Reborn Aristocrat: Oppressing - Chapter 346 - Serial Stratagem: Something Happened to Mo Yuanxiu (3)

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Chapter 346: Serial Stratagem: Something Happened to Mo Yuanxiu (3)

Gu Zhengying felt terrible hearing his daughter’s words.

Xiao Xin had always been a cheerful person since she was a child. She would never be so coldhearted over something, even if it meant making a scene.

“Mm-hm,” Gu Zhengying answered.

Because there was no way to change it.

He had tried his best, but he could not change it.

When Gu Xin heard that, she felt as if the world was falling apart.

She controlled her emotions for a long time before saying, “Alright, I’ll marry Di An.”

“Xiao Xin.” Gu Zhengying’s heart ached even more now that she had confirmed it.

“We’ll discuss terms with the Di family tomorrow.”

“What terms?” asked Gu Zhengying.

“Marriage terms!” With that, she hung up and threw her Bluetooth on the car.

Get married!

It was just a marriage.

She did not believe that it would only be her being miserable!

In Mo Yuanxiu’s villa.

Lu Manman rolled over and slept well.

She opened her eyes and looked out at the dark sky.

When she left Di An’s ward and got into Mo Yuanxiu’s car, she felt like she had fallen asleep.

She slept very well.

She even had some dreams.

She lay on the bed and reminisced about her previous life’s dream.

In her dream, Wen Yun was still that elegant man, the one who doted on her the most.

She turned over and stretched.

She got off the bed and walked to the bathroom mirror.

After a deep sleep, she looked much better.

She looked at herself lazily. At the last moment of that afternoon dream, the man who had warmed her heart had become Mo Yuanxiu.

It was just a dream.

But when she woke up, she would think a lot.

She rinsed her face with cold water, changed into a set of conservative home clothes, and left the room.

The villa was brightly lit.

Mo Yuanxiu was usually at home under such circumstances.

Mo Yuanxiu was indeed in the living room, watching the television casually.

Lu Manman went downstairs and sat beside him.

The two of them kept their distance.

“Mo Yuanxiu, thank you for carrying me back,” she said.

No matter what, after she fell asleep, Mo Yuanxiu had not left her in the car. He had carried her to her room, and as a courtesy, she would thank him.

He turned to look at her and calmly said, “Go thank Butler Wang.”

“He carried me?” Although Butler Wang did not look that thin, it should not be hard for him to carry her.

He did not answer.

Lu Manman really felt that she could not have any expectations of this man.

At this moment.

Butler Wang respectfully walked over and said, “Mr. and Mrs. Mo, dinner is ready.”

Lu Manman looked at Butler Wang.

Butler Wang felt uncomfortable under Lu Manman’s gaze. He asked with a trembling voice, “Madam Mo, is there something on my face?”

“This afternoon…”

“Butler Wang, go tidy up my room. It’s a little messy,” Mo Yuanxiu suddenly said.

Butler Wang hurriedly nodded. “Yes.”

Then, he left respectfully.

Lu Manman looked at Butler Wang’s back and saw that Mo Yuanxiu had already gotten up and was walking towards the dining room. She cursed internally and followed him into the dining room.

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