Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief - Chapter 2495 - A Child’s Happiness (2)

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Chapter 2495: A Child’s Happiness (2)

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Even though her aunt was getting older and rarely went out, her two children still played well with her and didn’t feel bored at all.

“Aunt’s formidable. Pengpeng and Xinxin like her,” Jiajia said.

Chen Feng, who was driving, said, “You don’t like her?”

Without thinking, Jiajia replied, “You don’t like her?”

In the end, the couple laughed. They were family and had the same temper. They also liked the same people. No one could laugh at one another.

They were happy, but Zhai Sheng wasn’t. “Nan Nan, let’s go out tomorrow.” So that Jiajia and Chen Feng wouldn’t send their children to our home. How noisy.

Leaning in Zhai Sheng’s arms, Qiao Nan, who was watching the evening news together with him, smiled. “Don’t worry. It’s Monday tomorrow. Xinxin and Pengpeng have to go to school. At least for the next five days, no one would disturb us.”

Qiao Nan was already used to her husband being someone full of jealousy.

Unlike the sourness in Zhai Sheng’s heart, Qiao Nan only felt that her life in the later years was so sweet that even if she didn’t eat any sweets, she would soon be sick.

They were seventy years old and sixty-five years old. Zhai Sheng still liked to call her Nan Nan.

“What about the weekend?” Zhai Sheng really didn’t quite like other people’s children. It wasn’t easy for them to finally raise their children up and set them free so that he could have his wife all to himself. Who knew that Chen Peng and Chen Xin, these two troublemakers, would be sent over?

Especially when Chen Peng was sent over, the angry Zhai Sheng nearly threw him into Chen Feng’s arms and asked their family to get lost with a cold face.

They didn’t know how to raise their children after giving birth to them. Why did they give birth in the first place then?!

Qiao Nan smiled. “Brother Zhai, shall we go back to Qingshui Town for our old age?”

The older she got, the more Qiao Nan wanted to return to Qingshui Town, the place where she met Zhai Sheng and they decided to be together. “The three children have grown up. Let’s leave this house to them.”

Pengpeng was already seven years old and in primary school. Xinxin was four years old and in kindergarten.

After both children went to school, the time Chen Feng and Jiajia needed to take care of them was greatly reduced.

Furthermore, Jiajia’s working hours were more flexible. It wouldn’t be a problem for her to take care of both children.

Zhai Sheng’s eyes shone. “For real?”

If they returned to Qingshui Town, they would really be depending on each other for the rest of their lives.

Qiao Nan smiled. “Since when did I go back on my words? Why would I joke with you about this? I’m serious. Let’s go back to Qingshui Town for our old age.”

Initially, Miao Jing and Zhai Yaohui also had this same plan. However, in order to spend more time with their grandchildren, they didn’t return to Qingshui Town for their old age in the end. They were in the capital when they passed away.

Then, Qiao Nan and Zhai Sheng took their ashes back and buried them beside the graves of Old Master Zhai and his wife.

“Alright, I’ll get someone to buy our plane tickets now.”

Before the plane took off, he would definitely not let those children know about this, lest Nan Nan became entangled with them and couldn’t bear to leave again.

It was only when the plane took off and he saw those flocculent white clouds did Zhai Sheng feel relieved. This time, those children wouldn’t be able to catch up to them.

With Qiao Nan’s hand in his and their fingers interlocked affectionately together, Zhai Sheng thought happily that their two-people world was finally going to begin.

Qiao Nan leaned her head against Zhai Sheng’s shoulders and smiled happily. Yes, they could live in their two-people world now. Even if he was seventy years old and she was sixty-five, happiness would never be late because of age…

After Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan arrived at Qingshui Town, they led a relaxed life of their own.

It was a pity that the children they gave birth to couldn’t be abandoned just like that.

Within a year, the triplets dropped three ‘bombs’ at the same time, nearly causing Qiao Nan and Zhai Sheng to be in a daze.

“What? All of you are getting married? Why the use of ‘all’?” Zhai Sheng was confused. Why couldn’t he seem to understand his son’s words?

“Dad, Er Bao, San Bao, and I are getting married.”

Perhaps Qiao Nan and Zhai Sheng were older now than in her dream. In her dream, when the triplets were in primary school, they no longer allowed their family members to address them by Da Bao, Er Bao, and San Bao anymore.

However, in this lifetime, the three children were about to get married but they had not requested any relatives around them to stop addressing them by these nicknames.

“The three of you are getting married? With whom?”


Sure, they could get married. But there had to be marriage partners, right?

Were the three children dating? Who were their partners? Why didn’t he or Nan Nan hear anything?

“I’m warning you. Marriage is a big deal. Even if it isn’t as conservative as before now, and marriage and divorce are like having a meal, what your mom and I want is for you to treat this matter seriously. If you have a partner, you don’t have to rush to get married. Spend a few more years to get to know each other.”

Zhai Sheng was a divorcee. He didn’t wish for his three children to be like him.

Until now, he felt that Qiao Nan had suffered as it was her first marriage but it was his second, even though his first wasn’t a de facto marriage.

If you loved someone, you naturally hoped to be the best self for your other half.

Zhai Yi said, “Dad, you and Mom don’t have to worry. The three of us have thought it through carefully that we have found the right ones before mentioning to you that we want to get married. Actually, we have already graduated four years ago. However, we have been with our partners together for three years.”

How would the three children not know their parents’ attitudes toward their marriages?

They didn’t treat marriage lightly. After three years of understanding, it was only today that they finally told their parents that they were ready to get married.

“Three years?”

Zhai Sheng was shocked. He didn’t expect this answer at all. They had been together for three years. Indeed, this wasn’t a short period of time. “You’ve thought through it?”


“Alright, let me share this situation with your mom. We’ll see when we return to the capital.”

Their children were getting married. It was unknown if they had arranged for their weddings to be held together.

“Dad, you can share this with Mom. However, you don’t have to return to the capital. We’ve thought about this. We’ll return to Qingshui Town to hold the wedding.”

“…Have you asked your partners’ opinions yet?”

Zhai Sheng could understand why the three children would make such a decision after thinking for a while.

The children didn’t want him and Nan Nan to be too tired. Also, Old Master Zhai, his grandma, and his parents were buried in Qingshui Town.

It could be said that two generations of the Zhai family had longed for these three children.

Whether the children would be happy in the future was the last concern of these elders.

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