Indeed. “Pengpeng, what did you play today?”

“Grandaunt took out the toys that Uncle and Aunt played with when they were young. The bullet shell model is so cool. Mom, look at this tank. It’s a gift from Grandaunt. Dududu. Whoosh, bang!”

Without a doubt, regardless of whether it was her son or daughter, they were happy to be by her aunt’s side.

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